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The popular Android Auto APK update is now available for download on our website. Download Android Auto APK for free and enjoy the world's most popular driving assistant to increase safety and comfort on the roads.


Name Android Auto
Version 9.2
Size 36.80 Mb
Category Auto & Vehicles
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Developer Google LLC

Download Android Auto APK for free

The popular driving assistant Android Auto APK is available to download from our website for free. The most famous assistant that provides you with large buttons and clear numbers in colors and backgrounds of your choice to suit your taste and lighting of your car so that you can see the phone screen clearly. The application supports running through talking only as well as giving any commands you want to the application directly.

It can be difficult and dangerous to answer calls or messages while driving, as can knowing the time or changing the music you're listening to. The free Android Auto APK will help you stay focused, entertained and safe on the road.

Dealing with location tracking apps like Google Maps is very important in a lot of times while we are driving, and downloading Android Auto APK will help you a lot with that. You can start or end the trip or change your destination or the route used easily through voice commands or through the large clear icons provided by the application.

The distinguished Android Auto APK 2023 application is now available in the APK version on our website, download the latest version of the application from the direct links above, which we will update as soon as any new version of the application is issued from the Android company, and if you encounter any problems with downloading or inquiries, you can contact us From the links at the bottom of the page.

Description of Android Auto

Android Auto is your smart companion to help you focus, connect, and enjoy your Google Assistant. With a simple interface, large buttons, and powerful beeps, Android Auto is designed to make it easy to use your favorite apps on your phone. This is an Android Auto application. Created by Google to provide a safe driving experience for Android users. The device allows users to control smartphones and apps through a compatible vehicle display without taking their eyes off the road.


Android Auto integrates with popular apps like Google Maps, Waze, and Spotify. It allows users to get real-time information about traffic, navigation, music, and more.

Android Car has a simple user interface and simple design for ease of use, allowing users to access information and functions quickly and easily. Additionally, the app has been integrated into the car's display and center console design to provide a seamless experience.

Android Auto is compatible with all cars and smartphones. With this application, users can use their favorite functions and applications while driving. Android Auto is perfect for drivers who want to keep their Android device safe. Safe, fun and connected.

Outstanding Features of Android Auto

Use car app

One of the most important features of Android Auto is the ability to use apps installed on your Android device while driving. One of the benefits of using these apps is that you don't have to stop in the middle of the road to use them and keep driving. This means opening and using the app is voice-controlled and launched by the Google Assistant so you can do whatever commands you want.


To use Android Auto related features, you must connect your device to the driver using a USB cable. Of course, it is very easy to use, once connected, go to the application settings and enable some functions that you want to drive safely.

Listen to music from the app

In addition to hearing the navigation commands above, you can also search for music streaming applications like Podcasts and Spotify, and of course find commands to play the desired song. This feature is very useful because the music streaming application interface has many different windows to attract the user's attention.

Easily make calls and send messages

The next feature is answering and calling anyone you like. The "Ok Google" command is still there, and Contacts needs to remember the name of the person you're calling so the app can contact you quickly.

This application supports many types of vehicles.

Read on to learn how Android Auto can help your car experience, and give it a try. To use the app, you must meet certain conditions, such as supported model of your car.


The first feature that drivers love is using Google Maps navigation in Android Auto. As mentioned before, there is no need to touch the screen for operation and target selection, just sound. Specifically, all Google Assistant commands start with "OK Google".

  • Navigate to your next destination using Google Maps or Waze with GPS navigation and real-time traffic alerts.
  • Get real-time updates on routes, arrival times and dangerous threats
  • Check your calendar with the Google Assistant to find where to go.
  • Set notifications to receive news updates.
  • Avoid distractions by setting notifications to not disturb you while driving.
  • Make and receive calls with one tap using the Google Assistant.
  • Access your contacts and send and receive messages from the Google Assistant via SMS, Hangouts, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, WeChat, Kik, Google Allo and other messaging apps.
  • Take control of the information and entertainment systems like never before.
  • Connect your car to your smartphone using a USB cable.
  • Send applications from the phone to the car screen.
  • Use your car's display to interact with the app.

Android Auto Pros and Cons


Android Auto is a great way to access Android phone features while driving. It allows you to use voice commands, steering wheel buttons or your car's touchscreen to control phone features. Many popular apps like Facebook, Zoom and WhatsApp are compatible with it.

It also allows you to use the entertainment functions of your phone in place of expensive satellite radios or other in-car subscriptions.


Not all apps are available on Android Auto. If Android Auto's best feature is the ability to use your favorite apps hands-free while driving, you should check to see if the apps you use are compatible.

All speech recognition technology is a work in progress. Sending a text message with voice recognition can be frustrating at times, as you may have to correct the error several times before hitting send.

Finally, Android Auto can make multi-tasking while driving safer, but not completely safe. When traffic and road conditions make driving a more demanding task, you shouldn't use your phone at all - not even through voice commands.


Android Auto will be great software for you, it has many features and good quality for you to use in your car. During the driving process, only necessary applications will be displayed that allow the driver to control the phone with voice commands or the car's touch screen.


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