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Car Mechanic Simulator Game 23 APK is a realistic and fun simulation game where you become a professional auto repair technician to repair, maintain and customize various cars.


Name Car Mechanic Simulator Game 23
Version 2.0
Size 87.37 Mb
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer Apex Games Studio

About of Car Mechanic Simulator Game 23 APK

Car Mechanic Simulator Game 23 APK for android is an exciting and realistic simulation game in the field of auto repair. This game allows you to become a professional auto repair technician where you will perform various car repair, maintenance and customization tasks.

In Car Mechanic Simulator Game 23 APK update, you will be taken into a repair workshop full of necessary tools and equipment. You will receive assignments from customers with various problems on their cars, including the engine system, suspension, brake system, electrical system, and more. You need to identify and fix problems, replace damaged parts, and perform routine maintenance steps to keep your car running at its best.

Overview of Car Mechanic Simulator Game 23 APK

The game offers a wide range of vehicle tools and components for you to use, and you can also upgrade your repair shop to expand your abilities and scope of work. In addition, you can also customize and redesign your car, from changing the paint color to changing the suspension, wheels, and other accessories.

Car Mechanic Simulator Game 23 gives you an immersive and realistic auto repair experience, with beautiful graphics and rich gameplay mechanics. You will go through the process of learning how automotive systems work and become a trusted repair expert.

If you are interested in cars and want to try your hand at car repair, customization and maintenance, Car Mechanic Simulator Game 23 APK is a great game for you to explore and experience.

Features of Car Mechanic Simulator Game 23 APK

  • Variety of vehicles: The game offers a wide range of vehicles, including sports cars, sedans, SUVs, light trucks and even classic cars. Each type of vehicle has its own characteristics and different repair requirements.
  • Repair tasks: You will receive repair tasks from customers, each task corresponds to a specific problem on the car. This includes identifying problems, disassembling and assembling components, replacing damaged components, and re-testing upon completion.
  • Repair Workshop: You will work in a repair workshop full of repair tools and equipment. From wrenches and welders to engine testers and oil tanks, you need to use the right tools to do the repair work.
  • Market and shopping: You can shop for new parts and components from the market to repair and upgrade your vehicle. The market will offer a wide range of items ranging from engines and transmissions to suspension and interior parts.
  • Customize and Upgrade: You can customize and upgrade different parts of your car to create a unique car. This includes changing paint colors, wheels, improving engine performance, steering, brakes and much more.
  • Knowledge and skills: The game allows you to acquire knowledge of car mechanics and become a reliable repair technician. You will learn to distinguish automotive parts, identify and repair problems, and perform routine maintenance steps.
  • Test and check: After the repair work is completed, you need to test and inspect the car to make sure everything is working properly. You will test the engine, steering system, brake system, electrical system and other systems to ensure the safety and performance of the vehicle.
  • Free Play Mode and Mission Mode: The game offers both free play mode and mission mode. The free play mode allows you to explore and repair cars at will, while the mission mode requires you to complete specific missions with goals and deadlines.

Car Mechanic Simulator Game 23 APK latest version gives players a detailed and realistic auto repair experience. The game's diverse and detailed features help you enjoy car repair work and become a reliable repair expert.

Game mode, graphics of Car Mechanic Simulator Game 23 APK

Detailed graphics: The game reproduces car details clearly and accurately. From the engine, suspension, headlights, interior to small parts like screws and wires, everything is designed with attention to detail to give realism and good visual effect.

Visual simulation: Car Mechanic Simulator Game 23 APK uses image simulation technology to create attractive and realistic effects. Auto parts can be damaged, dirty, or scratched, and you will see a change in their condition and appearance when repaired and renewed.

Display: The interface in the game is designed to be bright, easy to use and user-friendly. You'll have easy access to tools and components, as well as detailed information on repair tasks.

Environments and Workshops: Car Mechanic Simulator Game 23 APK builds a realistic repair shop environment with details such as car mounts, toolboxes, testers, and more. Environmental and factory details create a lively atmosphere and make you feel like you are actually working in an auto repair shop.

Cars and customization: The graphics in creating car models and customizations are also evident. You can customize the paint color, wheels, accessories and other parts of the car, creating a completely unique and personalized car.

Car Mechanic Simulator Game 23 APK takes advantage of graphics technology to realistically reproduce the details and environment of car repair. This creates an intuitive and engaging experience for the player, making you feel like you're engaged in real auto repair.

How to play Car Mechanic Simulator Game 23 APK iOS

Open Car Mechanic Simulator Game 23 APK game on your device.

You'll be greeted by the game's main interface, where you can choose between free play or mission mode.

Free play mode:

If you choose the free game mode, you will be brought into your repair shop with some tools and initial capital.

You are free to explore, repair and customize your car as you wish. You can choose vehicles from the market to repair and sell.

Mission mode:

If you select mission mode, you will get a list of specific auto repair tasks.

Select a task and read its description, including problems that need fixing and special requirements.

Carry out repairs as required by the task. You need to identify the problem, disassemble and assemble the parts, replace the damaged parts, and perform the test after completion.

Car repair and maintenance:

During the repair process, use tools and equipment in the workshop to perform tasks such as identifying problems, disassembling parts, replacing components, repairing engines, suspension systems, systems brakes, electrical systems, and more.

Inspect and test automobiles upon completion of repair work to ensure all systems are functioning properly.

Customize and upgrade cars:

You can customize and upgrade your car as you want. Change paint color, wheels, steering, engine and other parts to create a unique and personalized car.

Monetization and expansion:

When you complete missions or sell repaired cars, you will receive money to buy new parts, tools and upgrades.

You can expand your repair shop to increase your capabilities and scope of work.

Continue to explore and develop:

Continue to participate in car repair missions, customize cars and discover more new features and aspects of the game.

Develop your repair skills and automotive knowledge to become a trusted repair specialist.

Pros and cons of Car Mechanic Simulator Game 23 APK


  • Realistic car repair experience: The game realistically reproduces car repair jobs, helping players experience the actual repair work and process. This can be useful for people who love cars or want to learn about automotive mechanics.
  • Variety of Vehicles: The game offers a wide range of different cars to repair and customize, from sports cars to classic cars. This brings variety and fun to players.
  • Customize and Upgrade: You can customize and upgrade different parts of your car, including the engine system, steering system, wheels, and more. This allows you to create a personalized and unique vehicle as you wish.
  • Progression: The game allows you to progress and develop as an auto repair technician. You can improve your skills, knowledge and expand your repair shop.


  • Can get monotonous: Repair tasks can become monotonous after a while, especially if you don't have a keen interest in automotive mechanics. Performing the same type of repair task over and over can lead to repetitive sensations.
  • Complicated interface: For those who are new to simulation games or have no knowledge of auto repair, the complex interface and detailed graphics can cause initial difficulties in getting used to and navigating the game. game.
  • Content Restrictions: Although the game offers a wide variety of vehicles and repair work, after a while you may feel limited in terms of content and challenges.


Car Mechanic Simulator Game 23 APK is a fun and realistic car repair simulation game. With beautiful graphics, a variety of vehicles, the ability to customize and upgrade, and a realistic car repair experience, it promises to bring players an exciting experience.

If you are passionate about cars and want to experience car repair and customization in a virtual environment, Car Mechanic Simulator Game 23 APK is still a good choice. You can enjoy discovering, repairing and upgrading cars, as well as developing your skills and knowledge of auto mechanics.


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