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Lark Player premium APK is a multi-functional mobile music player application, providing a great music listening experience with a friendly interface and more than 100 million users worldwide.


Name Lark Player
Pagekage name com.dywx.larkplayer
Version 5.70.10
Size 24.36 Mb
Category Music & Audio
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+

About to Music Player & MP3:Lark Player APK

Lark Player APK is a music player and MP3 player on mobile devices. With como baixar musica no Lark Player, you can enjoy your favorite music easily and conveniently. Currently, more than 100 million users worldwide use Lark Player for pc to play music offline.

More Overview of Lark Player Mobile App

Reproductor de Musica Lark Player APK is a reliable and multifunctional music player and player application. It offers a good listening experience and allows you to enjoy your favorite music on your mobile phone. You can get this app from trusted sources like Google Play Store or official developer website.

Music Player &MP3 - Lark Player APK is a multifunctional music player and music player application with many useful features and user-friendly interface. It is a great choice for enjoying music on your mobile device.

All features in Lark Player For Android

  • Multiple Music Formats Support: descargar Lark Player supports playing music files in multiple formats like MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, MIDI and many more. You can play music from the internal memory of your device or an external memory card.
  • Search and play music online: baixar Lark Player allows you to search and stream music from popular sources like YouTube and SoundCloud. You can listen to music from songs, albums, playlists, and user channels on these services.
  • Adjust the sound with Equalizer: Lark Player provides an Equalizer for you to customize the volume, bass, mid and treble to your liking. You can choose from predefined or customized sound profiles according to personal preference.
  • Display lyrics: When playing music, Lark Player APK iphone displays lyrics directly on the phone screen. You can read and sing along to the lyrics easily.
  • Download lyrics: If the lyrics don't exist in the app, Lark Player allows you to download lyrics from the Internet and store them for offline viewing. This makes it possible to access the lyrics when there is no network connection.
  • Video view: You can watch music videos directly in Lark Player. The application supports playing videos from sources like YouTube and provides playback features such as zoom in, zoom out, fast forward and rewind.
  • Hibernation and shutdown timer: Lark Player has a Hibernation feature, which allows you to set an application's automatic shutdown time after a certain period of time. This is useful when you want to listen to music at bedtime and don't want to leave the app running all night.
  • Share and manage playlists: You can easily share your favorite playlists with your friends via messaging or social networking apps. In addition, Lark Player also provides playlist management features such as adding, removing, sorting and renaming playlists.

Instructions, how to use Lark Player APK Latest version

Download and install: Download the Lark Player APK installation file from a trusted source. Then, install the app by clicking on the APK file and following the onscreen instructions.

Launch the app: When the installation is complete, find and launch the Lark Player app on the home screen of your mobile device.

Find and play music: The main interface of Lark Player shows options like "Music", "Albums", "Artists", and "Playlists". You can search for songs or select a category to browse and play music.

Adjust volume and sound: Use the volume control bar to increase or decrease the playback volume. You can also adjust the sound settings by clicking the Equalizer icon and selecting sound profiles or customizing the profile to your personal taste.

Show lyrics: When a song is playing, click the lyrics icon on the screen to display the lyrics. You can scroll up and down to see the full lyrics.

Play video (optional): If you want to watch a video, find the song or video on the app and click to play. Lark Player will open the built-in video player so you can view and customize video settings.

Share and manage playlists: To share your favorite playlists, click the share icon and choose a sharing method, like social media or messages. You can also manage playlists by adding, removing, sorting and renaming playlists.

Tips and advice when using for Music Player & MP3:Lark Player APK

Optimize Sound with Equalizer: Experiment and tweak Equalizer settings to create the best sound for your headphones or speakers. Customize bass, mid and treble intensity to match your musical taste.

Use lyrics download: When lyrics don't show up automatically, take advantage of Lark Player's lyrics download feature.

Control music playback: In case you want to listen to music only from a specific source, such as a memory card in your device, adjust the settings to only play music from that source.

Take advantage of Hibernation: When you want to listen to music at bedtime, use Lark Player's Hibernation feature to set the application's automatic shutdown time.

Search and discover music online: Lark Player allows you to search and play music online from sources like YouTube and SoundCloud. Take advantage of this feature to discover new music and listen to songs from your favorite artists.

Manage playlists: Organize and manage your playlists to easily find and listen to your favorite music. Add, delete, sort and rename playlists according to your personal taste.

Control outside noise: When listening to music in a noisy environment, use good quality headphones or built-in noise cancellation to enjoy better sound.

New Version Updates: Track Lark Player APK updates to get the latest features, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

Advantages and disadvantages Lark Player iOS


  • User-friendly interface: Lark Player has a simple, easy-to-use and friendly user interface, making it easy for users to control and enjoy music.
  • Download lyrics feature: The application allows downloading lyrics from the Internet and displaying the lyrics directly on the screen, helping users sing along or better understand the content of the song.
  • Equalizer mode and audio control: Lark Player provides an Equalizer mode that allows users to customize the sound to their liking. It also has audio control tools such as volume up and down and bass, mid and high pitch intensity.
  • Hibernation and shutdown timer: The application has a Hibernation feature that allows users to set an automatic shutdown time after a certain period of time or after the user has fallen asleep, which saves battery life and facilitates favorable for sleeping with music.


  • Ads: Some users report that Lark Player displays ads during use, which are sometimes annoying and disrupt the listening experience.
  • Possible errors and compatibility issues: Some users report errors and compatibility issues when using Lark Player on certain devices or operating system versions.
  • Lack of some advanced features: Compared with some other music player applications, Lark Player may lack some advanced features such as downloading background music, viewing lyrics while playing videos and the ability to sync music across devices be different.


Lark Player APK is a multifunctional mobile MP3 player and music player application. With the ability to play music from various sources, download lyrics feature, Equalizer mode and friendly user interface, it provides a good and convenient music listening experience for users.

Lark Player APK is still a useful choice for enjoying music on your mobile device. If you are looking for a versatile, easy-to-use and versatile music player application, Lark Player can be a suitable choice.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Lark Player APK

Does Lark Player support background music playing mode? +

Yes, Lark Player supports background music playback mode. This allows you to listen to music while using other apps or while your device is in the background. To use this mode, you just need to turn on the background music feature in the settings of the Lark Player application. Then you can enjoy music without keeping the app open.

Does Lark Player integrate the function of downloading music and videos from YouTube? +

Yes, Lark Player allows you to download music and videos from YouTube. To download music or videos from YouTube, simply copy the link (URL) of the content you want to download and then paste it into Lark Player. The app will automatically download the content and let you enjoy it without an internet connection.

What audio and video formats does Lark Player support? +

Lark Player supports many popular audio and video formats such as MP3, MP4, AAC, FLAC, 3GP, AVI and many more. You can learn more about the list of supported formats in the "Features" section of the app.

Why can't I play music or videos on Lark Player? +

There are several reasons that can cause this problem. You can check the following points:

  • Make sure your audio or video file is not corrupted or corrupted.
  • Check if you have an Internet connection to stream music.
  • If you use a cloud storage service, make sure you're signed in to your account.
  • If the problem persists, try restarting the app or updating the app to the latest version.
Does Lark Player have a Premium version and what are the benefits of upgrading to the Premium version? +

Yes, Lark Player has a Premium version with no ads, faster music downloads, and many other advanced features.

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