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Magic Brawl Servers APK is a unique version of Brawl Stars, where players experience new gameplay, exciting graphics, and unique features, giving them a different and exciting gaming experience.


Name Magic Brawl
Version 42.356
Size 218 MB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Developer Magic Brawl

Introduce to Magic Brawl Game APK

Magic Brawl Stars APK is a private server created by the fan community, giving players a new and exciting experience. Magic Brawl telegram  is not just a simple copy of Brawl Stars but also a separate world, with attractive gameplay and beautiful graphics. Spectacular battles, variety of controls, and unique features are the outstanding strengths of this application.

A special point is that Magic Brawl APK indir makes a difference by adding some new elements, creating diversity in the gaming experience. All heroes and skins are available to players from the start, giving them the opportunity to experience every aspect of the game without having to spend a lot of time opening them.

What's also interesting is that players have the ability to manually edit the map according to their personal wishes, creating unique and attractive matches. This creates a creative space for the community and increases interaction between players.

Overview of Magic Brawl For Android

A big advantage of Magic Brawl APK son sürüm is the fairness in providing resources. Heroes can be pumped up instantly, helping players experience their character's full capabilities without straining resources.

With graphical changes to make the gaming experience better, along with the ability to adjust the camera position, magic team Magic Brawl APK iOS is not just a simple private server but also a unique and personal version. character of Brawl Stars.

Developers continuously update Magic Brawl to bring players new experiences and improve service quality. They are committed to creating the best and most convenient gaming environment for the fan community.

If you are looking for an innovation in the world of Brawl Stars, experience Magic Brawl APK today. Ready to explore and challenge yourself in dramatic and exciting battles. Wishing you have exciting moments with Magic Brawl!

All features in Magic Brawl APK Latest Version

  • Exciting Gameplay: Magic Brawl APK is not just a clone, but a world full of unique elements. Attractive gameplay with breathtaking battles, variety of controls and new features.
  • Instant Heroes and Skins: All heroes and skins are available from the start, helping players experience full features without taking time to open them.
  • Map Editing: Players have the ability to create and edit their own maps, creating unique and challenging matches.
  • Fairness in Resources: Resources such as coins and gems are available immediately, helping players enjoy the full potential of their heroes without difficulty.

Interface, graphics on Magic Brawl For iOS

Graphics Changed: Magic Brawl APK has changed the graphics to enhance the gaming experience. This feature not only refreshes the interface but also creates a unique atmosphere.

Adjust Camera Position: Players can freely adjust the position of the camera, creating the best viewing angle for themselves during gameplay.

Regular Updates: Magic Brawl's developers are committed to providing new updates, not only to fix bugs but also to make the player experience better and more beautiful.

How to play, gameplay for Magic Brawl Mobile

Unique Gameplay: Magic Brawl APK is not simply a copy of Brawl Stars but also brings players new gameplay. Classic battles, variety of controls, and unique features like map editing all highlight the game.

Heroes and Skins Instantly: A big advantage is that all heroes and skins are available from the start. This makes it easy for players to choose and experiment with every aspect of the game.

Map Editing: Being able to manually edit and create your own maps adds an element of creativity and differentiation to each match.

Fairness in Resources: Providing resources immediately helps ensure that every player has the opportunity to fully experience their character's abilities without having to worry about resource issues.

Pros and Cons of Magic Brawl Beta APK


  • Changed Graphics: Magic Brawl APK has changed the graphics, creating a new and unique space compared to the original Brawl Stars. This update brings freshness and difference for players familiar with the original game.
  • Regular Updates: The developer's commitment to regular updates promises a continuously improving and varied gaming experience.


  • Not the Official Version: Although Magic Brawl brings new experiences, it is still just a private server and not the official version of Brawl Stars. This means that players may encounter issues related to stability and maintenance.
  • Community Engagement: Due to not being part of an official system, Magic Brawl may face reduced community engagement compared to the base game.


With Magic Brawl APK, we have witnessed the creative innovation that the Brawl Stars fan community has created. Experiencing new gameplay, unique features like map editing, and instant availability of all heroes and skins are outstanding strengths.

Ultimately, Magic Brawl is a remarkable innovation for those who want to explore the world of Brawl Stars from a new perspective. Get ready to immerse yourself in unique matches and experience the differences that Magic Brawl APK iOS has to offer. Wishing you many interesting and exciting moments in this unique world!


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Magic Brawl APK

How is Magic Brawl APK different from the official Brawl Stars? +

Magic Brawl APK is not just a clone, but a new world with unique gameplay, map editing features, and variety of resources, creating a fresh experience.

Does Magic Brawl support map editing? +

Yes, Magic Brawl allows players to manually edit and create their own maps, adding creativity and differentiation to the gaming experience.

Is it necessary to buy coins and gems in Magic Brawl to upgrade heroes? +

No need, players can immediately add some coins and gems to their account to upgrade heroes immediately, creating fairness in the gaming experience.

How to adjust the position of the camera in the game? +

In Magic Brawl, you can freely adjust the position of the camera to create the best viewing angle for your gaming experience.

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