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Download Valiant Force 2 APK is an online tactical RPG for Android and iOS. Rescue the kingdom of Arathos from chaos following the events of the Brave Forces.


Name Valiant Force 2
Version 1.11.3
Size 1.05 Gb
Category Strategy
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Developer XII Braves PTE LTD

About of Valiant Force 2

This is a real-time strategy role-playing game developed by Century Games. This is the sequel to the hugely successful Valiant Force game that was released before. In this game, players will be involved in an exciting adventure in the kingdom of Arathos, with a series of warriors and heroes, they will confront the forces of evil and uncover the secrets of the world. gender.

With beautiful graphics and unique tactical combat mechanics, Valiant Force 2 promises to bring players a great experience and not to be missed. In addition, the game also has a lot of attractive features such as a diverse game mode system, a system to level up and upgrade heroes and items, a challenging PvP system and much more.

Overview Valiant Force 2

Valiant Force 2 is a dramatic and engaging real-time tactical role-playing game. In this game, players will be transformed into a warrior and participate in unique battles with a unique tactical combat system.

With stunning graphics and vivid sound effects, Valiant Force 2 brings players a whole new virtual world full of diverse landscapes, from towns to caves and mysterious forests hidden. Besides, the game also has a diverse hero and item system, allowing players to customize their squad to confront the evil forces in battle.

Valiant Force 2 also has various exciting features, including diverse game modes, daily quests and challenges, as well as an engaging PvP system that allows players to challenge other players on the battlefield around the world. All of this makes Valiant Force 2 a game worth playing and worth trying for lovers of the tactical role-playing genre.

Feature of game Valiant Force 2

5v5 Combat: The game can be played against a squad of 5 players on a real-time match.

Legion System: Players can create and join legions to cooperate and interact with other players.

Rich character system: The game has more than 200 characters with unique skills and features, allowing players to choose and build their own squad.

Upgrade and Customization System: Players can customize equipment and upgrade their characters' skills to increase their strength and combat effectiveness.

Diverse game mode system: In addition to PvP mode, the game also has PvE mode, Boss Raid, Treasure Hunt, Daily Quests, Guild Wars, and many other event activities.

Stunning 3D Graphics: The game has high-quality 3D graphics with unique effects, helping to increase the player experience.

Vivid Sound: The game has lively background music and exclusive voices of the characters, helping to create an engaging atmosphere for players.

Easy to Play, Hard to Addictive: The game has a simple and easy to understand gameplay, suitable for beginners, but still challenging and difficult to retain players for a long time.

Conquer the Battlefield Mode: In this mode, players will have to face the game's strongest opponents to gain valuable rewards. This mode is divided into many different levels, players will struggle to climb to the top of the leaderboard.

Joining a Guild: Players can join in-game alliances to confront other alliances and win attractive rewards.

Gear Installation: In the game Valiant Force 2, players can install equipment for their characters to increase their strength.

Storyline and Quests: The game has a main story and many side quests with increasing difficulty, helping players experience a challenging journey and explore the land of Valiant Force.

Crafting System: Players can create new equipment and items using resources collected from activities in the game. Crafting new equipment and items helps players strengthen their squad.

Hero System: The game has more than 200 different generals, each with their own unique skills and can be upgraded to become stronger. Players can collect and use different generals to create a diverse and powerful squad.

Mount System: Players can collect and use different mounts to increase movement speed in the game. The mount system can also be upgraded and improved for maximum efficiency.

Reaction System: The game allows the player to choose different reactions in response to the opponent's actions during the match. Choosing the right reactions helps players create the best strategy to win.

How to play the game Valiant Force 2

Download and install the game: Go to the app store on your device, search for Valiant Force 2 and download it.

Create an account: After downloading and installing the game, players need to create a new account by registering with an email address or Facebook account.

Choose a character: In Valiant Force 2, players can choose one of many different characters to control and participate in battles. Each character has their own special skills and abilities, so choose the one that suits your playing style.

Character improvement: When participating in matches, players will collect money and other resources to improve and upgrade their character. Character improvement is very important to be able to confront stronger opponents.

Participate in Matches: Valiant Force 2 allows players to participate in single or multiplayer mode matches. In multiplayer mode, players can compete with other players around the world.

Complete Missions: In Valiant Force 2, players will have different missions to complete. Completing these missions will help the player collect more resources and money to improve his character.

Community interaction: Valiant Force 2 also offers social features, allowing players to make friends, socialize and discuss with each other. Interacting with the community will help players learn more experiences and find gaming partners.

Some commonly used weapons in the game:

Sword: A close attack weapon with high accuracy and powerful attack. There are different types of swords to choose from.

Bow: A weapon that attacks from a distance, capable of hitting a single target or multiple targets at once. Depending on the type of bow, the range may vary.

Gun: This type of weapon also has the ability to attack from a distance, but with a stronger range and attack than a bow and arrow.

Staff: Is a close attack weapon, has a wider range than a sword, but the attack is not as strong.

Spell Types: There are different types of spells to choose from, ranging from simple offensive magic weapons to more powerful spells like helping the team increase defense or heal.

Equipment: Not only weapons, equipment such as armor, hats, scarves, shoes ... are also very important in the game, helping to increase the character's defense and attack power.

These weapons and equipment can be upgraded to increase power and accuracy, allowing the player to defeat more powerful enemies.

Advantages and disadvantage of the game Valiant Force 2

Advantages of the game Valiant Force 2:

  • Beautiful graphics: The game has high-quality graphics, along with excellent visual and sound effects, giving players a great experience.
  • Highly strategic: With many different strategies, players can choose the best method to defeat the enemy.
  • Appropriate difficulty: The game is designed with a difficulty suitable for players, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the game without too much difficulty.
  • Rich content: The game has many different missions and activities, thereby increasing the replayability of the game.

Disadvantages of the game Valiant Force 2:

  • May require a lot of time and effort: The game has many strategic and computational elements, so the player may need a lot of time and effort to complete.
  • Can become a paid game: While the game is free to download and play, there are some in-game features that may require players to pay to participate.
  • Complex controls: The game requires players with experience and knowledge of the game to be able to control characters and battles effectively. This can make it difficult for new players.
  • Consume battery and space: The game has high graphics and sound effects, which can consume a lot of battery and device capacity.


We have gone through some important information about the game Valiant Force 2, from introduction to features, gameplay and pros/cons. All this information will help players have an overview of this game.

All in all, Valiant Force 2 is a remarkable game with beautiful graphics, deep tactical gameplay and diverse character system. Notable features such as Turn-based Combat, Guild System, Skill Combo System and diverse weapon system provide players with a variety of options and experiences. If you are a lover of the strategy genre and are looking for a similar game, Valiant Force 2 is not a bad choice.


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FAQs? Valiant Force 2 APK

Is there a multiplayer (PvP) mode in Valiant Force 2? +

Yes, Valiant Force 2 offers PvP mode for you to challenge other players around the world, enhancing your skills and challenges.

How to upgrade characters and equipment in the game? +

To upgrade characters and equipment, you can use resources collected from quests, battles, and events. You can also make trades and search for new equipment.

What are the system requirements needed to play Valiant Force 2? +

Valiant Force 2 requires an Android or iOS device with the latest operating system version to ensure the best gaming experience.

What is Valiant Force 2 and how is it different from the previous version? +

Valiant Force 2 is a turn-based combat role-playing game. Unlike the previous version, it has improved graphics, more unique features and many interesting new missions.

How to earn money and resources in the game? +

You can earn money and resources by completing quests, participating in battles, and participating in events. Please carefully consider using them to upgrade characters and equipment.

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