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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Game is a dark version of the ancient Han dynasty, a post-war adventure where the Three Kingdoms are attacked by monsters while an unknown group struggles to survive.


Name Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
Version 1.2
Size 45.9 MB
Category Adventure
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+

About Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Android

Wo Long means "twisted monster" in Chinese, which means hero or person. This story follows warriors who eventually become heroes and follow them at "unspecified" times. First you see anonymous characters. Players battle monsters with swords and Chinese martial arts, awakening latent powers and overcoming obstacles.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty APK demo is an action RPG set in a dark fantasy version of the Three Kingdoms world. The demo guides the player through the mountain game from start to finish.

  • This demo version is part of the full game, but may differ in some ways from the individual versions.
  • Backup data can be transferred to individual versions of the game.
  • For multiplayer, you can only compare them with other demo players.
  • A demo version is available for a limited time.
  • Demo distribution may end without notice.
  • Visit the official website for more details.

Neo Ninja's new dark fantasy Three Kingdoms action RPG. A dragon rose from the depths of darkness.

184 AD, followed by Han Qing. This place is chaotic and desolate. A long and prosperous empire is about to collapse.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty tells the story of his struggle to escape the Three Kingdoms, a fictional version of the Han Dynasty, after escaping the demons of the Shadow Army. Players use sword fighting based on Chinese martial arts to awaken their true strength and overcome obstacles in front of large objects and enemy troops.

Wo Long is about great unknown warriors as well as rising dragons, heroes who rise from chaos in the darkest moments of war.

Demons in the kingdom

Set in the chaotic Three Kingdoms, this dark fantasy tells the story of a loyal soldier fighting to escape the domestic invasion of the Han Empire, the madness of the ancient Three Kingdoms!

Awaken your inner strength, defeat your deadliest enemy, strengthen your mind, awaken your inner strength!

A swordsman, a swordsman known for his brutal attacks that change the course of a match. The movements of Chinese martial arts smoothly alternate between attack and defense. Defeat your enemies in fierce, bloody battles as you learn the precision and skill needed to become a true swordsman.

Known for his relentless attacks and smooth transitions, players slash enemies with swords made from Chinese martial arts. Master the abilities and skills needed to become a true swordsman and destroy your opponents in fierce and bloody battles.

A powerful attack that can be used against enemies with low intelligence or those who do not know the player's location causing chaos.

Powerful movements evoke emotions. Different martial arts can use different types of weapons.

Different styles of magic weapons and games


Choose from a variety of weapons, from swords to dual swords, to find the weapon that best suits your fighting style.

Witch magic

This magic skill can attack with elements such as fire and ice and has 5 power levels. The higher the spirit level, the more magical you feel.

Divine Beast

Born along with other warriors like Juku and Beifu. This god calls creatures to do great things.

Character design

The player's face can be set freely. Choose from a variety of settings and use accessories to create your own unique hero.

Combat is based on mental strategy.

By increasing health, stored chi can be used as energy to unleash powerful magic and martial arts attacks.

However, ghost running is a player's weak point, so it's important to know when and how to use it. A game system where you overcome challenges to gain power.


Player's score increases more for offensive moves and decreases for defensive moves. Powerful attacks require energy to use.

Combat skills help you deal with enemy attacks. Enemy attacks increase the cooldown and the player increases the cooldown.

Cooperation for success!

Online co-op helps players defeat the most fearsome enemies and fiercest battles. Team up with your friends to defeat the terrifying monsters in the game!

When Drake is summoned, he heals nearby allies and buffs. Use it to support multiplayer game campaigns.


Other players can attack certain battles. Opponents with the wrong strategy are very difficult.


In other battles, the player can take revenge on the enemies who lost the battle. Completing Revenge gives you many benefits. Pay special attention to enemies in areas where the player is losing the Burial Flag.


Players gain strength by improving air quality. Enemies also have health levels. The player can quickly increase the player's health level and get valuable items from the enemy by defeating the enemy with high health level.

Do you choose to be strong in the face of adversity or fight your enemies wisely? Players can choose their own path and fighting style.


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FAQs? Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty APK

Is there a way to interact with the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty community outside of the game? +

Most MMORPG games will have online forums, social networking sites, and online communities so players can discuss, share experiences, and find friends to play.

How to create a guild in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty? +

To create a clan, you usually need to reach a certain level and collect a specific amount of resources or game money. You can then create your own clan and invite other players to join.

How to upgrade characters in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty? +

To upgrade your character, you need to participate in quests, fight monsters, and collect in-game resources. You can then use this resource to improve your character's skills, equipment, and attributes.

I have problems when trying to install or play Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty APK. How to find support? +

If you have problems installing or playing Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty APK, you should contact the developer or game provider's support service. You can usually find contact information or support options within the game or its official website.

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