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Urban Jungle Font APK is a font application that gives a modern and vibrant feel, while expressing the wild and powerful of the urban environment.


Name Urban Jungle Font
Version 0.1
Size 157 KB
Category Tools
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer KC Fonts

About of Urban Jungle Font APK

Urban Jungle Font is a unique and modern typeface, designed to represent the wildness and dynamism of the urban environment. This typeface is commonly used in graphic design, advertising, book covers, posters and many other creative applications.

Urban Jungle Font features strong lines, angles and subtle curvature. It shows strength, independence and individuality in an interesting way. This typeface is often symbolized using contrasting colors, gradients and other distinctive design techniques to create a strong impression.

This is a summary of Urban Jungle Font, a unique and modern typeface often used in urban graphic design.

Features of Urban Jungle Font APP

Urban Jungle Font has the following notable features:

  • Unique Typeface: Urban Jungle Font is designed to give a modern and unique look. It combines urban and natural elements, creating wildness and dynamism.
  • Strong lines: The lines in Urban Jungle Font are strong and angular, creating personality and attraction. At the same time, the lines also have a subtle curvature to create a sense of harmony and interest.
  • Diverse character set: Urban Jungle Font includes uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols. This diverse character set allows you to create unique and custom letter combinations in your designs.
  • Design flexibility: With Urban Jungle Font, you can apply effects and color schemes to create design flexibility and variety. Gradient, shading, blur effects and many other techniques can be applied to create a unique and interesting look.
  • Wide range of uses: Urban Jungle Font is suitable for many types of creative projects such as graphic design, advertising, book covers, posters, branding and websites. You can take advantage of the versatility of this typeface to create unique and creative designs.

To sum up, Urban Jungle Font is a unique and modern typeface, with strong lines and design versatility. With a diverse character set, it is a great choice for expressing dynamism and individuality in your creative projects.

Instructions, how to use Urban Jungle Font APK

To use Urban Jungle Font in your projects you can follow these steps:

  • Download and install the font: First, you need to download the Urban Jungle font from a reliable source on the Internet. After downloading, extract the file (if necessary) and install the font on your system. This ensures that you can access and use the Urban Jungle font across your design applications.
  • Open a design application: Open a graphic design application such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Canva, Sketch, or any other design application that you normally use.
  • Select a text tool: In the designer, select the text tool (usually represented by the "T" or "A" icon) to start writing or editing text.
  • Choose Urban Jungle Font: In the font options section of the application, search and select Urban Jungle Font from the list of available fonts. If you have just installed the font, it should appear in the list.
  • Apply Urban Jungle Font to Text: Select the text to which you want to apply Urban Jungle Font. Then select Urban Jungle Font in the font list and apply it to that text.
  • Customize text: You can adjust the size, color, weight, skew, and other properties of your text to fit your design. Use the text editing tools available in the application to make these changes.
  • Combine and Inspire: Use Urban Jungle Font to create letter combinations, headlines, graphics, or other parts of your design. Combine this font with images, textures, and other design elements to create a unique and interesting layout.
  • Preview and edit: Preview your design to ensure that the Urban Jungle Font is used appropriately and is compatible with your design ideas. Editing necessary to ensure balance and compatibility of colors, sizes and fonts.
  • Save and Publish: Once you've finalized your design, save it and publish it in a format suitable for your use. Be it printing, sharing online or using in other applications.

Tips and advice when using Urban Jungle Font For Android

When using Urban Jungle Font in your designs, here are some tips and advice to help you get the most out of this typeface:

  • Define your intended use: Before you start using Urban Jungle Font, define your purpose and design intent. This helps you choose the right size, color scheme, and other design elements to create consistency and an overall feel.
  • Create Contrast: Since Urban Jungle Font has strong lines and angles, you can create contrast by combining it with another font of contrasting nature, such as a rounded or cursive font. . This creates harmony and attention in your design.
  • Use only as a title or special lettering: Urban Jungle Font is often used as a title or to highlight a certain part of a design. Consider using it for elements such as titles, slogans, logos or special letters for a standout and personalization.
  • Tweak size and spacing: When using Urban Jungle Font, pay attention to the size and spacing of characters. This ensures the balance and readability of the text. Experiment with different sizes and spacings to find the right balance and proportions.
  • Remember to always experiment, create, and tweak to find the Urban Jungle Font that best suits your design ideas.

Pros and cons Urban Jungle Font APK


  • Unique and Outstanding: Urban Jungle Font has a unique and attention-grabbing design that makes your design stand out and impress.
  • Modern style: This typeface offers a modern style, suitable for projects that require creativity and dynamism.
  • Versatility and variety: Urban Jungle Font comes with a diverse character set, including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numerals and special symbols, allowing you to create a variety of combinations and customizations in its design.


  • Difficult to read: Due to the typeface's angular and strong lines, Urban Jungle Font can make reading difficult for some people. This can affect readability and misunderstanding in the design.
  • Limitations in application: Urban Jungle Font has a distinctive style, so it is not suitable for all design projects. It is more suitable for projects that are personal, creative or related to urban and nature.
  • Limited use: Urban Jungle Font has a specific style, so it may not be suitable for traditional design projects or that require a font that is simple and easy to read.


Urban Jungle Font is a unique and modern typeface, especially suitable for creative, urban and dynamic projects. It gives prominence and highlights to your design. This font is flexible and diverse, allowing you to create many combinations and customizations. However, you should be aware that Urban Jungle Font can be difficult to read and is not suitable for all types of projects. It also needs to be tested for compatibility and scrutinized before use. In short, Urban Jungle Font has the potential to create unique and interesting designs, but needs to be used with consideration and understanding the requirements of the project.


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