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Top War: Battle Game Mod Menu APK - Join millions of players in this unique strategy game that combines merging and battling. Upgrade your army, build your base, and conquer enemies in epic warfare.


Name Top War Battle Game
Pagekage name
Version 1.467.0
Size 1.84 Gb
Category Strategy
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Developer Topwar Studio
Mod Feature Unlimited Diamond

About of the Game Top War Battle Game APK

In Top War Battle Game APK, you will play as an army commander tasked with building bases, gathering resources, recruiting troops and engaging in dramatic battles. The game combines elements of strategy and base building with resource management, lodging and troop upgrades, along with clever offensive and defensive tactics.

Top War Battle Game APK Unlimited Diamond aims to create an addictive strategy game that engages players by demanding strategy, smart planning and skillful resource management. If you are a lover of strategy and base-building games, Top War Battle Game can be an attractive choice for you.

Overview of Top War Battle Game APK Mobile Game

Top War Battle Game APK is a free game, but there are also in-app purchases to provide additional benefits and add-ons to players. Download and join this unique tactical war to show off your commanding talent and powerful base building.

Note that the game features constantly being updated and developed, so the above list is only some of the key features at the time of information provided. Players should regularly update to the latest version of the game to discover more new features and content.

Features of the Game Top War Battle Game APK for Android

  • Base Building: Players can build and manage their own base. Build different buildings to produce resources (gold, wood, diamonds, etc.), research technology, train troops, and upgrade your base.
  • Diverse armies: The game offers many different types of troops such as infantry, tanks, fighters, artillery, and many special soldiers with distinct skills. Players can freely customize their army formation to suit their tactics and participate in battles.
  • Strategy and Campaign: Top War Battle Game Mod Menu APK offers many different battles and missions for players to challenge themselves. From a single campaign with an engaging storyline to PvP skirmishes against other players around the world, tactical and military choices are critical to victory.
  • Alliances and Cooperation: Players can join alliances and team up with teammates to share resources, aid each other in war, and engage in unique alliance activities.
  • Daily Events and Quests: Top War Battle Game regularly hosts daily events and missions to give players a chance to earn more rewards, progress faster, and challenge their skills.
  • Beautiful graphics: The game is designed with impressive graphics and delicate visual effects, creating a good and attractive gaming experience.
  • Multi-language support: Top War Battle Game supports many different languages, helping players around the world to experience the game conveniently and easily.

Game Mode, Graphics of the Game Top War Battle Game APK

Top War Battle Game Hack Mod APK has been designed with impressive graphics and exquisite visual effects. The game has a user-friendly interface and a minimalistic design that makes it easy for players to interact with in-game features and activities.

Top War Battle Game Mod APK visuals and effects can include army and base models with detailed designs, wrestling effects, combat and explosion effects, along with vivid objects and landscapes. Create an intuitive and enjoyable experience for players when participating in battles and building bases.

How to play Top War Battle Game APK Latest version

Step 1: Launch and login

Open Top War Battle Game app on your phone. Once started, you can sign in with your Google Play Games or Facebook account if you want to link your account.

Step 2: Beginner's Guide

The game will guide you through a series of beginner steps and tasks to familiarize you with the gameplay interface and mechanics.

Step 3: Build the base

You will start with a small base. Construct various buildings such as resource factories, military centers, defensive fortresses, and research institutes to improve the capacity of the base.

Step 4: Research technology and soldiers

As you play, invest in technology research to unlock new features and troops. At the same time, train and strengthen your army to increase strength and tactics.

Step 5: Participate in battles

Top War Battle Game offers many different types of battles and missions. Engage in single-player battles in the campaign or challenge other players in PvP to test your tactics.

Step 6: Join the alliance

If you want to cooperate and compete with your teammates, join the alliance. Alliances provide opportunities to support, share resources, and participate in special alliance activities.

Step 7: Complete daily quests and events

Top War Battle Game Mod APK regularly hosts daily missions and special events. Complete them to earn more rewards and progress faster in the game.

Pros and Cons of Top War Battle Game APK iOS


  • Diverse tactical system: The game offers a variety of troops and tactics, allowing players to freely choose and customize the squad to deal with different situations.
  • Base-building features: Top War Battle Game APK Free Online offers a rich and profound range of base-building features, allowing players to develop and manage bases at will.
  • Alliances and cooperation: The game encourages players to join alliances and cooperate with teammates, creating an interesting collective play environment and supporting each other in war.
  • Daily Events and Quests: Top War Battle Game Mod APK regularly hosts daily events and missions, helping players earn more rewards and progress faster in the game.


  • Spend Real Money: The game allows in-app purchases for additional benefits and add-ons. However, spending real money can make the game expensive and unfair to those who don't spend the money on purchases.
  • Waiting time: In-game activities have a waiting time, such as building, upgrading, or training troops. Players may need to wait a while or use special resources to finish faster.
  • Internet connection required: Top War Battle Game Unlimited Gems Mod APK requires maintaining a stable internet connection to participate in in-game activities, which may limit players when there is no connection.


Top War Battle Game APK Vip Points is an attractive base-building and strategy game, with beautiful graphics and a diverse tactical system. The game offers players a deep strategic gaming experience and interacts with a global community of players.

Top War Battle Game APK is an attractive game for those who love the genre of strategy and base building. You should consider carefully before participating, making sure it suits your interests, time and budget. Wish you have interesting experiences in the dramatic world war of Top War Battle Game.


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FAQs? Top War Battle Game APK

I lost my account. How to restore it? +

To recover your account, you should contact the game developer's customer service through the in-game support feature or through their official website. They'll guide you through the account recovery process.

Can I play Top War Battle Game online? +

Yes, Top War Battle Game is an online game where you can participate in multiplayer games and compete with other players online.

Can I play Top War Battle Game on PC? +

Currently, Top War Battle Game APK is a mobile app, but you can use Android emulator software on your computer to play the game on PC.

I'm having trouble installing or updating the APK. How to solve this problem? +

If you have problems installing or updating Top War Battle Game APK, you can try the following to resolve the issue:

  • Make sure you have allowed installation of apps from unknown sources in your phone settings.
  • Check your internet connection to make sure you can download the APK file.
  • Delete the old version of the game (if any) before installing the new version.
  • Restart your phone and try the installation or update process again.
  • If you're still having problems, you should contact the game's technical support or the site you downloaded the APK from for further assistance.
How to backup game data when playing Top War Battle Game APK? +

To back up Top War Battle Game APK game data, you can use the backup feature on your phone or login account (if any) of the game. Some games have this functionality built in, while others may use a cloud storage service.

  • Sign-in account: If the game allows you to sign in with a Google Play Games or Facebook account, make sure you're signed in with that account. Your data will usually be synced to this account.
  • In-game backup options: Some games have built-in data backup functionality within the app. You can find it in the game's settings or options.
  • Cloud backup: If the game supports cloud backup, you can enable this feature in the game settings. Through the cloud, you can get your data back when needed on any device.
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