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The Visitor - Alien worm APK is a unique game where you will play as a small alien creature and explore a world full of mysteries, solve magical puzzles, and discover diverse endings.


Name The Visitor Game
Version 1.2.3
Size 24.8 MB
Category Adventure
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Developer Zeebarf Games Inc.

Introduce About to The Visitor Returns APK

The Visitor APK All Games is a redesigned mobile version of the game The Visitor. This game is famous for its unique approach in the point and click genre, where you will play as a small alien creature, and embark on a magical journey through the mysterious environment of earth.

The Visitor Returns APK has been redesigned to fit the mobile era, helping players experience a uniquely interactive and horror adventure on their mobile devices. With beautiful graphics and easy touch controls, you will be immersed in the magical and misteri world of this game.

More Overview of The Visitor Game Mobile

In the game, your mission is to guide a cute alien parasite through diverse environments on earth. You will face puzzling challenges and strategic missions that will require your wits and skills. Ultimately, you'll attempt to complete the story and find all three alternate endings, making for a gameplay experience full of fun and exploration.

The Visitor Game Download APK is a great opportunity to rediscover this classic game on your mobile device. Prepare for a thrilling adventure that takes players to unexpected places that await.

All features in The Visitor Game For Android

Below are the outstanding features of The Visitor - Alien worm Returns Game Mobile:

  • Fancy Graphics: The Visitor Game download pc uses beautiful, high-quality graphics, and is redesigned to fit the touch screen of mobile devices. The visuals and sound effects create an exciting and mysterious interactive world.
  • Unique Gameplay: The game approaches the point-and-click genre with a unique angle. You play as a small alien creature and must carry out strategic missions to advance in the adventure.
  • Rich Environments: The Visitor Game download play store APK allows you to explore many different environments on earth. From deep forests to crowded cities, you will encounter diverse situations and challenges.
  • Treasure Quest: The adventure includes many difficult quests and puzzling challenges, requiring your intelligence and creativity to solve them. Each mission contributes to the main story and has an impact on the game's ending.
  • Three Alternative Endings: One of the special features of The Visitor Game free APK is the variety of endings. Players will have the opportunity to explore and experiment to find all three alternative endings, creating high levels of fun and replayability.
  • Convenient Gameplay: The game uses touch controls, helping players easily interact with the environment and solve puzzles.
  • APK Version: The Visitor APK is a dedicated mobile version, allowing you to take this experience wherever you want, without needing a constant internet connection.

Interface, graphics on The Visitor Alien worm Update

  • Stunning Design: The graphics of The Visitor - Alien worm Game APK are colorful and detailed, creating a beautiful fantasy world that players have the opportunity to explore. Environments, from deep forests to scientific bases, are designed with a focus on detail and aesthetics.
  • Crisp Sound Effects: In-game sounds add vibrancy to the environment. From the murmur of trees in the forest to the sounds of wildlife, the sound is carefully crafted to create a truly immersive experience.
  • Unique 3D Modeling: The Visitor Game APK uses 3D modeling to display the game world, allowing players to see from many different angles and enjoy diverse environments.
  • Smooth Movement: Every movement in the game is smooth and natural, creating an enjoyable and uninterrupted experience.

How to play, gameplay for The Visitor Game APK IOS

  • Your role: In The Visitor Game APK, you will play a small alien creature sent to earth. Your mission is to guide and control this creature on its adventure on earth.
  • Interaction and Puzzle Solving: The game is based on interacting with the surrounding environment. You will have to find ways to interact with objects and solve puzzles to progress far in the game. Quests and puzzles require creativity and intelligence to complete.
  • Exploration and Discovery: The game allows you to explore many different environments on earth, from deep forests to crowded cities and mysterious scientific facilities. Each environment provides opportunities for players to learn more about the story and figure out how to continue their journey.
  • Diverse Stories and Endings: The game has an engaging story and many different endings. Your decisions and actions in the game will affect the final outcome, and you have the opportunity to seek out all three alternative endings.

Pros and Cons of The Visitor Game Latest version


  • Unique Gameplay: The Visitor Returns Game offers a unique and innovative gameplay in the point and click genre, making it stand out among other mobile games.
  • Beautiful Graphics: The game uses beautiful graphics, with high-quality 3D images and models, creating an interesting and very impressive world.
  • Stimulating Story: Features an engaging story and multiple alternative endings, encouraging players to experiment and explore to see all possible outcomes.
  • Intellectual Challenge: The game poses many puzzles and challenges that require intelligence and creativity, motivating players to think to solve them.


  • High Difficulty: The game may be too difficult for some players, as many of the puzzles require creativity and experimentation.
  • Short Play Time: Some players may feel that the game play time is not long, and all missions can be completed quickly.
  • Requires Concentration: The game requires players to focus heavily on the environment and details to figure out how to progress, which may not be suitable for those who want a quick experience.


The Visitor - Alien worm Game APK is a unique and attractive game for point and click genre lovers on mobile devices. With beautiful graphics, stimulating story and exciting gameplay, it promises a unique puzzle and exploration experience. If you like to explore and solve difficult puzzles, this game might be a good choice for you, especially on your mobile device.


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FAQs? The Visitor Game APK

How to complete the puzzles in the game? +

To complete the puzzles, you need to interact with the environment, use objects, and figure out how to combine them intelligently. Time and creativity are important factors.

How many different endings are there in the game? +

The Visitor Game APK has three different alternate endings. Depending on your decisions and actions in the game, you have the opportunity to experience one of these three endings.

Are there any instructions or hints in the game? +

The game offers a relatively limited number of hints to help you solve the puzzles. However, imagination and experimentation are still the keys to completing the task.

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