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Cisini Stories MOD APK 1.81.2b Unlimited Money

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Cisini Stories Mod APK Beta Download! Dive into a pixel art adventure, meet charming anime boys, and build your dream relationships.


Name Cisini Stories
Version 1.81.2b
Size 184.28 Mb
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Mod Feature Unlimited Money

Cisini Stories APK - Discover the World of Romance at Your Fingertips

If you've ever dreamed of living in a romantic world with handsome boys, then Cisini Stories: Girl Life RPG is the game for you. This game not only offers you emotional romantic experiences but also helps you explore a unique and captivating pixel art world.

Cisini Stories Mod APK takes you into a world where you can meet handsome male characters from various fields of life. You can choose a compassionate doctor, a loyal civil servant, a brave policeman/soldier, or a handsome manager always ready to assist you at work. Each character has their own story, and your task is to develop a relationship with them, leading to a romantic love story.

Explore the Pixel Art World

Beautiful Graphics

One of the highlights of Cisini Stories: Girl Life RPG is its pixel art graphics. The world of Cisini is portrayed with beautiful pixel images, creating a vibrant and captivating space. Every character and setting is meticulously crafted, giving players the feeling of living in a fairy tale.

Rich Settings

In the game, you will explore various settings, from beautiful gardens and bustling markets to quiet streets in the city. Each setting has unique elements, allowing you to appreciate the diversity and richness of the game's world.

Meet and Develop Relationships with Anime Boys

Character Choices

Cisini Stories APK Game gives you the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with multiple handsome male characters. Each character has a unique story and personality. You can choose to develop relationships with one or several characters at the same time, according to your preference.

Interaction Activities

To develop relationships with the characters, you need to engage in various interactive activities. You can chat, cook delicious meals, fish, grow vegetables, and craft cute items. Each activity helps improve your relationship with the characters, bringing you closer to your dream love story.

Diverse Outfits

An important element in developing relationships is choosing the right outfit when meeting the characters. The game offers a rich wardrobe with many cute, beautiful, and lovely outfit options. You can customize your character to make the best impression on your dream man.

Be Cautious and Face Challenges


Not all characters in the game are kind-hearted. Some characters may dislike the good deeds you do and have bad intentions. You need to be cautious and face these challenges with your intelligence and skill. This not only adds excitement to the game but also helps you develop problem-solving skills.

Facing Challenges

In the process of developing relationships, you will encounter various challenges. Some characters may have special requirements, or you may have to overcome difficult situations to prove your love. These challenges make the game more interesting and provide a sense of satisfaction when you overcome them.

Achieve Your Dream Wedding

Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal of Cisini Stories Release Date is to achieve your dream relationship and organize a perfect wedding with the man you have chosen. You will go through an emotional journey, from the first meetings, developing feelings, facing challenges, to the happiest day of your life. The game offers you the opportunity to live in a colorful and emotional love story.

Wedding Preparation

When you reach the final stage of the game, you will start preparing for your wedding. From choosing wedding outfits, decorating the wedding space, to selecting the smallest details, you will experience the entire process of preparing for the big day. Ensure everything goes perfectly for your dream wedding.

Highlights of Cisini Stories APK

  • Pixel Art Graphics

Pixel art graphics are one of the game's standout features. The world of Cisini is vividly portrayed with intricate pixel images, offering a classic yet captivating feel. The combination of pixel graphics and a romantic storyline creates a unique gaming experience.

  • Diverse Interactions

The game provides many diverse interactive activities, from chatting, cooking, fishing, growing vegetables to crafting items. These activities not only help you improve relationships with the characters but also give you a sense of living in a real world.

  • Outfit Choices

The rich wardrobe is another factor that makes the game appealing. You can customize your character with many cute, beautiful, and lovely outfit options. Choosing the right outfit when meeting male characters not only helps you make a good impression but also adds more fun to the game.

  • Challenges and Strategy

The game not only involves developing relationships but also requires you to face challenges and antagonists. You need to use your intelligence and strategy to overcome these difficulties, making the game more dramatic and exciting.

Player Experience

Player Feedback

Many players have shared positive feedback about Cisini Stories Game APK Download. They love the rich storyline, beautiful graphics, and diverse interactive activities. Some players even mentioned that they feel like living in a fairy tale when playing this game.

Recommendations and Ratings

Based on player reviews, Cisini Stories: Girl Life RPG is highly rated for both content and form. The game not only provides fun and engaging moments but also allows players to experience emotionally rich love stories. This is a must-try game for those who love the otome genre and want to experience romance.


Cisini Stories APK Beta Download is not just a game but a journey of exploring love and emotions. With a rich storyline, beautiful pixel art graphics, and diverse interactive activities, the game promises to bring you unforgettable experiences. Download Cisini Stories: Girl Life RPG now and start your journey in this romantic world!


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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