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Download RevHeadz Engine Sound APK is a unique application to experience high quality car and engine sounds for enthusiasts of the automobile and Motorbike world.


Name RevHeadz
Pagekage name
Version 1.33
Size 185.20 Mb
Category Music & Audio
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Developer RevHeadz
Mod Feature All Unlocked

RevHeadz Mod APK: Explore and Experience the Pinnacle of Engine Sound

Have you ever dreamed of hearing the roar of a supercar's engine or the thunderous noise of a racing engine? Now, with the RevHeadz Mod APK all unlocked app, your dreams can become a reality. Let's explore and experience the most authentic feeling of engine sound, in an unbelievable way!

RevHeadz Mod APK ios is not just an ordinary engine sound app, but it's also a digital masterpiece of interaction and real car experience. With outstanding accuracy and transparent details, each sound is reproduced most authentically, providing users with an experience indistinguishable from reality.

RevHeadz Mod APK unlocked all cars has all cars unlocked, making it easy for you to experience a variety of car types without any restrictions. From supercars to classic racing cars and off-road vehicles, everything is available for you to explore and feel.

Outstanding Features

  • Unique Interaction Capability: What's special about RevHeadz Mod APK is its interaction capability. You not only hear engine sounds but also control them. From shifting gears to braking and accelerating, everything is within your control. This provides a truly amazing experience and makes using the app more enjoyable than ever.
  • OBD2 Integration - Real Driving Experience: RevHeadz Mod APK doesn't stop at reproducing engine sounds on your mobile phone. With the integrated OBD2 feature, you can experience RevHeadz engine sounds right in your own car. Simply connect to the OBD-II system, and you'll be immersed in powerful engine sounds, as if you were sitting in a real supercar.
  • Diverse Car Packs - A World Full of Fascination: With RevHeadz Mod APK, you don't just get one car pack but a variety of diverse packs, from supercars to classic racing cars and off-road vehicles. Each car pack brings you a new and unique experience, from the powerful sound of supercars to the vibrant sound of classic racing cars. This creates a world full of fascination, offering you unlimited choices and unique experiences every time you open the app.
  • The World of Authentic Engine Sound: With RevHeadz Mod APK, you not only hear engine sounds but also feel them. From the intense roar of the engine to the scream of the engine crossing the finish line, each sound is reproduced most authentically. This makes using the app feel like an adventure into the real world of engines and speed.

Optimal Use of RevHeadz Mod APK

To use RevHeadz Mod APK optimally and enjoy the best engine sound experience:

  • Explore Car Packs: Explore and select the car pack you want to experience. RevHeadz Mod APK offers a variety of car packs from supercars to classic racing cars and off-road vehicles. Choose the car pack that suits your preferences.

  • OBD2 Integration: If you want to experience engine sounds in your own car, connect to the OBD-II system using the OBD2 integration feature. This allows you to listen to and interact with engine sounds in real-time, providing a more realistic driving experience.

  • Interact with Engine Sounds: Use the control buttons on the interface to interact with engine sounds. Try shifting gears, braking, and accelerating to feel every aspect of the engine sound for each type of car.

  • Explore Additional Features: In addition to listening to and interacting with engine sounds, explore other additional features of the app. RevHeadz Mod APK can provide detailed information about various types of engines and cars, helping you understand more about the world of automobiles.

  • Customize and Adjust: Customize sound settings to suit your preferences. Adjust volume, sound intensity, and other parameters to create the best experience.

  • Share and Connect: Share your experience with friends and fans through social networks. Connect with the RevHeadz community to exchange experiences and opinions with other car enthusiasts.

By following these steps, you can use RevHeadz Mod APK optimally and enjoy the unique experience of engine sound that the app provides.

Pros and Cons of RevHeadz Mod APK


  • Realistic Experience: RevHeadz Mod APK provides users with an extremely realistic experience of engine sound, allowing them to feel every aspect of the sound while driving.
  • Diverse Car Packs: The app offers various car packs ranging from supercars to classic racing cars and off-road vehicles, allowing users to choose according to their personal preferences.
  • OBD2 Integration: This feature enables users to experience engine sounds in the real world while driving their own cars by connecting to the OBD-II system.
  • Two-Way Interaction: Users can interact with engine sounds by controlling gear shifts, braking, and accelerating, creating a truly engaging experience.
  • Detailed Information: RevHeadz Mod APK is not just an entertainment app but also provides detailed information about various types of engines and cars, helping users understand more about the world of automobiles.


  • Device Connection Requirement: Using the OBD2 feature requires a supporting device and connection to the OBD-II system, which may be a limitation for some users.
  • Requires More Storage Space: As an app with diverse car packs and engine sounds, it may require more storage space on users' devices.
  • Potential Impact on Battery and Device Resources: Using RevHeadz Mod APK may consume battery power and device resources, especially when using the OBD2 feature or adjusting sound settings.

Despite certain drawbacks, overall, RevHeadz Mod APK remains a unique and exciting entertainment app for car and engine enthusiasts.

Conclusion: Explore a Pinnacle Experience

If you're passionate about cars and engines, then RevHeadz Mod APK is a must-have app on your phone. Providing you with the best engine sound experience, this is definitely an app you can't afford to miss. Download it now and explore this fascinating world!


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? RevHeadz APK

How many types of cars are there in RevHeadz APK's library? +

RevHeadz APK's library contains a variety of cars from many different decades, from classic cars to modern models. The number of cars in the library may change the app's regular update times.

How to customize sound bar in RevHeadz APK? +

To customize the sound in RevHeadz APK, you can access the app's settings. From there, you can adjust the volume, frequency balance, and other audio parameters as desired.

Is there a social sharing feature in the app? +

Yes, RevHeadz APK allows you to share your favorite sounds via other social networks. This helps you connect and interact with the car-loving community.

Is there a version for iOS? +

Yes, RevHeadz APK is available on Android and iOS platforms, helping you access the world of car audio on different devices.

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