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V-SAT TV APP APK is a unique MediaPlayer Browser and search engine, providing a fast search experience, high security, and flexible web content management.


Name V-SAT
Version 2.9.0
Size 30.3 MB
Category Tools
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.2+
Developer Uploader

About to V-SAT APK APP

V SAT APK is a unique MediaPlayer browser and search engine that you cannot miss! Designed with the purpose of meeting the needs of searching and accessing online media quickly and conveniently, VSAT APK has quickly become a trusted companion for enjoyment lovers online content.

V-SAT v2 7.8 APK is not just a regular browser, but also a powerful client-side web crawler. This means that the application acts as a tool to collect information from the internet, helping you easily access and manage hyperlinks that are already available online. This provides a more efficient and convenient web browsing and information searching experience than ever before.

More Overview of V-SAT Latest Version

One of the unique features of V-SAT APK for firestick is its ability to collect data without sharing information with others. All media files searched and accessed through the application are protected and should not be shared, helping to protect user privacy as much as possible.

In particular, telecharger V-SAT APK provides an optimal user experience with a friendly and easy-to-use interface. With it, discovering and experiencing online content becomes more interesting and convenient than ever.

All features in V-SAT For Android

Here are some important features that V-SAT APK for pc brings:

  • Fast and Flexible Browser: V-SAT APK is designed with a fast and flexible browser, helping users access websites and online content quickly and efficiently.
  • Web Crawler: The app acts as a client-side web crawler, helping you collect information from the internet without sharing personal information.
  • Efficient Search: V-SAT APK has powerful search capabilities, helping users easily locate and access hyperlinks on the internet.
  • Security and Privacy: All media files accessed through V-SAT APK are protected, ensuring that your personal information and content is never shared without your permission. permission.
  • Friendly Interface: With a friendly and easy-to-use user interface, V-SAT APK provides a smooth and convenient web browsing and information searching experience.
  • Parental Control Mode: The application supports parental control mode, helping to safely manage and monitor online content for children.
  • Wide Compatibility: V-SAT APK is compatible with a variety of media formats, including video, audio, and images, providing flexibility in enjoying diverse content.
  • Regular Updates: The development team continuously updates V-SAT APK to ensure the best performance and compatibility with new trends and technologies.

Instructions, how to use V-SAT Mobile App

Open the App: Once installation is complete, open the V-SAT APK app by clicking on the icon on your phone screen.

Main Interface: You will be greeted by the user-friendly and intuitive interface of V-SAT APK. Here you will see the search bar and navigation options.

Quick Search: Use the search toolbar to enter keywords or topics of interest. V-SAT APK will automatically search and display related results.

Content Browser: Once you've found the content you want, click on it to open the built-in browser. You will be able to watch videos, listen to audio or view images with ease.

Data Collection: If you want to use the data collection feature, select the corresponding option in the menu. V-SAT APK will help you collect information from the internet without sharing personal information.

Privacy Management: To protect your privacy, check and set privacy management options in the app settings.

Parental Controls: If you want to use parental controls to monitor content for children, set the safety options as desired.

Tips and advice when using for V-SAT iOS

Enjoy Quick Search: Use the search feature to quickly locate content of interest. This helps you save time and easily experience what you are looking for.

Manage Privacy: In settings, check and configure your privacy options according to your preferences. This helps protect your personal information as much as possible.

Parental Controls: If you have children, use parental controls to safely monitor and control content. This is especially important to ensure a healthy online experience for families.

Regular Updates: Always browse the latest updates of V-SAT APK to ensure compatibility and best performance. Updates often come with new security and improvements.

Customize Settings the Way You Want: Explore settings options to tailor the app to the way you want to use it. Customization is an important part of making an app reflect your personal needs.

Advantages and disadvantages V-SAT APK


  • Fast and Efficient Search: V-SAT APK provides a fast and powerful search experience.
  • Parental Controls: This feature helps protect children from inappropriate content.
  • Friendly Interface: Easy-to-use interface makes it easy for everyone to get used to it right from the first use.
  • Security and Privacy: All data and personal information are strictly protected.


  • Internet Connection Required: To use full features, you need to maintain a stable internet connection.
  • Device Compatibility: It's important to check if the app is compatible with your device to ensure the best experience.


V-SAT APK is a unique MediaPlayer browser and search application, bringing a series of attractive and convenient features to users. With a friendly interface, quick search capabilities, and high security, V-SAT APK not only meets entertainment needs but also strictly protects user privacy.

The client-side web data collection feature is also a strong point, helping users easily access and manage information on the internet without having to worry about sharing personal information. Parental controls are a particular benefit for families, ensuring a safe online environment for children.

Ultimately, V-SAT APK is worth considering for those who want to experience a unique browser and search engine, with a combination of efficiency and security.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.


How to use client-side web crawling? +

Simply select the corresponding option in the app. V-SAT APK will automatically collect information from the internet without requiring sharing of personal information.

How do I protect my privacy when using V-SAT APK? +

In the settings you can find the option to manage your privacy. This helps protect personal information from unwanted sharing.

Are there parental controls? +

Yes, V-SAT APK supports parental controls, helping to safely manage online content for children.

Is an internet connection required to use the application? +

Yes, V-SAT APK requires an internet connection to enjoy full features and user experience.

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