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cSploit MOD APK 1.6.6-rc.2

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cSploit APK is a multifunctional security testing application for Android devices that provides the ability to discover and evaluate the safety of networks and connected devices.


Name cSploit
Version 1.6.6-rc.2
Size 3.57 MB
Category Tools
Price Free
Compatible with Android 2.3+
Developer cSploit

About of cSploit APK

cSploit APK 2023 is an application for the Android operating system, capable of exploring and evaluating the security of connected networks and devices. Although the intended use of cSploit APK download without root is to provide a range of tools to learn about the safety of WiFi networks and connected devices.

The application allows users to detect and identify devices currently connected in the network. This helps to better visualize the internal network structure. cSploit APK no root has the ability to search for servers in the network to identify possible weaknesses. This assists the user in assessing the security level of the system.

Overview of cSploit Mobile App APK

cSploit android 11 APK integrates with Metasploit, a secure mining platform. This allows users to test and discover security vulnerabilities under secure test conditions. This application provides many additional features such as system parameter tuning, DNS spoofing, intranet mapping, and in-network file collection.

In a nutshell, cSploit APK download latest version is a multifunctional application for testing and evaluating the security of networks and devices in a secure environment. Use must be done responsibly and legally, and requires technical knowledge to ensure safety and security during use.

Features of cSploit APK Latest Version

Here are details about the features of cSploit App APK:

  • Device and Network Discovery: cSploit Android allows users to scan and detect devices that are connected to the network, helping to create a clear list of components in the local network.
  • Vulnerability Testing and Security Assessment: The application provides the ability to search for servers in the network to identify possible security holes. This helps users assess the security of the system.
  • Metasploit Consolidation: cSploit not working integrates with the powerful secure mining platform Metasploit. This allows users to test and learn about security vulnerabilities under secure test conditions.
  • System Parameter Adjustment: The application allows the user to adjust the parameters in the target system, opening the possibility of customization for testing different scenarios.
  • DNS Spoofing: cSploit APK has DNS spoofing capabilities, allowing users to experiment with different scenarios related to interference with domain name processing.
  • Map Out Intranet: The application helps users create an intranet map, helping to better visualize the structure and configuration of the network.
  • Network File Collection: Users can use cSploit to capture data files in the network, giving a better understanding of the type of data and information available in the network.
  • Run Traceroute: The application integrates the traceroute function, allowing users to monitor the data transmission process through network nodes.
  • Support for Metasploit Attacks: cSploit APK github combined with Metasploit allows users to perform precise security attacks and check the safety of the system.
  • Rooted Device Required: To use the app's full features, the device needs to be rooted.

Instructions, how to use cSploit APK For Android

Step 1: Prepare

  • Root Device: To use cSploit APK with full features, you need a rooted device. Rooting the device can create security problems and void the warranty. Please do this with consideration.
  • Install cSploit APP: Download the cSploit APK download for android file from the APKRabi website. Before installation, enable "Unknown sources" option in app settings.

Step 2: Open cSploit . application

  • Open the app: Once installed, open the cSploit app on your Android device.
  • Root Permissions: Apps may require root permissions to work with premium features.

Step 3: Discover Devices and Networks

  • Mapping Intranet: In the "Network Mapping" section, you can start mapping your local network to detect connected devices.

Step 4: Security Check

  • Vulnerability Finder: In the "Vulnerability Finder" section, you can search for servers in the network to identify security vulnerabilities.

Step 5: Using Metasploit and Other Tools

  • Combine With Metasploit: In the "Metasploit" section, you can test and exploit security vulnerabilities using Metasploit.
  • Parameter Adjustment: The application allows you to adjust the parameters in the target system to test different scenarios.

Tips and advice when using cSploit APK iOS

  • Learn Before You Use: Before you start using cSploit or any other security tool, spend some time learning how they work, how they work, and possible hazards.
  • Use in a Secure Testing Environment: Only use cSploit and similar tools in a secure security testing environment that you have access to or are authorized to use.
  • Personal Responsibility: Use cSploit responsibly and understand that your testing may have unintended consequences for systems and networks.
  • Personal Device Use Only: Use cSploit and similar tools on your device or on a secure testing environment to which you have access. Do not use on other devices or networks to which you do not have access.
  • Backup Data: Before testing security, make sure you back up important data and have the ability to restore the system if needed.
  • Device Update and Security: Make sure the device you're using cSploit Mobile on has the latest security and updates to avoid security vulnerabilities.
  • Share Knowledge: If you are a security expert, share your knowledge responsibly and help others better understand the use of network security testing tools.

Pros and Cons of cSploit APK


  • Multi-Function: dSploit APK provides a complex range of tools and features for network and device security testing, from mapping internal networks to exploiting vulnerabilities.
  • Unify Metasploit: This tool integrates with Metasploit, a powerful security exploit platform, that helps with vulnerability testing and detailed network security testing.
  • Vulnerability Checking: cSploit allows users to search for servers in the network to detect security holes, helping to assess the safety of the system.
  • Network Mapping Support: cSploit apk allows users to create intranet maps, giving a clear visualization of network structure and configuration.


  • Technical Knowledge Required: To effectively use cSploit and similar tools, users need technical and network security knowledge.
  • Device Root Required: To use full features, cSploit requires the device to be rooted, which can create security issues and void the warranty.
  • Not Recommended for Non-Professionals: cSploit and network security testing tools are complex and should not be used by people without knowledge of the field.


cSploit APK is a complex and powerful tool for testing and evaluating network and device security in secure environments. Use of this application should be done responsibly and legally, with adequate technical knowledge to ensure safety and security during testing.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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