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Songsterr Guitar Tabs & Chords APK is a high-quality music learning app with over 800,000 tabs and chords for guitar, bass and drums, providing interactive playback and realistic Guitar engines.


Name Songsterr Premium
Pagekage name com.songsterr
Version 5.24.3
Size 14.43 Mb
Category Music & Audio
Price Free
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Developer Songsterr

About to Songsterr Premium APK

Songsterr Guitar Tabs & Chords Pro APK is an extremely useful and great tool for anyone who loves music and especially learning to play music on guitar, bass and drums.

With over 800,000 high-quality tabs and chords, Songsterr full APK is not only an invaluable resource for beginners but also a powerful tool for experienced players. In particular, the tabs and chords on Songsterr alternatives are compiled carefully and accurately, helping users access their favorite music easily and conveniently.

More Overview of Songsterr Premium For Android

More than just providing tabs and chords, descargar Songsterr Pro APK also comes with a series of smart playback features. Slow down, repeat and solo mode help users learn and practice more effectively than ever. In particular, the official sounds and realistic Guitar engines provide an extremely vivid and realistic music playing experience.

If you want to experience all these great features, you can consider investing in descargar Songsterr Premium APK version. With full access, you'll open all the power of the tab player, from slow mode to play along mode, helping you go further on your music learning journey.

All features in Songsterr Premium Latest Version

  • High Quality Tabs & Chords: With over 800,000 accurate and carefully compiled tabs and chords, Songsterr APK reddit is an invaluable resource for both beginners and experienced players.
  • Legality and multiple instruments: All tabs and chords on Songsterr app price are legal and creative, and provide tabs for multiple instruments such as guitar, bass, drums and vocals, helping users realize every my musical ideas.
  • Realistic Tab Player: Integrated with a realistic Guitar engine, Songsterr android provides an immersive and realistic music playing experience.
  • Official Audio and Multi-Speed Playback: Users can play along with the original synchronized audio and slow down the song to learn difficult parts easily.
  • Solo Mode and Song Mute: Special for guitarists, this feature allows you to play solo or just play along the backing track of the song.
  • Offline and Play Mode: You can view and play previously opened tabs offline and focus on listening to the instrument you are learning.
  • Loop and Count mode: Play selected beats over and over again and use the counting feature to prepare before starting to play.

Instructions, how to use Songsterr Premium App Mobile

Download and Install the application: First, you need to download and install the Songsterr APK premium mediafıre application to your mobile device. Once installed, log in or create a new account if you don't have one.

Tab and Chord Search: Use the search feature to find songs or artists that interest you. When you find the desired song, click to open the corresponding tab and chord.

Playback and Customization: You can play back songs and customize playback to your liking. Use the slow down feature to learn difficult parts and repeat specific instrumental passages.

Play along with Realistic Guitar Engine: Enjoy an immersive playing experience with the realistic Guitar engine feature. Play along with the song's official audio for the most authentic experience.

Solo Mode and Song Mute: If you're a guitar player, use the solo mode feature to play a solo on a song, or mute the song to just play along the support line.

Create a Lap and Use Duel: Create a loop to play instrumental passages over and over again, and use the duel feature to focus on listening to the instrument you're learning.

Use Offline Mode: If you want to continue learning music without an internet connection, use the offline mode feature to view and play previously opened tabs offline.

Tips and advice when using for Songsterr Premium iOS

Plan and Track Progress: Before starting to learn a new song, make a plan and set specific goals for yourself. Track your study progress and try to maintain regularity to achieve the best results.

Take advantage of the Slow down feature: When encountering difficult parts in a song, don't hesitate to use the slow down feature to analyze and learn specific instrumental passages thoroughly.

Practice in Segments: Instead of trying to learn the entire song at once, break the song into small segments and focus on each part one at a time. This helps you approach the song in a more organized and easier way.

Combine Offline and Online: Use the offline mode feature to continue learning music without an internet connection, but don't forget to use the online feature to take advantage of interactive playback and audio features official.

Practice Regularly: Practice is the key to progress in playing music. Take time to practice every day and constantly improve your skills.

Community Engagement: Songsterr also has a vibrant community of music players. Interact, share experiences and learn from other members to accelerate your growth.

Always Find Your Passion: Finally, remember that passion is the most important factor in learning music. Enjoy the learning process and always keep your passion burning in your heart.

Advantages and disadvantages Songsterr Premium APK


  • Large Number of Tabs and Chords: Songsterr Premium APK offers a very large collection of tabs and chords, with more than 800,000 entries. This gives users access to a vast variety of songs and artists.
  • High Quality and Accuracy: Tabs and chords on Songsterr are compiled with precision and quality, helping users learn and play music easily and effectively.
  • Interactive Playback Feature: Songsterr's interactive playback feature allows users to slow down songs, repeat specific instrumental passages, and play along with songs with flexibility and convenience.
  • Legality and Artist Support: Tabs and chords on Songsterr are guaranteed to be legal and music creators are paid, helping to encourage the growth of the music community.


  • Internet Connection Required: Despite the offline mode feature, many important features such as interactive playback still require an internet connection, which may be inconvenient for those without an internet connection stable.
  • Limitations in Free Version: Songsterr's free version has limits on the number of tabs and features used, limiting user accessibility.


Songsterr Premium APK is an extremely useful and feature-rich music learning application, giving users a great experience in learning and playing music on guitar, bass and drums. With its large, high-quality collection and interactive playback, Songsterr is not only a valuable resource for learning music but also a constant source of inspiration for music enthusiasts.

Songsterr Premium APK is not only a regular music learning application but also an endless source of inspiration for music enthusiasts. Take the time to explore and experience, and you'll realize why Songsterr is always the top choice for artists and music fans around the world.


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FAQs? Songsterr Premium APK

How to search for songs on Songsterr Premium APK? +

You can use the search feature on the main interface of the application and enter the song name or artist name you are interested in. A list of related tabs and chords will then be shown to you.

How does the slowing down feature of Songsterr Premium APK work? +

When you open a tab, you can use the slowdown feature to slow down song playback, making it easier for you to learn difficult parts accurately and in detail.

How to access solo play feature on Songsterr Premium APK? +

When you are playing back a song, you can activate the solo feature by switching to solo mode. This will mute the sounds of other instruments and keep only the sound of the instrument you are playing.

Can I use Songsterr Premium APK offline? +

Yes, you can download previous tabs and chords for use without an internet connection. However, to use interactive playback, you need an internet connection.

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