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Truck Simulator PRO USA Game APK is an off-road truck driving simulation, go on an unforgettable trucking adventure, explore stunning landscapes and show off your truck driving skills.


Name Truck Simulator PRO USA
Pagekage name com.mageeks.trucksimusa
Version 1.31
Size 1.31 Gb
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+

About of Truck Simulator PRO USA APK Dinero Infinito

Truck Simulator PRO USA APK is an off-road truck driving simulation game where players can experience the life of a professional truck driver in the United States.

The game allows you to experience trucking on your mobile device. There are various missions and challenges, from delivering the goods to completing the delivery on time. The game supports long-distance transport experience, giving the realistic feeling of truck driving.

Players have the opportunity to build and expand their own trucking empire. Complete missions, earn rewards and open new trucks to add to your fleet. Establish profitable routes, make tough contracts, and manage resources to grow your empire.

Overview of Truck Simulator PRO USA APK Mobile Game

The game offers an experience of exploring the diverse environments of the United States, from urban landscapes to remote countryside, while also introducing famous landmarks. The map is meticulously recreated, allowing you to drive through realistic routes, highways, mountain passes and even major cities.

The game has integrated social networking, allowing players to share achievements and play with friends. The international gaming community can join the event, compete and show off their driving skills.

Embark on an unforgettable trucking adventure, explore beautiful landscapes and show off your truck driving skills. If you are passionate about truck driving and like the challenge of trucking, then Truck Simulator PRO USA APK free download might be the right game for you to experience.

Features of Truck Simulator PRO USA APK For Android

  • Environments and Maps: Experience trucking through diverse U.S. landscapes, including urban and rural. Huge map with realistic routes, mountain passes, highways and big cities.
  • Vehicles and Diversification: Wide range of realistic trucks from famous brands, each with its own characteristics and performance. Option to customize the vehicle with paint colors, accessories and configurations.
  • Business Opportunity and Expansion: Build your own trucking empire, expand your fleet and generate profits. Manage routes, schedule deliveries, optimize performance and achieve business goals.
  • Realistic Physics and Controls: Recreate the real physics of truck driving, from engine and brake to gearshift and navigation. The feeling of driving is realistically simulated with gravity, inertia and control.
  • Graphics and Sounds: Detailed and realistic graphics render environments, trucks, and details like sunlight, landscapes, and weather effects. Live sound with engine noises, car horns and traffic sounds.
  • Social and Community Interaction: Integrated social media interaction, allowing for sharing of achievements and participation in events, competitions with friends and the international gaming community.
  • Gameplay and Missions: There are various missions and challenges ranging from transporting cargo, completing deliveries on time to managing a transport business. Long-term driving experience and realistic challenge.
  • Difficulty and Weather: There are different difficulty levels to suit new and veteran players. The game has a variety of weather with a day-night cycle and diverse weather conditions.
  • Vivid and Realistic Experience: The game creates an immersive experience with a realistic feel of truck driving and business management. The more detailed the truck model and the performance environment, the more realistic the experience is.
  • Free and In-Game Shopping: The game is available to download for free and contains in-game shopping options for additional features and content.
  • Continuous development: The game is subject to frequent updates with new updates, adding more features and content.

Game mode, graphics of Truck Simulator PRO USA APK

  • Trucks and Vehicles: Realistic trucks are simulated in great detail, from exterior to interior. Details such as lights, rearview mirrors, doors and vehicle structure have all been recreated to give a realistic driving feel.
  • Light Effects and Weather: The game uses lighting effects to reproduce sunlight, street lights, and other light phenomena according to the time of day. Different weather conditions are simulated, from sunshine, rain to snow, creating variation in environment and visibility.
  • Model and Interior Details: The details of the truck, from the wheels to the engine and the cabin, are meticulously designed and detailed. The interior of the cabin is also reproduced with high detail, including the dashboard, seats and control devices.
  • Sound effects: Built-in dynamic sounds, including engine noises, car horns, brakes and traffic sounds. Background music and other sound effects play an important role in creating an authentic experience.

Truck Simulator PRO USA APK uses high-quality graphics to reproduce the environment and details in the game, bringing a realistic and vivid experience to the players.

How to play Truck Simulator PRO USA APK Latest version

Select Truck and Start:

Start by choosing the type of truck you want to drive.

Players can customize the paint color, accessories and configuration of the vehicle.

Duties and Delivery:

The game offers various missions and missions related to cargo transportation.

Players will receive information about the delivery target, location and time.

Driving and Driving:

Use the virtual console to drive the truck, including the gas pedal, brake, steering wheel and even the transmission.

Players must follow the traffic rules, ensure safe and correct driving.

Diverse weather and day and night:

During the driving process, you will experience the cycle of day and night, and different weather conditions such as sunshine, rain, snow.

Changing weather and lighting create an interesting twist on the driving experience.

Enterprise Management:

Players can expand their business by earning money from completing quests and contracts.

Build your own fleet by purchasing more trucks and customizing them.

Social and Community Interactions:

Connect to social media to share achievements and participate in events and competitions with friends and the community.

Progress and Open:

With the completion of missions and challenges, players will earn coins and progress in the game.

Money can be used to buy new trucks, upgrade and customize them.

Challenge and Difficulty:

The game offers different difficulty levels to suit new and veteran players.

The missions and challenges will become more difficult as you progress in the game.

Performance and Achievements:

Players need to make deliveries on time and safely to get high scores and achievements.

Truck Simulator PRO USA APK brings realistic simulation gameplay, allowing players to experience the life and work of a professional truck driver in the United States.

Pros and cons of Truck Simulator PRO USA APK iOS


  • Realistic Experience: The game realistically recreates the environment of truck driving and trucking business management, providing an exciting experience for players who love to drive trucks.
  • Quality Graphics: Beautiful and detailed graphics, reproducing the US environment and truck details clearly, creating an immersive experience.
  • Social Interaction: Integrated social network interaction allows sharing achievements, competing and connecting with the international gaming community.
  • Sound Effects: Vivid sounds help create a realistic and profound feeling when driving and participating in traffic.


  • Network Account Requirement: The game may require a network connection for social interaction and play in some cases.
  • Device Resource Requirements: For the best experience, the game may require a device with strong configuration to handle good graphics and performance.
  • In-Game Shopping Ability: While the game is free to download, there are in-game shopping options to purchase additional content and features.


Truck Simulator PRO USA APK is an exciting and challenging trucking simulation game that allows players to experience the life and work of a professional truck driver in the United States. With high-quality graphics, realistic renderings of truck controls, and business management capabilities, this game offers a vivid and varied experience for players.

Players can enjoy driving through the diverse landscapes of America, experiencing the cycle of day and night with different weather. With realistic and varied gameplay, this game will give you a chance to experience the world of trucking in USA in a unique way.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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