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PPSSPP APK is a PSP game emulator developed for mobile devices and computers, allowing players to experience PSP games on these platforms.


Pagekage name org.ppsspp.ppsspp
Version 1.17.1
Size 19.75 Mb
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 2.3+
Developer Henrik Rydgård

About of the game PPSSPP APK

PPSSPP is a PSP game emulator developed for mobile devices and computers, allowing players to experience PSP titles on these platforms. PPSSPP APK is the version for devices running the Android operating system.

With PPSSPP APK, players can play fully functional PSP games on their phones or tablets, without buying an actual PSP. This offers convenience and savings to people who want to play PSP titles on different devices.

Overview of PPSSPP Game APK

PPSSPP is a free and open source PSP game emulator developed for mobile and computer platforms. It allows players to experience PSP titles on their devices without buying an actual PSP.

The highlight of PPSSPP is that it supports many game file types, including ISO, CSO and ROM formats, allowing players to download and play their favorite PSP games. PPSSPP also allows players to customize the graphics, sound, and control settings to suit their preferences.

PPSSPP can run well on medium and high configuration devices, ensuring a smooth gaming experience and good picture and sound quality. In addition, PPSSPP also supports many languages, including Vietnamese, making it easy for users to use the application.

Several popular PSP games have been ported to PPSSPP, including God of War, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, and Persona 3 Portable. Players can download these game files and import them into the PPSSPP app to play.

PPSSPP is a great PSP game emulator that allows players to experience their favorite PSP games on mobile devices and computers, bringing convenience and savings to users.

Some features of PPSSPP Mobile APK

  • Emulate PSP on multiple platforms: PPSSPP can run on mobile devices, Windows computers, macOS, Linux and other operating systems.
  • Support for multiple game file formats: PPSSPP supports ISO, CSO, PBP, ELF, PRX, DAX and RAR formats, allowing players to download and play their favorite PSP games.
  • Customize graphics and sound settings: Players can fine-tune the game's graphics and sound settings to achieve the best picture and sound quality.
  • Keyboard and control support: PPSSPP supports a variety of keyboards and controls, allowing players to choose the control method that suits their preferences.
  • Free Download: PPSSPP is a free and open source application that allows users to download and use without paying any fees.
  • Game help features: PPSSPP offers a variety of gaming support features, including game saving, score upload and sharing, and game help.
  • Multi-language support: PPSSPP supports many languages, including Vietnamese, making it easy for users to use the application.
  • Game Speed Booster: PPSSPP has a game acceleration feature, making it possible for players to experience the game smoother and faster.
  • High-quality graphics: PPSSPP allows players to experience high-quality graphics on mobile devices and computers.
  • Graphics enhancement features: PPSSPP offers advanced graphics options, allowing players to fine-tune resolution, color, brightness, contrast, and more to create a good gaming experience best.
  • Sound effects support: PPSSPP supports amazing sound effects, allowing players to experience realistic, vivid sound in games.

Game mode, graphics of PPSSPP APK

The graphics of the PPSSPP game are highly appreciated with high resolution and good image quality. PPSSPP supports advanced graphics features, allowing players to customize the graphics settings to meet the requirements of each game and match the devices used.

In addition, PPSSPP also supports many special effects to enhance the aesthetics of the games. Lighting effects, colors, contrast and other special effects are all optimized to create the best gaming experience.

PPSSPP also supports various graphics systems such as OpenGL, Vulkan, Direct3D9, Direct3D11, allowing players to customize graphics settings to suit their devices.

If you want to speed up your gameplay, PPSSPP also provides a feature to increase the graphics speed by reducing the resolution and increasing the frame rate. PPSSPP also supports accelerometer sensors, allowing players to use the device's functions to control the game easily and conveniently.

How to play of the game PPSSPP for Android

To play games on PPSSPP, you need to have a PSP game file (ISO or CSO format) on your device or download it from PSP game sharing sites. Then you can take the following steps to start playing:

Download and install the PPSSPP app on your device from the app store or from its official website.

Open PPSSPP application and select "Games" on the main interface.

Find the game file you want to play and select it to start loading into PPSSPP.

Once the download is complete, you can select the game and start playing.

Customize the graphics and sound settings to meet your requirements.

Use the virtual keyboard or other control devices to control the game.

At the end of the game, you can save your progress to continue playing next time.

Note that playing games on PPSSPP requires some use of your device's processing power, so your device needs to be powerful enough to meet the game's requirements. If your device is not powerful enough, the gaming experience will be interrupted and slow.

Pros and cons of PPSSPP Latest Version


  • High-quality graphics: PPSSPP games have high-quality graphics, almost comparable to console games.
  • High compatibility: PPSSPP can run on many different platforms and supports most PSP game files.
  • No internet connection required: You can play PPSSPP game without internet connection.
  • Graphics and sound settings can be adjusted: PPSSPP allows players to adjust graphics and sound settings to enhance the gaming experience.
  • Multiple control types available: PPSSPP allows players to use a variety of controls, including virtual keyboards and external control devices.


  • Requires a powerful enough device: PPSSPP game requires a device with enough power to handle complex game tasks, otherwise the gaming experience will be interrupted.
  • Software errors: PPSSPP may experience some software errors such as crashes or not working properly.
  • Need to find and download game files: To play PPSSPP games, you must find and download PSP game files from reliable sources on the internet.


PPSSPP games are a great choice for PSP game lovers. With high-quality graphics, high compatibility and the ability to adjust graphics and sound settings, PPSSPP allows players to enjoy a great PSP gaming experience on various platforms.

To play PPSSPP games, you need a powerful enough device, find and download game files from reliable sources on the internet and may also encounter software bugs. PPSSPP is a game worth trying if you want to relive the memories with classic PSP titles.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.


How to download PSP games and add them to PPSSPP? +

To download PSP games, you need to find PSP ROM games from a trustworthy source. You can then copy the ROM file to the folder where you installed PPSSPP on your device. PPSSPP will automatically recognize and display the game in the list.

How to optimize PPSSPP settings for smooth gameplay? +

You can optimize PPSSPP settings by adjusting options such as resolution, frame rate, and speed factor. This can be done in the app's settings.

Why do I get errors when playing games on PPSSPP and how do I fix them? +

Errors can appear due to many reasons, including inappropriate installation options or corrupted game ROM. To fix it, you can try reinstalling the app, redownloading the game, or checking the optimization options.

Does PPSSPP support multiple languages? +

Yes, PPSSPP supports many different languages, which helps users from different countries use the application conveniently.

How to share a game's save state between devices using PPSSPP? +

To share a game's save state, you need to use the data synchronization feature in PPSSPP and save it on a cloud storage service like Google Drive. You can then access this saved state from any device that has PPSSPP installed and logged into the same account.

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