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Haunted Dormitory APK is a horror adventure game, the game revolves around the story of a haunted dormitory and the player's task is to discover and solve the mystery there.

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Name Haunted Dorm
Pagekage name com.haunteddorm.mihuan
Version 1.5.6
Size 113.12 Mb
Category Strategy
Price Free
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Developer Mihuan

About of Haunted Dorm APK

Haunted Dorm APK is a horror adventure game developed by a team of independent developers. The game revolves around the story of a haunted dormitory and the player's task is to discover and solve the mystery there.

The game begins when the main character, a new student, moves into the dormitory. However, from the very first days, he began to notice scary supernatural phenomena and heard rumors that the dormitory was haunted by the terrifying spirit of a deceased student.

Overview of Haunted Dorm Mobile APK

Players will control the main character, explore each bedroom and other areas of the dormitory to find out the truth about this suspicious death. During the investigation, players will have to solve puzzles, gather evidence and search for clues to understand the dark history of the dormitory.

Haunted Dorm APK creates a scary and tense space, with realistic sounds and images that bring a sense of fear to the player. In addition, the game also offers action sequences and confrontation with supernatural forces, making the game a dramatic and suspenseful experience.

Haunted Dorm tips brings a combination of detective, puzzle and horror elements, creating an attractive and addictive game for lovers of this genre.

Features of Haunted Dorm APK for Android

  • Haunted Dormitory Environment: The game builds a creepy dorm environment, with abandoned bedrooms, gloomy hallways, and spooky areas. The environment is designed with detail and uses light, sound and images to create a scary horror space.
  • Puzzles and Mystery Solving: Haunted Dorm APK offers many puzzles and mysteries that players need to solve in order to get far in the game. This could be finding objects, breaking codes, combining elements to open doors or discovering secret areas. The puzzles are designed to challenge the player's intelligence and thinking ability.
  • Interaction with the environment: Players can interact with objects in the environment, such as opening doors, pulling lights, searching for important items, and exploring hidden corners of the dormitory. This interaction is necessary to conduct investigations and solve mysteries in the game.
  • AI and Monster Models: The game may feature artificial intelligence models and scary monsters. Players will have to avoid or confront them directly to survive and advance in the game. This creates tension and pressure for players.
  • Branch plot and playtime zone: Haunted Dorm APK offers many different choices and directions in the story. Player decisions can affect the outcome and end of the game. This creates replayability and discovery.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) support: Haunted Dorm can support virtual reality technology, allowing players to live in a haunted dormitory environment with interactive experiences and 3D visualization.


Haunted Dorm multiplayer APK offers a wide range of features such as horror environments, puzzles, environment interactions, AI and monster models, side stories, and virtual reality support. All of this makes for an engaging and stressful horror adventure game for players.

Game mode, graphics of Haunted Dorm Game APK

Since there is no specific information about the game Haunted Dorm APK, being a game created in the future, it is not possible to provide details about its graphics. However, in modern horror adventure games, the graphics are often designed to represent a scary and haunting environment for the player. Horror games often use dark lighting, bold colors, creepy images and details to create a horror space and enhance the player's experience.

The graphics in the game Haunted Dorm can be designed to accurately recreate the haunted dormitory environment, with abandoned bedrooms, gloomy hallways, bizarre objects and scary character models. Light and sound effects can also be used to create a sense of tension and suspense for the player.

Note that a particular game's graphics may vary depending on the developer's technology and art style. For accurate information about the graphics of the game Haunted Dorm APK, you can consult the source of information from the game's developer or publisher.

How to play the game Haunted Dorm APK Latest version

This is an introductory guide on how to play the game Haunted Dorm. Note that since it is a fantasy game, this information is only a guess based on similar horror adventure games. Specifics on how to play Haunted Dorm may vary and you should consult the official developer guide.

  • Getting Started and Character Controls: The Haunted Dorm APK game begins with you taking on the role of a student who has just moved into a haunted dormitory. You will control the main character through the console or keyboard, using the keys to move, jump, interact and other functions.
  • Explore the dormitory: Your mission is to explore the dormitory from the bedroom to the other areas. Use your character's mobility to explore your surroundings, open doors, find items, and learn about the story.
  • Solve puzzles and mysteries: As you explore, you will encounter puzzles and mysteries. Learn and interact with elements in the environment to solve them. This can include finding passwords, collecting objects, breaking codes or even confronting monsters.
  • Use items and tools: Throughout the adventure, you will collect and use important items and tools. Use them wisely to open doors, solve puzzles, or deal with dangers in the game.
  • Beware of Monsters and Dangers: Haunted Dormitory will have dangers and scary monsters. Avoid them or find a way to deal with and escape from them using the vehicles in the game.
  • Proceed with the investigation and advance in the story: During the game, you will learn about the mysterious death of the previous student and rescue the soul trapped in the dormitory. Advance in the story and learn the truth behind the strange events in the dormitory.


Note that Haunted Dorm gameplay may vary and the level of detail may be adjusted by the developer. For accurate and complete instructions, refer to the official documentation from the game developer.

Pros and cons of Haunted Dorm APK iOS

Here are some possible pros and cons associated with the Haunted Dorm APK online. Note that since this is a fantasy game, the pros and cons mentioned are just assumptions based on similar horror games. Reality may be different and you should refer to reviews and comments from actual players.


  • Horror Experience: Haunted Dorm brings a horror and stress experience to the players. It creates a scary space and puts players in tense and suspenseful situations.
  • Scary Environment: The game can have great graphics and sound to recreate a haunted dorm environment. Elements such as lighting, sound and images are used to create a horror atmosphere and enhance the player's experience.
  • Puzzles and Mysteries: Haunted Dorm offers many puzzles and mysteries for players to solve. This challenges the player's intelligence and thinking ability, creating excitement and challenge during the game.
  • Side Story: Games can have varied and branching storylines, allowing the player to decide the direction to go and create replay and exploration.


  • The possibility of horror: The Haunted Dorm APK game may not be suitable for those with the faint of heart or who do not like the horror experience. The spooky and scary elements can annoy or annoy some players.
  • High challenge: Horror games often have difficult puzzles and mysteries, requiring the player to have concentration and analytical ability. This can make the game difficult and frustrating for some players.
  • Gameplay Limitations: The Haunted Dorm game can have a relatively linear and limited gameplay. Players may feel a lack of freedom in exploring and interacting with the environment.
  • Horror focus: With a major focus on horror, the game may lack the variety and development of other elements such as a deep plot or character development.

Note that the pros and cons of a game can vary depending on individual player preferences and expectations.


The Haunted Dorm APK game is a fascinating horror adventure game in which the player assumes the role of a student who has just moved into a haunted dormitory and uncovers mysteries and puzzles in a terrifying environment. With quality graphics, interactive experience and branching storyline, this game offers a tense and dramatic experience for players.

A game that promises to bring a horror and fun experience to players who love this genre. Hopefully Haunted Dorm will help players find their hobby.



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