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Traffic Rider Game APK is a free-to-play endless racing game that lets players experience realistic bike simulation on an infinite road with smooth 3D graphics.


Name Traffic Rider
Pagekage name com.skgames.trafficrider
Version 1.99b
Size 159.48 Mb
Category Racing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Soner Kara

A Quick Introduction to Traffic Rider Mobile APK

Traffic Rider APK is a free-to-play endless racing motorcycle simulation game that places players behind the handle of a realistic motorbike. Players can cruise endlessly on a highway enjoying the beautiful scenery and tackling exciting challenges simultaneously.

So, get your helmets ready, as Traffic Rider APK is here to take you on a motorbike ride full of excitement and fun!

Overview of Traffic Rider APK Detailed

Traffic Rider APK Android features realistic game physics and on-point graphics, which makes it a top-tier choice in the endless racing game genre. The developers at Soner Kara have combined the essence of motorbike riding with endless racing to create a masterpiece, the Traffic Rider APK latest version.

So, join the brave and thrilling world of heavy bike racers who fear no challenges and strive to be the champions of the road! Here is a detailed overview of the well-known title, Traffic Rider APK.

Traffic Rider APK will let you experience the thrill and action a real-life monster motorcycle rider feels on the road. Don’t let traffic slow you down; instead, dodge the moving cars and go like crazy!

Traffic Rider APK Android has stunning graphics that look next-to-real on a phone screen. With a clear-cut road in front of you and lif-size authentic vehicles, it seems like you’re driving a motorcycle yourself!

The motorcycle sounds have also been kept organic to keep things natural and realistic. With real-life recorded bike sounds, the originality of Traffic Rider APK goes above and beyond!

Traffic Rider APK features a first-person camera view to make the simulation more realistic and exciting. With a close-up camera on the handle, you’ll experience the motorbike speed like never before.

Traffic Rider APK gameplay with real-time Physics keeps bike ride lovers on their toes. Also, the in-game gameplay structure offers four game modes, each packed with different challenges and excitement.

The controller options are simple and easy to use. Simple touch controls for throttle and brakes and a tilt screen option to waddle on the highway keep the game interesting and straightforward.

Traffic Rider APK will give you your favourite heavy bikes in your digital garage. There are a total of 29 top-of-the-line motorcycles to choose from.

With a diverse range of gameplay styles and motorbike options, Traffic Rider APK is the perfect choice for motorbike game lovers. So, throttle up and go on your favourite motorcycle as fast as possible in a beautiful 3D environment with Traffic Rider APK Android.

Features Traffic Rider Game APK

Traffic Rider APK’s popularity in the mobile gaming industry has been off the charts amassing over a hundred million downloads. It has been the centre of attention due to its exciting gameplay and well-tuned graphical structure.

Here are the most noticeable features in the classic motorbike racing title, Traffic Rider APK Android.

Traffic Rider APK places you on an endless engine-generated road with a lot of traffic to dodge. The whole point of the game is to serve its audience with an authentic and real-life dose of a thrilling motorbike ride.

To enhance the realistic nature of the game, Traffic Rider APK uses real-time recorded bike sounds in its gameplay. It means you’ll hear about the most authentic bike sounds when riding fear-free in the Traffic Rider APK Android.

In every simulation game, detailing is the differentiating factor to keep the game interesting. Traffic Rider APK focuses on minor details like bike sounds and detailed environments with day and night variations to retain the interest of its audience.

Another exciting aspect of the Traffic Rider gameplay is the variety of game modes it has to offer. Traffic Rider APK has four game modes with an all-new career mode, making things spicier than ever.

Career mode features more than seventy missions with all easy and demanding challenges. It revives the competitive spirit of players and boosts replayability.

The other modes include Endless, Time Trial, and Free Ride. Endless mode lets you race on either a 1-way or 2-way highway to set the highest milestone you can reach without crashing.

Time Trial is the most challenging one pushing the capabilities of the rider. The central theme of this mode is to check how far you can go in the time allowed.

Free Ride mode is a soothing mode to drive a heavy bike on the highway without fear. Traffic Rider APK free ride mode allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery while you ride your favourite motorcycle on the road!

Valuable Tips To Keep In Mind When Playing Traffic Rider Online

With multiple game modes and gameplay approaches, players may get confused when they first start playing Traffic Rider APK Android. Here are a handful of tips and tricks for when you can play Traffic Rider APK.

Go Faster and Faster

Traffic Rider APK gameplay demands speed from the riders. The faster you ride your motorcycle, the more score you’ll get.

So, throttle up and ride as fast as possible to score the maximum points!

Bonus Score

When riding over a speed of 100KMPH, overtake traffic cars carefully to score bonus points. That way, you can also get cash and score higher than usual.

Opposite Direction Riding

When you’re playing 2-way mode, always try to drive in the opposite direction as it gives off more cash and bonus score.


Traffic Rider APK wheelies are a great way to score a high number. Wheelies add thrill to the gameplay, maximise speed, and reward bonus scores and cash.

So, remember to perform a wheelie for style points as much as possible.

Final Thoughts on Traffic Rider APK Android

Traffic Rider gameplay is full of action, fun, and excitement on the road. Get your hands on Traffic Rider APK latest version and immerse yourself in the most realistic and fun motorbike riding experience.

Choose from a pool of great motorcycles and show how fast you are on the road with beautiful scenery and challenging traffic!


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FAQs? Traffic Rider APK

How to upgrade vehicles in Traffic Rider? +

To upgrade your car in Traffic Rider, you need to earn money in the game by participating in races and completing missions. Then, go to "Shop" and select the car you want to upgrade. You can upgrade the engine, brakes, and other components to improve your vehicle's performance.

How to make money fast in Traffic Rider? +

To earn fast money in Traffic Rider, participate in races and perform missions. Try to drive safely and avoid collisions to receive money rewards and higher experience points.

Does Traffic Rider support multiple languages? +

Yes, Traffic Rider supports many different languages, including English, Spanish, French, German and many more. You can choose your preferred language in the game settings.

How to backup and restore in-game data? +

To backup and restore data in Traffic Rider game, you need to log in to your Google Play Games or Facebook account from the game settings. Your data will then be synced and recoverable when you play the game on another device.

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