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FNaF 4 APK is a horror and tension game that creates a haunting and scary space suitable for those who want to experience horror and challenging experiences.

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Name FNaF 4
Version 2.0
Size 55.8 MB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Scott Cawthon

About of FNaF 4 APK

FNaF 4 APK is the mobile version of the famous horror game Five Nights at Freddy's 4 ultima version, developed by Scott Cawthon. This game is the fourth installment in the Five Nights at Freddy's series.

In FNaF 4, the player takes on the role of a child in a bedroom. Your goal is to survive five nights (five nights means five difficulty levels) without being attacked by scary fantasy dolls.

Overview of FNaF 4 Mobile APK

FNaF 4 APK original players must use headphones to hear the footsteps and breathing of the dolls while they are trying to break into your room. Players also need to observe and use their flashlight to stay safe.

FNaF 4 APK game gives players a horror and tense experience, with scary sounds and beautiful graphics. It brings new specials, like a special window system and the player's ability to move with light.

Features of FNaF 4 APK for Android

  • Five Nights of Terror: FNaF 4 APK includes five nights of play, each corresponding to a level of increasing difficulty. You must try to survive each night and avoid being attacked by fantasy dolls.
  • Simple gameplay: The game uses simple gameplay, focusing on using headphones to hear the footsteps and breathing of the dolls near you. You also need to observe and use a flashlight to check around the room.
  • Scary Environment: FNaF 4 APK 2.0.1 puts you in a bedroom filled with strange and mysterious objects. You will have to face horror dolls and feel the atmosphere of obsession and tension.
  • Scary sounds: The game uses scary sound effects to create a feeling of horror and horror for players. Moans, footsteps and breathing will add to the pressure and thrill.
  • Beautiful graphics: FNaF 4 APK has beautiful and caring graphics, providing a horror and creepy environment. The dolls and details in the room are meticulously designed and sharp.
  • Special Window: The game has a special window system, which allows you to view and control the dolls from the windows in the room. This adds tension and strategy to the game.
  • The ability to move with light: FNaF 4 APK 2.0 allows you to move around the room with your light. Using a flashlight, you can shine light into dark corners and check out the dolls' hiding places.


Those are the main features of the game FNaF 4 APK. This game brings horror and tension to the player, while uncovering and solving the mysteries of the haunted bedroom.

Graphics of FNaF 4 APK Latest Version

FNaF 4 APK has beautifully designed and cared for graphics, creating a horror and creepy environment. The game uses a dark color palette and dim lighting to create a dark and scary space. The colors are mainly black, gray and red, creating a mysterious and horror environment.

FNaF 4 free download full version pc APK uses light effects in a sophisticated way to create a sense of dimness, darkness, and smoke. This adds to the horror atmosphere and creates a state of anxiety when you have to move around and light up the room.

Overall, the graphics of Five Nights at Freddy's 4 APK create a horror, scary and tense environment. Careful details and special effects create an engaging and memorable experience for players.

How to play, gameplay of FNaF 4 APK

Objective: Your goal in descargar FNaF 4 APK is to survive five nights (five difficulty levels). You must avoid being attacked by scary fantasy dolls and not let them into your bedroom.

Using a headset: An important part of the game is using a headset. You need to listen to the surrounding sounds to detect the footsteps and breathing of the dolls. This helps you know where they are and take appropriate defenses.


Use a flashlight: In FNaF 4 characters APK, you have a flashlight available to illuminate the locations around you. You need to use the flashlight smartly to check the corners of the room and see if any dolls appear.

Move and observe: You can move around the room and use your light to check the corners of the room. This helps you see if a doll is approaching you. However, be careful not to let them get too close, as they can attack you.

Energy management: During the game, you need to manage your energy. Every time you use a flashlight or listen to a sound, your energy will decrease. Use your energy wisely and sparingly so you don't run out of energy when you need it.

Timing and quick reaction: The game requires you to have quick reactions and careful observation. The doll can appear unexpectedly from different directions, so always be ready to react and close the door and use a flashlight to ensure your safety.

Pros and cons FNaF 4 APK iOS


  • Horror and Tense Space: The game creates a horror and tension space, bringing a scary and suspenseful experience to the player. The environment, sound and graphic effects all contribute to the haunting atmosphere of the game.
  • Simple gameplay: FNaF 4 has a simple gameplay that focuses primarily on the use of headphones and flashlights. This gives players easy access and quick start to the game experience.
  • Create learning and challenge: The game requires players to observe, listen and react quickly to survive the nights. Learning from previous mistakes and adjusting play strategies challenges and expands players' strategic thinking abilities.


  • May be too hard: The game can be considered quite difficult and stressful for some players. This can make some players feel frustrate and unable to get far in the game.
  • Depends on luck: A small part of the game has an element of luck and randomness. This can cause players to feel a lack of control and sometimes have an unfair experience.
  • Slow starting point: Some players may feel that the game starts off slow and takes time to reach its exciting and stressful part. This may cause some players to give up before the game becomes more engaging.


FNaF 4 APK completo android is a horror and tension game that creates a haunting and scary space for players. With simple but challenging gameplay mechanics, the game requires concentration, quick reaction and resource management. Careful graphics and scary sounds make for an engaging and memorable experience.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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