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The Room Game APK is a classy puzzle journey, with high-quality graphics and a mysterious plot, taking players into a delicate world full of unknowns and challenging thinking.


Name The Room Game
Version 1.2
Size 235.5 MB
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+

Introduce to The Room Game APK

Entering the world of The Room Full Game APK, you will realize this is not just an ordinary game but a challenging intellectual adventure. Developed by the talented team from Chorus Worldwide Games Limited in the UK, The Room Game walkthrough APK has created an electronic masterpiece, combining beauty and mystery perfectly.

In this world full of unknowns, your mind will be the most powerful weapon. You will face complex and fiendish puzzles, posed as subtle challenges for you to discover the truth behind the "Null Element". If you are a lover of experiences that require creativity and sharp thinking, then this is the game for you.

More Overview of The Room Mobile Game

The Room Game free APK is not just a game, but a wonderful work of art, beautifully crafted from every small detail. This promises to bring you hours of top entertainment and unique experiences that you cannot find anywhere else.

So do you dare open the small door of The Room and immerse yourself in the mysteries that await? Be prepared for an amazing journey where your thinking and analytical abilities will be put to the ultimate test. Download The Room Game vr APK now to start your journey and explore a world you have never experienced before!

All features in The Room Game Latest Version

  • Amazing Graphics and Sound: The Room Game APK obb is designed with high-quality graphics, creating a beautiful, enchanting world. Immersive sound, from trigger noises to background music, creates the ultimate audio experience.
  • Complex and Creative Puzzles: The game mainly revolves around solving diverse and complex puzzles, requiring the player's creativity and logical thinking ability. Each puzzle is a new challenge, bringing players into sharp thinking states.
  • Mysterious and Compelling Plot: The Room APK possesses a dramatic plot, taking players through secrets and mysterious stories. "Null Element" is the key element, and discovering the truth behind it is the player's task.
  • Variety of Rooms and Difficulty Levels: The game is divided into many rooms with increasing difficulty, keeping players always interested and challenged. Each room offers a new and unique space, with many secrets to discover.
  • Smart Interaction: The interactive interface is designed flexibly, helping players easily interact with surrounding objects.
    Smart control mode helps optimize the gaming experience on all types of devices.
  • Regular Updates: Chorus Worldwide Games is constantly updating and adding new content, keeping players always having something new to explore.
  • Shareability and Challenge: Players can share their unique discoveries and challenge friends through social connectivity features.

Interface, graphics on The Room Game For Android

High Quality Graphics: The Last Room Horror game APK impresses with high quality graphics, from small details to large game rooms. Objects are designed with great attention to detail, creating a vibrant and engaging world.

Unique Effects: Light and shadow effects are handled delicately, creating a unique and realistic 3D space. Special effects are intelligently integrated, adding excitement to players during the exploration process.

Diverse and Creative Environments: Each playroom in The Room offers a unique space, with a variety of environments and architecture. Creativity in graphic design helps players always have a new and challenging feeling when opening the door of each room.

How to play, gameplay for The Room Game iOS

How to play:

  • The Room Game APK mainly revolves around solving complex puzzles and uncovering the mysteries of "Null Element".
  • The player uses his hands to interact with objects, rotate, drag, and combine them to progress through levels.
  • Each room poses new and unique challenges, requiring good observation and logical thinking.

Style play:

  • The Room focuses on personal experience, creating a lonely and mysterious space, suitable for those who want to enjoy a puzzle space alone.
  • Deep gameplay, with multiple levels of difficulty, gives players the opportunity to continuously develop their puzzle skills.

Pros and Cons of The Room Game APK


  • Graphics and Sound: High quality, detailed and beautiful graphics, creating an engaging and immersive experience. Vivid sounds and wonderful music enhance the dramatic atmosphere of the game.
  • Plot and Mystery: The plot is intriguing and mysterious, challenging players to dig deep into the story to discover the truth behind the "Null Element".
  • Varied Difficulty Levels: The variety of difficulty levels creates a flexible experience suitable for both new and veteran players.


  • Replayability: For some players, once completed, the game may not have enough replayability, as the same puzzles no longer present a challenge.
  • High Thinking Requirements: For those unfamiliar with the complex puzzle genre, the game can be difficult and demotivating at times.
  • Integration Fee: While there is a small cost to download the game, for some players this may create a slightly high threshold.


The Room Game APK is not only an ordinary puzzle game but also a wonderful work of digital art. With high-quality graphics, vivid sound and engaging storyline, it has created a world full of mystery and challenges. Deep and diverse gameplay in difficult levels gives players a unique and endlessly engaging experience.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? The Room Game APK

How to start playing The Room Game APK? +

Simply download the app from the respective app store on your mobile phone and install it. Then open the app and start your adventure!

Does the game require internet? +

No, The Room is a standalone game and does not require an internet connection to play.

How to solve complex puzzles in the game? +

Each puzzle requires observation and logical thinking. Consider each object and item carefully and creatively to find a solution.

Are there any secrets in the game that I should know? +

So many! Try to understand every angle and small detail, sometimes the answer lies in the unexpected.

Will The Room be updated with new content? +

Yes, the development team regularly updates the game and adds new missions and rooms to it so that players never get bored.

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