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ViaMusic Mod Premium APK is your ultimate online destination for discovering and sharing music. Explore a diverse library of tracks, connect with fellow music enthusiasts.


Name ViMusic
Pagekage name com.visionxstudio.wynk
Version 9.1.2
Size 84.60 Mb
Category Music & Audio
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Cuboid Dev
Mod Feature Mod Premium

About of the app ViMusic APK

ViMusic Mod Premium APK is a full-featured music player application that allows users to enjoy and manage music conveniently and save battery power. The diverse features of this application help provide a diverse and enjoyable music listening experience for users.

ViMusic APK is a popular and easy to use music player app for Android devices. With a friendly interface and many useful features, this application allows users to enjoy and manage their music collection conveniently.

Overview of the app ViMusic APK

ViMusic is an online music player application provided as an APK file, allowing users to play and download songs from online and offline music without limitations.

ViMusic APK Free Download is a music player application with many useful features, but also some limitations in the use of music sources and integration with major music services. And it's still a good choice for those who want to enjoy and manage music online and offline on their Android devices.

Features of the app ViMusic APK for Android

Stream music online and offline: ViMusic APK allows users to stream music from approximately 50 million songs from the SoundCloud API. In addition, users can download music and enjoy it without an internet connection.

Diverse audio formats: The application supports playing music in many audio formats such as mp3, wav, flac, helping users enjoy the best sound quality.

Powerful audio equalizer: The app provides an equalizer with presets and allows users to customize the sound as they like, including bass booster, surround sound and speed change and music playback tune.

Manage playlists: Users can create and edit playlists easily, helping to create the music sequence you want.

Convenient control: ViMusic provides convenient controls from notifications and lock screen, making it easy for users to control music even when the phone is locked.

Loop and shuffle mode: User can set track to repeat or shuffle music in random order to change music listening experience.

Voice Changer Effects: ViMusic provides voice changing effects such as male voice, female voice, chipmunk voice, creating an interesting and unique music listening experience.

Multiple Language Support: The app supports songs in multiple languages, from Spanish, English, Hindi, Urdu, to regional languages like Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Odia, Haryanvi, Bengali, Telgu, Tamil, Marathi.

How to use the app ViMusic APK Latest version

Step 1: Download and install ViMusic APK

Download the ViMusic APK file from a trusted source.

Open the APK file and follow the instructions to install the app on your Android phone. If required, you'll need to allow installation of apps from Unknown Sources in your device's security settings.

After successful installation, open the ViMusic APK application by tapping its icon on the home screen or in the application menu.

Step 2: Search and play music

On the main ViMusic interface, you will see a search bar. Enter the name of the song, artist or genre you want to listen to in the search box and press "Search".

The search results will display, you can choose a song or playlist to play.

Step 3: Customize the sound and music player

When playing music, you can use audio customization features such as equalizer, bass booster, surround sound, and change music playback speed.

You can also queue songs, repeat songs, or shuffle playlists.

Step 4: Download music for offline listening

To download music for offline listening, simply tap the download button next to the song or playlist that you want to store in your phone's local storage or SD card.

If you want to see the lyrics, tap the lyrics icon on the main interface or in the music player.

Tips and advice when using ViMusic APK

Make sure to get the app from a trusted source: When downloading the ViMusic APK Mod Premium app from any source other than the Google Play Store, make sure you get it from a trusted source and avoid downloading APK files from unknown websites root, to avoid the risk of malicious code and malware.

Stay up to date with the latest version: Keep an eye on your apps for new versions, but be sure to get updates from a trusted source like the Google Play Store. Updates often add new features, fix bugs, and enhance performance.

Memory and storage management: If you use music downloads for offline listening, manage your phone's storage space. Delete unnecessary songs or back them up to a cloud storage service to free up storage space.

Choose the right quality: If you want to save mobile data or storage space, choose the right audio quality when downloading music from the internet.

Read reviews and comments: Before installing the app, read reviews and comments from other users to get an overview of the app's performance and features.

Legal guarantee when downloading music: When downloading music from a source that is not a legitimate music service provider, make sure that you comply with copyright and intellectual property laws.

Pros and cons of the app ViMusic APK iOS


  • Stream music online and offline: ViMusic allows users to play music from online music and also features download music for offline listening, helping users save mobile data and enjoy music anytime and anywhere.
  • Display lyrics: ViMusic Full Pro Mod APK provides lyrics display feature, helping users sing along with their favorite lyrics.
  • Audio Customization: A powerful equalizer allows users to customize the sound to their liking, including enhancing bass, surround sound, and changing music playback speed and tone.
  • Background playback: ViMusic APK has background playback, allowing you to listen to music even when the app is minimized or when using other apps.
  • No ads: The application does not display ads, helping you to enjoy music continuously and without interruption.


  • User Interface and Experience: While ViMusic's interface may be intuitive and easy to use, it may not be as structured and aesthetically pleasing as some other premium music player apps.
  • Doesn't sync with major music services: ViMusic Mod Menu APK has limited integration with major music services like Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube Music, which can be a downside for users this popular cloud music service.
  • Limited vocals: Although ViMusic offers a voice changer, the number of options can be limited and not varied.


ViMusic APK Premium Unlocked is a useful music player application for Android devices, allowing users to enjoy and manage their music collection conveniently.

ViMusic is a good choice for people who want to enjoy music online and offline conveniently and save battery on their Android device. For the best music listening experience, consider downloading and updating to the latest version from a trusted source and manage storage space sensibly.


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FAQs? ViMusic APK

Why isn't the ViMusic APK app working on my device? +

There are several possible causes for this problem. First, make sure you have downloaded the latest APK version of the app. If it still doesn't work, check if your device has enough space and a compatible Android version.

I have audio or video quality problems when using ViMusic APK. How to solve? +

If you have audio or video quality problems, check your internet connection. If the connection is unstable, it may lead to interruptions in playback. If the problem persists, you can contact the application's support for further assistance.

How to sync playlists and account information across multiple devices? +

To sync playlists and account information, you usually need to sign in to your account on the app. Your information will then be stored on the server and accessible from any device after you log in to your account on them.

Is there a way to download music from ViMusic for offline listening? +

Yes, ViMusic often offers a music download feature so you can listen offline. To do this, you need to find the song or album you want to download and then select the "Download" or "Save offline" option (name depends on the app). Downloaded music will be stored on your device for listening without an internet connection.

Does ViMusic support online music services like Spotify or Apple Music? +

Currently, ViMusic does not support online music services such as Spotify or Apple Music. This application usually focuses on providing features and functions so that users can manage and play music from audio files on their devices.

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