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W Track Last Seen Premium APK is a mobile application that helps users to track the last seen status of others on popular chat applications and is designed with a friendly interface, easy to use for mobile users.


Name W Track Last Seen
Pagekage name com.universus.wtracker
Version 1.0.4
Size 25.6 MB
Category Tools
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Mod Feature Premium

W-Track Last Seen APK - The Ultimate Solution for Online Monitoring on WhatsApp

The W-Track Last Seen APK is the perfect solution for monitoring online activities on WhatsApp for your family. With the ability to track the "last seen" status of family members, along with the feature of receiving notifications when they are online, W-Track Last Seen provides peace of mind and control for parents and loved ones within the family.

Why Choose W-Track Last Seen APK?

  1. Efficient Monitoring: W-Track Last Seen APK allows you to accurately and transparently monitor the "last seen" status of your family on WhatsApp. You'll know when they are active or inactive on this popular social networking app.
  2. Absolute Security: The app only collects publicly available information and does not have access to personal data, messages, or privacy settings of users. This ensures that the privacy of your family is always protected.
  3. Real-time Notifications: With the notification feature, you'll receive instant alerts when your family members are active or inactive on WhatsApp. This helps you have perfect control over the time your children spend on this app.
  4. Regular Reports: W-Track Last Seen APK provides regular reports via email, giving you an overview of your family's online activities over a certain period of time.
  5. User Support: Our user support team is always ready to assist you with any issues related to using the app.

Community Reviews and Feedback

W-Track Last Seen Premium APK has received high praise from the user community for its impressive features and performance. Users appreciate the app's simplicity and ease of use, as well as the security and privacy it provides.

Controlling Family's Online Activities Made Easy with W-Track Last Seen APK

W-Track Last Seen APK is a simple and user-friendly application, specially designed to provide you with the most efficient way to control your family's online activities on WhatsApp. Below is a guide on how to use this application:

Step 1: Installation and Login

  • Download and install the W-Track Last Seen APK on your device.
  • Open the app and begin the login process or create a new account if you haven't already. Ensure that you provide accurate and complete information.

Step 2: Add Family Members

  • After successful login, you will be prompted to add family members to the app. Enter necessary information for each member, including their name and phone number.

Step 3: Control and Monitor

  • Once you have successfully added family members, you can start monitoring and controlling their online activities on WhatsApp.
  • Open the app and select the family member you want to monitor.
  • You will see information about their "last seen" status on WhatsApp as well as other online activities.

Step 4: Receive Notifications and Reports

  • Set up notifications to receive instant alerts when family members are online or offline on WhatsApp.
  • Ensure that you have configured periodic report settings to receive detailed reports of your family's online activities via email.

Step 5: Security and Privacy

  • W-Track Last Seen is committed to protecting users' personal information and data privacy. Make sure you read and understand the app's privacy policy before using it.

With this simple user guide, you can easily control and monitor your family's online activities on WhatsApp using the W-Track Last Seen APK.

Smart Tips for Using W-Track Last Seen APK Effectively and Safely

To use the W-Track Last Seen app effectively, here are some smart tips you can apply:

  • Set Clear Goals: Before using the app, set clear goals for your usage. Determine what you want to achieve through monitoring your family's online activities and use the app purposefully.
  • Manage Notifications: To avoid being overwhelmed by unnecessary notifications, carefully manage your notification settings. Only activate notifications for important and necessary events such as when family members log in or log out on WhatsApp.
  • Review Periodic Reports: Use the periodic report feature to receive detailed information about your family's online activities via email. Review these reports regularly to better understand how family members use WhatsApp and to implement appropriate control measures.
  • Integrate into Daily Routine: To maximize the app's utility, integrate the use of W-Track Last Seen into your daily routine. Set aside regular time to check notifications and reports, and discuss the results and decisions that may need to be made with your family.

By applying the above tips, you can use the download W-Track Last Seen MOD APK application effectively and ensure family safety in the online environment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of W-Track Last Seen APK


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Ensures security and privacy.
  • Receives notifications and detailed reports.


  • Requires internet connection to use.
  • Some features may require payment to unlock.

Latest Version Update

The latest version of W-Track Last Seen APK has been updated with minor bug fixes and improvements, providing users with a smoother user experience. Install or update today and experience the convenience that W-Track Last Seen APK brings!

Perfect Solution for Family Security

W-Track Last Seen APK is not just an ordinary online monitoring app but also a useful tool for parents to safeguard the safety and development of their children on social media. With its smart features and high security, this app will undoubtedly be a valuable assistant in managing your family's online activities. Install it today and experience the utility that W-Track Last Seen APK brings!


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