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Download Untitled Goose Game APK is an addictive, funny short puzzle game where you play as a goose released to an unknown village.


Name Untitled Goose
Version 1.0
Size 45 MB
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Developer Rhina Studio

About Game Untitled Goose APK

Untitled Goose Game Android is an adventure video game developed by House House Company and published by Panic Inc. It was released on September 20, 2019 for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. In this game, the player takes the role of a goose and has to perform missions to teasing and harass people, people in a neighborhood.

This game has received much praise from the gaming community and critics for its unique and humorous gameplay. In particular, it won the "Most Unique Game" award at the Game Developers Choice Awards 2020. Currently, Untitled Goose Game is available on platforms such as Steam, Nintendo eShop and Google Play. However, there is currently no official APK version for this game.

Overview of Untitled Goose Mobile APK

The Untitled Goose Game APK browser provides players with the most freedom, including the ability to control chickens and search for in-game images. Players can also change the screen, sound, and feel of the game. Players can visit the game store and purchase new skins and other tweaks, including gameplay, to change their experience even in APK browsing.

The game is a great humorous experience for players to show their imagination and use skills to perform specific tasks. The Untitled Goose Game APK browser offers a unique, easy-to-play and concise funny game experience.

Features of Untitled Goose Game APK

Here are some key features of the original version on other platforms:

  • Adventure in a small neighborhood, play as a goose and mess things up in the street.
  • Use skills and moves to attack targets and complete missions.
  • Control the goose by using the keyboard or joystick to move, jump and attack.
  • Take on missions and challenges ranging from stealing objects to tricking your neighbor's cock.
  • Designed with simple graphics and cartoon style, creating a colorful and attractive world.
  • There are sounds and background music suitable for the game situation.
  • Provide a simple and accessible gameplay experience suitable for all types of players.

Graphics of Untitled Goose Game APK For Android

The graphics in Untitled Goose Game Mobile are designed with a simple cartoon style, using bright colors and smooth lines. All objects and characters in the game are designed with perfect shape and size, creating a vivid and colorful world.

The environment in the game is designed with a lot of detail, from the smallest items to large buildings, creating a world full of challenges and exploration. The characters in the game are also very nicely designed, from old men to babies, all of which have their own distinctive and lovely features.

The in-game audio is also impressive, with natural sounds and soundtracks suited to the game situation. All these factors combine to create a game with unique and attractive graphics.

How to play, gameplay and tips for playing Untitled Goose APK

How to play:

In Untitled Goose Game APK, players will take the role of a goose and disrupt the activities of people in a small neighborhood. The player's task is to perform the assigned tasks and find a way to complete them successfully.

Style play:

The gameplay in Untitled Goose Game is quite simple. Players only need to control the goose and use skills to attack the targets. Players also need to explore the vicinity to find quests and objects to attack. Some quests need to be completed in a certain order to open up new areas.

Game Tips:

Use the skills of the goose to attack targets, from grabbing objects to tricking the neighbor's cock.

Regularly explore the neighborhood to find new objects to attack and new quests to complete.

If detected, run fast to avoid being caught and use different means to hide.

Pay attention to objects that people can use to defend, but also need to ensure their own safety when attacking.

Use the objects and items in the neighborhood to help complete the quests, but at the same time be careful not to be detected.

Advantage and Defect of Untitled Goose Game APK Latest version


  • Vivid graphics and sounds: The game's simple and lovely graphics create a lively world, along with natural sounds and soundtracks appropriate to the game situation.
  • Unique gameplay: Untitled Goose Game's unique and interesting gameplay has attracted the attention of many players.
  • Challenging: The missions in the game are challenging and have many different approaches, requiring players to think creatively to complete them.
  • Entertainment: Untitled Goose Game is rated as a great entertainment game, bringing a lot of laughter and helping to reduce stress.


  • Game length: Some players consider the game to be quite short and can be completed in a few hours.
  • No multiplayer mode: The game only has single player mode and no multiplayer mode, which makes the game can become boring if played too many times.
  • Difficulty for new players: The gameplay and the way to complete the missions are sometimes quite confusing and need a lot of time to get used to the game.


Game Untitled Goose Game APK is rated as a unique and interesting entertainment game with vivid graphics and sound, unique gameplay and challenging missions. However, the game also has some disadvantages such as short length, no multiplayer mode and difficulty for new players. In summary, if you are looking for a unique and interesting entertainment game, Untitled Goose Game can be a good choice.


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FAQs? Untitled Goose APK

How to backup in-game data? +

The Untitled Goose APK game will usually automatically save your data on your device or sync it with your Google Play Games or Apple Game Center account. This prevents you from losing data when reinstalling or changing devices. However, if you want additional backups, you can use third-party data backup services.

I get an error while playing the game, how do I fix it? +

First, make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of the game. If you still get the error, you can try clearing the game cache or restarting your device. If the error persists, you should contact the publisher or technical support for further assistance.

Can I play Untitled Goose Game APK on iOS? +

No, Untitled Goose Game APK is only available for devices running the Android operating system. If you use iOS, you need to find the official versions of the game on the App Store.

Why can't I find Untitled Goose Game APK on Google Play Store? +

Untitled Goose Game is not an official app on Google Play Store, so you cannot find it there. Instead, you need to search on other websites or app stores to download the APK version.

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