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We Are Warriors apparel APK is a multi-era strategy game where you will build an empire, choose smart tactics, and conquer diverse battlefields to become the greatest general in history.


Name We are Warriors!
Version 1.20.0
Size 112.57 Mb
Category Strategy
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer Lessmore UG

About to We are Warriors APK

We Are Warriors game APK will be a unique and engaging strategy experience for those who love the construction and strategy game genre. With a combination of development through the ages and diverse battlefields, the game promises to bring new and dramatic challenges.

Here, you will not only be a wise general but also a strategic leader, using food to rally units and fight against enemies. The variety of eras, from the Stone Age with Dino Riders, to the Iron Age with Spartan Warriors, and even modern times with tanks, opens up many opportunities for multidimensional strategy development.

More Overview of We are Warriors Mobile Game

In We Are Warriors APK money, you will go through the journey of conquering wars and building your empire. With exquisite graphics and vibrant sounds, the game is not only a mental challenge but also a visual and entertaining experience.

Get ready to challenge yourself, defeat your enemies, and become the greatest general the world has ever known. We Are Warriors APK will definitely take you on an unprecedented journey where tactics and progression are the keys to conquering this virtual world.

All features in We are Warriors Latest Version

Below are the outstanding features of We are Warriors APK:

  • Evolve through the Ages: Take a journey through different periods of history, from the Stone Age with Dino Riders to the Iron Age with Spartan Warriors, and even modern times with tanks. Each era brings unique characteristics and challenges, creating diversity in strategy.
  • Food and Units: Use food to gather your military units and create a powerful army. Managing resources intelligently is the key to winning matches.
  • Diverse battlefields: Participate in exciting battles on diverse battlefields. Depending on the era, you will face different terrain and battlefield conditions, creating unique tactical challenges.
  • Diverse team of warriors: Assemble and train a diverse team of powerful warriors from different eras. Each warrior has special skills and powers, creating many different strategies.
  • Immersive graphics and sound: With exquisite graphics and vivid sound, We Are Warriors delivers a premium visual and entertainment experience.
  • Conquer the war: Participate in dramatic and challenging battles, overcome all difficulties to become the greatest general in this virtual world.

Interface, graphics on We are Warriors For Android

Sophisticated and Sharp Graphics: A notable point at first sight is the graphics of We Are Warriors APK. Designed with sophistication and care, details such as warriors, military units and battlefield scenes are sharp and realistic.

Unique Effects: The game not only stops at beautiful drawing but also takes advantage of unique effects to create lively battles. From the sunlight shining through the trees to the fascinating waves, everything is shown in detail and vividly.

Diverse eras: By evolving through different historical periods, We Are Warriors' graphics are not only a window into the past but also a diverse picture with elements specific to each era.

How to play, gameplay for We are Warriors iOS

Build and Grow: The We Are Warriors game puts players in the position of a strategic leader, where you will have to build and develop your empire through historical periods. This involves gathering food to rally units, upgrade facilities, and challenge enemies.

Choose an Age of War: Each era offers a unique experience with different characteristics and tactics. From summoning Stone Age Dino Riders to using modern tanks, players have many options to experiment and win.

Diverse Battlefields: Diverse battlefields create tactical challenges, from vast grasslands to the massive landscapes of the modern century. Smart use of terrain is the key to victory.

Pros and Cons of We are Warriors APK


  • Graphics and Sound: The biggest advantage is the vivid graphics and sound. Realistic battlefield scenes and dynamic sound effects create an immersive and engaging experience.
  • Tactical Diversity: Diversity in eras and military units creates many tactical options, encouraging player creativity.
  • Identifying the Historical World: Combining different historical periods gives players the opportunity to better understand the development of humanity over time.


  • Payability: Some players have expressed concerns about the game's affordability, especially those who want to progress quickly without spending a lot.
  • Stiff Learning: For beginners, learning how to play and understanding every aspect of the game can be challenging at times.


We Are Warriors APK is not only a strategy game but also a journey through eras and battlefields, giving players unique and challenging experiences. With exquisite graphics, vivid sounds, and diverse gameplay, this game immerses players in a colorful and promising historical world. Whether you're a fan of strategy or simply want to explore diverse worlds, this game is worth checking out.


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FAQs? We are Warriors! APK

How to build and develop your empire? +

You can build and grow your empire by gathering food to assemble military units, upgrade your base, and engage in challenging strategic battles.

How many different eras are there in the game? +

We Are Warriors covers many different historical eras such as the Stone Age, Iron Age and Modern Age, each bringing its own unique characteristics and challenges.

How to win strategic matches? +

Victory requires smart strategy, effective resource management, and use of battlefield terrain characteristics. There are many approaches to achieving victory, and creativity is key.

Does We Are Warriors support multiple languages? +

Yes, the game supports multiple languages to serve the global player community.

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