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Sismo Detector PRO APK is an advanced earthquake warning and monitoring application that plays an important role in preparing and making safety decisions for users.


Name Sismo Detector Pro
Version 14.5.3
Size 17.9 MB
Category Communication
Price $1.49
Compatible with Android 6.0+

About of Sismo Detector PRO APK

Sismo Detector PRO premium APK is a complete earthquake monitoring and warning application. The Sismo Detector app provides real-time seismic warnings before earthquakes. This is important so that users can prepare and make safe decisions before an earthquake occurs.

The research project "Earthquake Detection" aims to develop a smartphone-based early warning system. Smartphones are equipped with accelerometers to detect earthquakes. When there is an earthquake, users who have installed the app will receive an immediate alert. This can help minimize reaction times and increase the chances of protective measures and evacuation when needed.

Earthquake information is often released with considerable delay due to data collection, verification, and analysis. However, the app provides real-time alerts based on available information to help users prepare and respond in a timely manner.

Overview of Sismo Detector PRO APK

Sismo Detector allows users to submit reports of earthquakes they have experienced. This information can help improve the accuracy of the alert system and provide important information to the community. These reports can help confirm the location and magnitude of earthquakes, thereby creating more reliable information for other users.

The app uses the accelerometer in the smartphone to detect sudden movements that could be a sign of an earthquake. When it detects sudden movement, the app sends an immediate alert to the user.

The descargar Sismo Detector PRO APK free download app plays an important role in raising awareness and preparing users for earthquakes. Integrating real-time alerts and the ability to submit reports from the community improves the accuracy and reliability of earthquake warning systems.

Features of Sismo Detector PRO APK for Android

  • Real-time and pre-seismic warning: Provides real-time earthquake warnings, allowing users to prepare and take safety measures before an earthquake occurs.
  • Alerts based on user reports: Users have the ability to submit reports of earthquakes they have experienced, providing additional information about the magnitude and impact of the earthquake.
  • National and international earthquake data: Uses data from national and international seismic networks to provide detailed information about earthquakes occurring around the world.
  • Voice earthquake notification: Having the ability to announce earthquake events via voice, helping users to receive information quickly and easily.
  • Communities and Reports: Allows users to submit reports of earthquakes they have experienced, providing important information to the community and improving the accuracy of the warning system.
  • Earthquake Detector Research Project: This project develops a smartphone-based early warning system that uses accelerometer sensors to detect earthquakes and provide alerts to users.

How to use Sismo Detector PRO APK Latest version

Download and Install the application:

Go to the Google Play Store (or the App Store on iOS).

Search for "Sismo Detector PRO APK" and download the app.

Once the download is complete, install the app on your phone.

Sign in or Register:

Open the app after installation.

If necessary, you can sign in with an existing account or sign up for a new account (if needed).

Configure Alerts and Notifications:

In settings or preferences, you can customize how alerts are received. You can choose either voice notification or text notification.

View Earthquake Information:

Open the app and go to "Earthquake Information" or similar. This is where you can see a list of recent earthquakes.

User Reporting Settings (optional):

If you have experienced an earthquake, you can submit a report of your experience. This can help improve the accuracy of the warning system.

Receive Alerts and Notifications:

When there is an earthquake, the app will send you an alert. You can receive voice or text notifications.

Tips and advice when using Sismo Detector PRO APK 2023

  • Verify Download Source: Only download apps from trusted sources like the Google Play Store (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS) to make sure you don't download fake or malicious apps.
  • Grant Location permission: Make sure you have granted access to GPS location to the app. This helps the app determine your location and provide earthquake information specific to the area you are in.
  • Notifications and Alerts: Configure notifications and alerts according to your preferences. You can choose voice notifications, text notifications, or both.
  • App Updates: Make sure you always use the latest app version for stability and feature updates.
  • Check Earthquake Information: Regularly check the list of recent earthquake information in the app to stay on top of earthquakes in your area.
  • Consider Information Sharing: If you experience an earthquake, you might consider submitting a report to the app that provides more detailed information about the magnitude and impact of the earthquake.
  • Distinguishing Small and Large Earthquakes: Understand the difference between small and large earthquakes. Sometimes, small earthquakes may not be enough to cause serious danger.
  • Safety Planning: Have a safety plan ready in the event of a severe earthquake. Know indoor and outdoor safe spots, how to turn off electricity and gas, and how to contact loved ones.
  • Check Emergency Numbers: Make sure you know the emergency phone numbers for your area, including fire, ambulance, and police services.
  • Understand Features: Read and understand app features and how they work. This helps you get the most out of earthquake monitoring and warning capabilities.

Pros and cons of Sismo Detector PRO APK iOS


  • Real-time alerts: One of the main advantages of this app is its ability to provide real-time earthquake warnings. This allows users time to prepare and put in place safety measures before an event occurs.
  • Voice Notifications: Voice announcement capabilities make earthquake information conveyed quickly and easily, especially when the user cannot look at the phone screen.
  • Communities and Reporting: Integrating user reports improves alert accuracy and creates a community environment for sharing earthquake information.
  • Earthquake Detector Research Project: This project promises to develop a smartphone-based early warning system that increases the ability to recognize and respond to earthquakes.


  • Depends on Accelerometer: The app relies on the accelerometer sensor in the phone to detect earthquakes. This may result in the application not recognizing or warning of small earthquakes, or having a slow period in detection.
  • Accuracy and False Alerts: Earthquake alerts can cause false or inaccurate warnings where other factors can also produce motion similar to earthquakes, such as events other or slight vibration.
  • Research Project Development: The Earthquake Detector research project may be in the development stage, so early warning system implementation may be limited and take time to mature.


Sismo Detector PRO full APK application is a useful tool in earthquake warning and monitoring. With the ability to provide real-time information about earthquakes, voice notifications, and the ability to send reports from the community, it benefits in preparing and responding to situations earthquake.

To use this application effectively, you need to understand its features, configure the alarms according to your personal preferences, and always consider with a safety plan in the event of an earthquake. Sismo Detector PRO gratis APK promises to be a useful tool in increasing awareness and preparing users for earthquakes.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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