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Waw Drive Tofaş Game APK offers a realistic simulation racing experience with a variety of classic Turkish cars, advanced driving simulator, and challenging map exploration.


Name Waw Drive Tofaş Game
Pagekage name com.amborracegames.tofas
Version 3.0
Size 93.4 MB
Category Auto & Vehicles
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer Ambor Race Games

About to Tofaş Car Driving Simulator APK

Tofaş Car Driving Simulator APKis an amazing simulation racing experience that takes you to the world of unique classic cars, especially models from Turkey such as Tofaş Şahin and Tofaş Kartal. This app not only introduces you to the opportunity to test drive these cars at high speeds but also offers difficult racing challenges where you can show off your driving and racing skills.

With an advanced driving simulator, Waw Drive Tofaş Game APK not only helps you experience realistic driving but also allows you to customize and upgrade your car as you like. Change colors, install neon lights, terbins and even unique wheels to create a personalized and unique racing car.

More Overview of Waw Drive Tofaş Game Mobile

Waw Drive Tofaş Game APK also offers extreme parking and driving challenges, helping you improve your driving skills. What's special is the detailed tutorial that will guide you through driving rules and how to race safely on challenging maps.

Install Waw Drive Tofaş Game APK on your smartphone today and discover exciting driving simulation fun with all kinds of unique classic cars. Conquer the world of racing with a realistic and addictive racing experience from the first time you start your adventure. Wishing you hours of fun and excitement with Waw Drive Tofaş Game APK!

All features in Waw Drive Tofaş Game Latest Version

  • Variety of Car Models: Waw Drive Tofaş Game APK contains a variety of classic car models from Turkey such as Tofaş Şahin and Tofaş Kartal, bringing variety and uniqueness to the racing experience.
  • Realistic Driving Experience: With the advanced driving simulator, players have the opportunity to experience realistic driving and feel realistic physics in every detail.
  • Personal Vehicle Customization: Players can customize and upgrade their vehicle as desired. Change colors, install neon lights, terbins and wheels to create a personalized and unique racing car.
  • Parking and Driving Challenges: The application offers extreme parking and driving challenges, helping players improve their driving and racing skills.
  • Challenging Maps: The maps in the game are designed to be challenging, with all kinds of terrain and racing conditions, creating unique racing experiences.
  • Detailed Tutorial: The detailed tutorial provides players with a series of driving rules and how to race safely on difficult maps.
  • Realistic Physics Technology: Using advanced physics technology, Waw Drive Tofaş Game APK delivers a realistic and challenging racing experience.
  • Friendly User Interface: The user interface is designed to be friendly and easy to use, helping players easily make options and adjust their vehicles.

Instructions, how to use Waw Drive Tofaş Game Android

Step 1: Open the Application and Create an Account

  • After installation, open the Waw Drive Tofaş Game APK application. You can log in with an existing account or create a new account to store your progress and personal settings.

Step 2: Select Vehicle and Map

  • Choose one of the classic car models from Türkiye such as the Tofaş Şahin or the Tofaş Kartal. Next, you can choose the map you want to race on, each map offers a different racing challenge.

Step 3: Customize Your Vehicle

  • Before you start racing, test out the vehicle customization feature. You can change colors, install neon lights, terbins, and even wheels to create a car personalized to your preferences.

Step 4: Parking and Driving Challenge

  • From the beginning, you will be faced with difficult parking and driving challenges. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the mission and test your driving skills.

Step 5: Explore Game Modes

  • Waw Drive Tofaş Game APK offers many different game modes such as fast racing, circuit racing, and many other unique missions. Explore and challenge yourself in each mode for a diverse racing experience.

Tips and advice when using for Waw Drive Tofaş Game iOS

Learn About Each Vehicle's Characteristics: Before you start racing, take the time to learn about the specific characteristics of each vehicle model. Each car has its own advantages and disadvantages, understanding them will help you optimize your driving ability.

Smart Vehicle Customization: Take advantage of vehicle customization features to personalize your vehicle. However, be delicate and consider carefully because some adjustments can affect driving performance.

Practice Safe Parking and Driving: Before participating in the main races, challenge yourself with safe parking and driving missions. This helps you improve your driving skills as well as better understand the vehicle's operation.

Play Regularly to Earn More Money: Regularly participate in events and game modes to earn more money in the game. This money can be used to upgrade the car or buy new models, giving you an increasingly diverse racing experience.

Experiment with Map Variation: Don't hesitate to test out new and different maps. Each map brings its own challenges, helping you develop a flexible driving strategy.

Watch Races Again to Learn From Experience: After each race, review the video or record to evaluate your performance. This helps you recognize your strengths and weaknesses, thereby improving your driving skills.

Advantages and disadvantages Waw Drive Tofaş Game APK


  • Variety of Vehicles and Maps: Waw Drive Tofaş Game APK is available with a variety of unique classic car models and diverse maps, providing a rich racing experience.
  • Realistic Driving Simulator: Advanced driving simulator creates a realistic driving feeling, with realistic physics, helping players enjoy the racing experience better.
  • Vehicle Customization and Upgrades: The ability to customize and upgrade the vehicle brings personalization to the player, increasing fun and excitement.
  • Active Community: Interaction with the player community, through forums or social platforms, creates a dynamic environment and information sharing between players.


  • Advertisements and App Item Purchases: Some players reported that the level of advertising and forced in-app purchases can be annoying while playing.
  • Configuration Requirements: For some phones with low configuration, the application may require quite high configuration, causing difficulties for some players.
  • Lack of Mission Variety: Some players expect more variety in racing missions, to create challenge and variety in the experience.


Waw Drive Tofaş Game APK is a fun and addictive racing simulation app that takes players into the world of classic Turkish racing. With a variety of car models, maps, and realistic driving simulators, players have the opportunity to experience the feeling of authentic racing right on their mobile phones. Waw Drive Tofaş Game APK is an attractive application for racing and driving simulation lovers, giving them an exciting and diverse experience in the world of classic racing.


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FAQs? Waw Drive Tofaş Game APK

What phone configuration does the application require? +

Waw Drive Tofaş Game APK requires some simple configuration, but it depends on your phone. For the best experience, a phone with medium to high specifications is recommended.

How to upgrade and customize cars in the game? +

You can access the "Vehicle Customization" section in the game to change colors, install neon lights, terbins and wheels. These are available with money earned in the game.

How to join the community and interact with other players? +

You can participate in the forum or follow the app's social platforms to interact with the player community, share experiences and get advice.

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