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Tx Tunnel Pro APK is a VPN app that provides high security, multi-geo access, speed and stability, protection of their data and a safer online experience.

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Name Tx Tunnel Pro
Pagekage name
Version FM
Size 7.1 MB
Category Tools
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Developer Jp Developer

About of Tx Tunnel Pro APK

Tx Tunnel Pro APK is an application for creating and managing virtual network connections (VPNs) on mobile devices. Developed by the Tx Lab development team, this application provides many powerful features to protect users' privacy and online security.

Overview of Tx Tunnel Pro Mobile APK

Tx Tunnel Pro Mobile is a good choice to protect personal information and access content on the internet safely and anonymously. However, users should consider and evaluate the features, requirements and limitations before deciding to use this application.

Features of Tx Tunnel Pro for Android

Tx Tunnel Pro APP has some useful detailed features to provide a good VPN experience for users.

  • Multi-Protocol: Tx Tunnel Pro supports multiple VPN protocols such as OpenVPN and Shadowsocks. This allows users to choose the right protocol for their needs and network environment to ensure optimal speed and security.
  • Fast and stable connection: The application is optimized to provide a fast and stable VPN connection. You can access online content, watch HD videos, play online games without lag or lag.
  • Global Server Network: Tx Tunnel Pro provides an extensive network of VPN servers covering many countries and locations. Users can connect to dozens of servers worldwide, allowing access to local content and bypassing geo-restrictions.
  • App Isolated Mode: The app supports isolated mode, which allows you to set up certain apps or apps to use the VPN connection, while others will use the regular network connection. This gives you flexibility and saves network resources.
  • Security and privacy: Tx Tunnel Pro use strong encryption to protect your data and personal information. This ensures that your online activities are protected from surveillance and unauthorized access.
  • Blocks ads and malware: The app offers built-in ad blocking, which helps block annoying ads and improves browsing speed.


How to use Tx Tunnel Pro Latest version

Download and install the app: Find the Tx Tunnel Pro app on your mobile phone's app store (App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android) and download it. Once done, install the app on your device.

Sign in or sign up for an account: Open the Tx Tunnel Pro app and log in to an existing account, or create a new one if you don't already have one.

Connect to VPN server: After successful login, you will see the main interface of the application. Tap the "Connect" button or the VPN connection icon to connect to the nearest VPN server automatically. You can also choose a custom VPN server from the server list.

Edit settings (optional): If you want to customize VPN settings, you can access the "Settings" section or the settings icon. Here you can change the VPN protocol, application isolation mode, disable/enable ad blocking and other security options.

Disconnect VPN: When you want to disconnect VPN, just touch the "Disconnect" button or the VPN disconnect icon.

Note that the above steps may vary slightly depending on the specific version of the Tx Tunnel Pro application you are using. Make sure to read the guide provided by the developer for more detailed information and usage instructions.

Tips and advice when using Tx Tunnel Pro APK

Choose a server near you: When connecting to a VPN, choose a server near your location to ensure a fast and stable connection speed. A server near you usually has faster data transfer rates and reduced latency.

Test and switch VPN protocols: Tx Tunnel Pro offers a variety of VPN protocols. If you have problems with your current VPN protocol, try switching to another protocol to check for speed and stability.

Customize VPN settings: Explore additional settings in the app. You can customize app isolation, enable ad blocking, and make other privacy settings to suit your needs.


Use tethering: If you want to protect your entire network of devices, use tethering to connect different devices, such as laptops or phones mobile phone.

Update to the latest version: Always check and install the latest version of the Tx Tunnel Pro app from the app store. The update will provide the latest features and security improvements to the app.

Read documentation and support: If you have problems or questions about using Tx Tunnel Pro, read the documentation or contact the developer's customer support service for help and support.

Remember that using a VPN cannot completely guarantee online security. Please remain vigilant and follow other online security guidelines such as not sharing with strangers.

Pros and cons of Tx Tunnel Pro APK iOS


  • High security: Tx Tunnel Pro uses strong encryption to protect users' data and personal information. This helps prevent threats from surveillance, information theft or outside attacks.
  • Multi-Geographic Access: With a global network of servers, users can access geo-restricted content and services from anywhere in the world. This helps to extend the online experience and access limited online resources.
  • Speed and stability: Tx Tunnel Pro provide a fast and stable VPN connection, allowing users to access online content, watch HD videos, and play games without lag or lag.
  • Customer Support: The app provides fast and professional customer support through its documentation, help center, or direct contact with the support team.


  • Storage Limit: The free version of Tx Tunnel Pro may limit your monthly usage. Users may have to upgrade to the paid version for storage.
  • Internet connection required: To use the Tx Tunnel Pro app, users need an internet connection. Without an internet connection, it is not possible to connect and use the VPN.
  • Compatibility: There may be some compatibility issues with certain devices or operating systems. Users should check compatibility before installing the application.
  • Limited Installation Options: Some features and installation options are only available in the paid version of Tx Tunnel Pro. Free users may experience restrictions on these features and options.


Tx Tunnel Pro APK is a VPN app with many useful and reliable features. Offering high security, multi-geographical access, speed and stability, as well as good customer support, it is an attractive choice for users who want to protect their data and experience safer online.

However, like any application, Tx Tunnel Pro for pc also has disadvantages such as space limitations in the free version, internet connection requirements and some compatibility limitations. Users should review and weigh these requirements and restrictions before using the application.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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