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Whatsapp Estilo iPhone APK is a great combination of a unique iOS user experience and highly customizable features, giving Android users a fresh and exciting way to use this leading messaging app.


Name Whatsapp Estilo iPhone
Version 9.83F
Size 75.3 MB
Category Communication
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Developer StefanoYG

About to Whatsapp Business Estilo iPhone APK

Whatsapp Estilo iPhone actualizado APK is not simply a regular messaging application, but also a sophisticated combination of quality features and beautiful design. With an interface similar to the iOS operating system, users will easily feel familiar and comfortable when using this application.

One of the highlights of Whatsapp Estilo iPhone 9.30 beta 2.APK is its high customization ability, allowing users to adjust the interface according to personal preferences. You can change the wallpaper, main color, and many other options to create a uniquely personalized space.

More Overview of Whatsapp Estilo iPhone For Android

Whatsapp Plus Estilo iPhone APK offers strong security features, helping to best protect your personal information. The use of end-to-end encryption helps ensure that your chats are protected from any risks.

Whatsapp Estilo iPhone para android APK is not only the ideal choice for Android users who want to experience the iOS interface, but also a perfect combination of features and design. For those who love variety and want to experience something new, this is definitely an app worth checking out.

All features in Whatsapp Estilo iPhone Mobile App

  • iOS-Like Interface: APK DE Whatsapp Estilo iPhone is special with a user interface designed like the iPhone's iOS operating system. This brings a familiar experience to Android users who want to explore the beauty of the iOS interface.
  • Customization Features: Users have the ability to customize the interface according to personal preferences. You can change the wallpaper, main colors, and many other elements to create a uniquely personalized space.
  • Highly Secure: The app supports end-to-end encryption, helping to ensure that all your chats and personal data are securely protected.
  • Advanced Messaging Features: Send text messages, images, videos, and attachments conveniently and quickly.
  • Dark Mode: Whatsapp Estilo iPhone APK ultima version supports dark mode, which helps protect your eyes when used in low light conditions.
  • Call Features: Make high-quality voice and video calls with friends and family anywhere in the world.
  • Efficient Group Management: Create and manage groups easily, with the ability to add images and descriptions to your groups.
  • Stickers and Emojis: Use unique stickers and emoticons to express your mood and emotions in chat.
  • Location Sharing: Share your location with friends to easily meet up or follow each other.
  • Custom Notifications: Customize how you receive notifications, including sound, icon, and before the lock screen.

Instructions, how to use Whatsapp Estilo iPhone Latest Version

Login or Register: If you already have an account, log in by entering your mobile phone number and confirmation code. If you're new to the app, register by providing the required information and follow the instructions to confirm your account.

Custom Settings: Open the settings menu to adjust personalization options such as wallpaper, theme color, notification sound, and other interface options.

Messaging: Select the person you want to message with or create a new conversation. Enter the message content and send it by touching the send icon.

Send Photos and Videos: Open a chat and select the photo icon to take or choose a photo from your gallery. If you want to share a video, select the video icon and select the video to send.

Calls and Video Calls: Tap the phone icon to make a voice call. To make a video call, tap the camera icon in the chat.

Use Stickers and Emojis: When you're composing a message, tap the smilies icon to open the stickers and emoji panel.

Tips and advice when using for Whatsapp Estilo iPhone APK

Customize Notifications: Set notifications to your liking to avoid calls or messages when you don't want to be disturbed.

Use Dark Mode: Activate dark mode in settings to reduce screen light when used at night and protect your eyes.

Interface Customization: Take advantage of the interface customization feature to create a unique user experience that reflects your personal style.

File and Data Management: Review and manage shared files and data to keep applications running smoother.

Limit Online Time: If you want to reduce your time online, use the do not disturb mode feature or turn off notifications for certain periods of time.

Set an App Password: Use the password setting feature to protect your privacy, especially if you share your phone with others.

Back Up Data: Regularly back up important messages and data to avoid losing important information.

Advantages and disadvantages Whatsapp Estilo iPhone APK


  • iOS Operating System Interface: Brings an iOS-like interface experience to Android users, increasing familiarity and fun.
  • Highly Customizable Features: Allows users to customize the interface to their personal preferences, including backgrounds, colors, and other options.
  • Powerful Group Features: Manage groups easily with the ability to add images, descriptions, and manage members.
  • Dark Mode: Supports dark mode, helping to reduce eye strain and create a comfortable usage experience at night.


  • Compatibility: There may be compatibility issues with some Android phones, so some features may not work or have errors.
  • App Depends on Original Whatsapp: descargar Whatsapp Estilo iPhone APK requires dependency on the original app, which may create instability or uneven performance.


Whatsapp Estilo iPhone APK mediafıre brings a unique user experience to Android users, with an iOS-like interface and highly customizable features. This creates familiarity for users who have used iPhones before or simply want to experience something new on Android.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Whatsapp Estilo iPhone APK

How to customize the interface on Whatsapp Estilo iPhone APK? +

You can customize the interface by going to the settings in the app. Here, you can change the background image, main color and many other options.

Are there any special security features in this app? +

Whatsapp Estilo iPhone APK supports end-to-end encryption, helping to protect your personal information and chats.

How to add an image and description to a group on the app? +

To add an image and description to a group, you can go to the group management page and select the add image and description option.

How to install dark mode on Whatsapp Estilo iPhone APK? +

In the settings, you will find a dark mode option. Turn it on to dim the lights and reduce eye strain when used in the evening.

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