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Black Hole APK is a diverse and customizable music player where you can explore the world of music in a new way and experience the most refined sound according to your style.


Name BlackHole
Version 1.15.9
Size 30.5 MB
Category Music & Audio
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Ankit Sangwan

About to BlackHole Premium APK

Black Hole Sound APK is a music streaming application that brings special and unique experiences that you can hardly find in other applications. Creatively designed and easy to use, BlackHole's interface is not only intuitive but also brings a sense of comfort to the user. With quick integration and easy navigation, this app makes it easy to search, choose songs and enjoy music at your convenience.

More Overview of BlackHole Latest Version

One of the unique features of Black Holeapp APK is the ability to customize music. You can fine-tune the sound to your personal preferences, from equalizer to 3D sound effects, providing a unique and wonderful listening experience. This really makes the application stand out compared to many other competitors on the market.

Furthermore, BlackHole music APK also provides a rich music library, with millions of songs from many different genres. From famous pop music to unique and rare music genres, you can find everything here. If you are a lover of discovering new music, BlackHole APK github will be the ideal companion. They regularly update their music library, giving you the opportunity to discover new music and diverse musical styles.

All features in BlackHole For Android

  • Friendly User Interface: The interface is creatively designed and easy to use. Optimized to provide a convenient and comfortable user experience.
  • Powerful Equalizer: Allows users to fine-tune sound according to personal preferences.
  • 3D sound effects: Create a vivid and realistic music listening experience.
  • Rich Music Library: Millions of songs from many different genres. The library is updated regularly to provide new and unique music.
  • Discover New Music: The discovery function helps users easily search for new songs and diverse music styles. Personalized recommendations based on music listening history and preferences.
  • Offline Operation Mode: Ability to download music to your device to listen to without an internet connection. Very convenient when you are on the go or in areas with poor signal.
  • Smart Filter and Sort: Filters by artist, album, genre make it easy to manage your music library. Smart sorting by topic, rankings and many other criteria.
  • Quick Integration and Easy Navigation: Well integrated with the operating system, allowing control from the notification bar. The easy-to-navigate interface helps users search and select songs conveniently.
  • Share and Connect: Share your favorite songs directly from the app to social networking platforms. Connect with different devices such as Bluetooth headphones, portable speakers to experience the best sound.

Instructions, how to use BlackHole Mobile App

Login or register: After installation, log in or create a new account to experience full features.

Search and Choose Songs: Use the search bar to quickly find your favorite songs. Use filters and sorting to organize your library the way you want.

Sound Customization Options: Explore equalizer features to adjust sound to your personal preferences. Experiment with 3D sound effects to add life to your music.

Discover New Songs: Use the discovery function to expand your musical world. Don't hesitate to try listening to new genres or different artists.

Download Music to Your Device: Enjoy music anywhere by downloading songs to your device for offline use. Manage your storage space through download settings.

Tips and advice when using for BlackHole iOS

Set Time for Discovery: Set aside time each week to discover new songs, which can be a great way to expand your musical tastes.

Enjoy Offline Mode: Before leaving home or entering areas without an internet connection, download your favorite songs to never be interrupted.

Experiment with the Equalizer Feature: Fine-tune the equalizer to discover how the sound best reflects your musical taste.

Enjoy Sharing: When you discover a great song, use the sharing feature to share your musical joy with your friends.

Update the App Regularly: Make sure to always update the latest version of BlackHole song APK to experience new improvements and features.

Advantages and disadvantages BlackHole APK


  • Modern User Interface: The interface is innovatively designed and easy to use, creating a convenient user experience.
  • Sound Customization: Powerful Equalizer and 3D sound effects allow users to adjust sound to their personal preferences.
  • Diverse Music Library: Millions of songs from many genres, providing users with a variety of music choices.
  • Discover New Music: The discovery function helps users expand their music interests and discover new artists.
  • Offline Operation Mode: The ability to download music to the device helps users enjoy music anywhere, even without an internet connection.


  • Resource Requirements: May require a significant amount of resources, especially when using equalizer and 3D sound effects.
  • Unstable Updates: Some users may experience issues updating the app, with some stability issues.
  • May Require Good Network Connection: Some features, like online exploration, require a stable network connection for the best experience.


BlackHole APK is a full-featured music player, providing users with a diverse and customizable music listening experience. With a friendly interface and the ability to discover new music, this app is a good choice for music enthusiasts. However, disadvantages such as high resource requirements and update issues can affect the user experience. In short, if you are a music lover and want a unique experience, BlackHole APK is an option worth considering.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? BlackHole APK

How to use equalizer and 3D sound effects? +

In the app's settings or sound settings, you will find equalizer options and 3D sound effects. Fine-tune them to create a sound that suits your personal preferences.

How to discover new music? +

Use the app's explore function. It will recommend new songs and artists based on your listening history and preferences.

Why do apps sometimes request a lot of resources? +

Features such as equalizer and 3D sound effects may require more resources to provide the best audio experience. If you have performance issues, consider reducing the complexity of these features.

How to share a song on social networks? +

Select the song you want to share and use the built-in sharing feature to post to your social media platforms, like Facebook or Twitter.

Can music data be synchronized with other devices? +

For many apps like BlackHole, you can sync music data and settings between different devices by signing in to the same account on those devices.

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