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Traffic Racer Pro: Car Games APK is a fun and addictive racing game, players will experience fast and adventurous driving in crowded urban environments.

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Name Traffic Racer Pro
Version 2.1.2
Size 440.9 MB
Category Racing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+

About of Traffic Racer Pro APK

Traffic Racer Pro: Car Games is a fun and addictive racing game developed by a team of independent developers. This game allows you to experience fast and adventurous driving in a crowded urban environment.

In Traffic Racer Pro apk, you will control a car and try to drive through busy roads and accelerate to achieve the longest distance possible. Your goal is to avoid collisions with other cars, avoid collisions with obstacles and adjust your speed to avoid the crash scenes.

The game features high-quality 3D graphics and immersive sound, creating an authentic driving experience. You can choose between a wide variety of vehicles, from fast sports cars to powerful full-size cars. In addition, you can also customize and upgrade your vehicle to improve performance and appearance.

Overview of Traffic Racer Pro Mobile APK

Traffic Racer Pro Android offers a variety of game modes, including free play mode, timed mode, racing mode with virtual opponents, and much more. You can challenge yourself with difficult levels or show your speed in exciting races.

Traffic Racer Pro apk has simple and intuitive controls, allowing you to enjoy the game with ease. You can choose between control methods using the accelerometer, or using the on-screen controls.


With Traffic Racer Pro game, you will have the opportunity to perform amazing races, feel the speed and set new records. Get ready for a breathtaking racing adventure on busy roads!

Features of Traffic Racer Pro for Android

  • Vehicle variety and customization: Traffic Racer Pro APK offers a wide range of vehicles to choose from, including sports cars, full-size cars, classic cars and many more. You can customize and upgrade your vehicle to improve its performance and appearance. Elements that can be upgraded include speed, acceleration, control and braking.
  • Diverse Environments: The game takes place in a diverse urban environment with a variety of landscapes, including city streets, suburban areas, steep passes, and night landscapes. Each environment presents its own challenges and creates a diverse driving experience.
  • Diverse game modes: Traffic Racer Pro offers many different game modes. You can choose free play mode to do open races, timed mode to race with limited time, rival racing mode to compete against virtual opponents, overtaking mode through to overcome obstacles and reach the longest distance possible.
  • Challenges and missions: The game offers different challenges and missions for you to complete. You can challenge yourself by passing distance goals, staying safe for a certain time, or completing levels with a high score.
  • High-quality graphics and sounds: Traffic Racer Pro has high-quality 3D graphics, providing a vivid and detailed environment. Vivid sound effects along with the right background music create a realistic experience and add to the thrill of racing.

Game mode, graphics of Traffic Racer Pro Game APK

  • The graphics of Traffic Racer Pro: Car Games mobile are designed with high quality and create a lively urban environment.
  • 3D Graphics: Traffic Racer Pro uses 3D graphics technology to create detailed vehicle models, street environments and landscapes. This provides an intuitive and realistic experience for players.
  • Vehicle details: The vehicle models in the game are designed with attention to the smallest detail. You can see the car contours, headlights, windows, wheels and other details clearly. This creates an engaging and immersive driving experience.
  • Urban Environment: The street and landscape environments in Traffic Racer Pro are faithfully reproduced. You will see buildings, trees, traffic lights, signs, and other urban elements. These environments vary from crowded cities to suburban areas, and the nightscape creates variety and excitement.
  • Attractive effects: The game uses beautiful visual effects to increase the appeal. You'll see car headlights, blur effects, sunlight effects and more, creating an amazing visual experience.
  • User Interface Screen: The user interface of the game is designed to be simple and easy to use. The controls and information displayed are logically placed so that the player can concentrate on driving smoothly.

Graphics in Traffic Racer Pro: Car Games APK provide a realistic and engaging racing experience, allowing players to immerse themselves in a lively street environment.

How to play Traffic Racer Pro Latest version

  • Start the game: Open the Traffic Racer Pro Mobile car racing on your mobile device and select "Start" or "Play" to start the game.
  • Choose a car: In the car selection interface, you can choose a car you want to drive. There are many different types of vehicles for you to explore and choose from.
  • Choose a game mode: Next, you will be asked to choose a game mode. The game offers modes like freestyle mode, time tracking mode, rival racing mode and many more. Select the mode you want to try and start the race.
  • Start racing: After selecting a mode, you will be transported into a racing environment. Racing will take place on busy roads and you need to drive your car as far as you can and avoid collisions with other cars.
  • Vehicle controls: Use control methods such as accelerometers or on-screen controls to drive. Adjust car speed, master braking and acceleration skills to avoid collision and go as far as you can.
  • Collect Scores and Upgrades: During the race, you can collect scores by passing cars and completing missions. Use scores to upgrade your car, improve performance and appearance.
  • Accomplish goals and challenges: The game offers goals and challenges for you to complete. Try to pass the distance goals, stay safe within the given time and collect the highest score for the best achievement.
  • Track results: The game records your personal achievements and displays your scores. You can also compare your results with your friends or other players on online leaderboards.


Pros and cons of Traffic Racer Pro APK iOS


  • Realistic driving experience: The game provides a relatively realistic driving experience, with high-quality graphics and sound, creating a realistic and engaging feeling.
  • Beautiful graphics and environment: Traffic Racer Pro has beautiful 3D graphics and lively street environment, creating an impressive and engaging visual experience.
  • Diverse game modes: The game offers a variety of game modes, from free racing, rival racing to overtaking traffic, creating variety and fun in the playing experience.
  • Vehicle customization and upgrades: You can customize and upgrade your vehicle with performance and appearance enhancements, creating personalization and in-game evolution.
  • Challenges and Achievements: The game offers challenges and goals for the player to complete, creating challenge and motivation to improve skills and achieve high.


  • Lack of variety in gameplay: Although there are many game modes, the gameplay mainly revolves around driving and passing traffic, which can lead to monotony after a while of playing.
  • Can become repetitive: Over time, street patterns and challenges can become repetitive, offering no novelty to the player.
  • Lack of social interaction: The game lacks social interaction, like online multiplayer or the ability to share achievements with friends.
  • Requires patience and time: To level up and get far in the game, you need to invest time and patience to earn points and complete objectives.


Traffic Racer Pro APK is an attractive racing game with beautiful graphics and realistic driving experience. The variety of game modes, the ability to customize the vehicle and the challenges make it fun and challenging.

However, the game can become monotonous and repetitive after a while, lacks social interaction and requires patience and time investment. If you are a racing lover and want to challenge yourself in overcoming heavy traffic, Traffic Racer Pro pc can be an interesting option to join.



Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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