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Housebreaker APK is a game that combines thinking, interaction and challenge to give players exciting and diverse experiences in destroying bricks to enter the house.


Name The Housebreaker
Version 0.1
Size 116.9 MB
Category Arcade
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer KobGames

About of The Housebreaker APK

The Housebreaker APK is a unique and exciting game that takes players on a dramatic and challenging adventure. With the goal of destroying and breaking bricks to enter the house, this game will require players to have creative thinking and delicate skills.

House Breaker Game APK brings players into a world full of bricks and opportunities to prove their strategic thinking ability. Each brick can require careful determination and calculation to break completely. The player will have to determine the right way of smashing, from the angle to the force of the blow, to be able to enter the house effectively.

With an intuitive interface and detailed instructions, The Housebreaker of shady hill pdf APK easily allows players to join the adventure without fatigue. Players will be guided on how to move the character, choose the direction of the smash and perform special actions to advance in the game.

Overview of The Housebreaker APK Latest Version

The Housebreaker APK is not only an entertaining game, but also a place to challenge players' thinking. Finding the optimal way to destroy bricks requires players to use their logical thinking and strategic ability. Diverse and creative challenges will constantly awaken your creativity.

If you love puzzle, interactive and challenging games, then The Housebreaker APK is a great choice. Download and experience the fascinating journey to destroy and break all the bricks, thereby entering the house with victory.

Features of The Housebreaker APK Mobile Game

Here are some outstanding features of The Housebreaker APK game:

  • Fun Objective: The player needs to destroy and break all the bricks in order to get inside the house. This objective creates the main quest and is the inspiration for the player's adventure.
  • Diverse and challenging play: There are different types of bricks with different structures and durability, requiring different approaches to destruction. Each level can have different obstacles or structures to increase the challenge.
  • Creative Opportunity: Players can use logical and creative thinking to find the optimal way to destroy bricks. It is possible to experiment with different ways of beating to find the most effective one.
  • Intuitive interface: The user-friendly and intuitive interface makes it easy for players to interact with the game. Instructions and hints will be displayed to assist the player during the gameplay.
  • Flexible controls: Players can control actions by using navigation keys or on-screen gestures to perform actions such as smashing bricks.
  • Calculation skills: Calculating the hitting angle, position and force required to destroy the brick will challenge the player's calculation skills.
  • Increasing difficulty level: The levels will have increasing difficulty, requiring players to improve skills and thinking to overcome.
  • Vivid visuals and sounds: Attractive graphics and vivid sounds create an interactive and exciting playing environment.
  • Share achievements: Players can share their achievements and records on social networks to compete with friends.
  • Regular Updates: The game may be updated with new levels, features or bug fixes to maintain its appeal and uniqueness.

Graphics of The Housebreaker APK Android

The Housebreaker APK uses a harmonious, creative and funny graphic style. Graphics are designed in the direction of cartoons, with soft lines, bright colors and iconic images. This helps create a fun and friendly play space.

The environment in the game is a small campus with a house in the middle. The bricks are lined up in rows and make up a small building. The house has details such as windows, doors and roof. The player can see the inside of the house through the windows and the main door.

When the player performs the action of smashing bricks, the graphics show effects such as crumbling bricks, flying dust particles and corresponding sound effects.

How to play, gameplay of The Housebreaker APK

  • Getting Started: The player opens The Housebreaker APK app and selects "Start" to begin the adventure.
  • Game screen: Players will be moved to the game screen, where they see a house with rows of bricks.
  • Goal: The player's goal is to destroy all bricks to get inside the house.
  • How to destroy: Players use tools such as hammers, shovels, crossbows or other items to smash bricks. On-screen instructions will guide the player on how to select the tool and perform the brick smashing action.
  • Choose the angle and impact force: The player needs to determine the appropriate hitting angle and force to break bricks. The angle and force of the impact can vary depending on the location of the bricks and their strength.
  • Destructive effect: When the player smashes bricks, the bricks will crumble and fly away. Sound and visual effects will make the demolition process come alive and engaging.
  • Pass the level: After the player destroys a sufficient number of bricks, they will be able to enter the house and complete the level. Subsequent levels may have a different structure and similar skill requirements.
  • Save results and share: When completing levels or gaining achievements, players can save results and share on social networks to challenge friends.

Pros and cons The Housebreaker APK iOS


  • Exciting Puzzle Experience: The Housebreaker APK offers an innovative and challenging puzzle experience. Finding a way to destroy bricks effectively to get inside requires logical thinking and calculation skills of the player.
  • Creative Opportunity: The game encourages players to experiment with different approaches to brick destruction. This creates a space for creativity and exploration, allowing players to experiment and consider different strategies.
  • Diverse Challenges: The game can offer multiple levels with increasing difficulty. This ensures that players never get bored and always have to find ways to improve their skills.


  • Lack of complexity: The game may lack complexity and deeper details in how levels are designed and how bricks are destroyed.
  • Repeatability: If there is not enough variety in levels or features, the game leads to repetition and loss of interest after a while of playing.


The Housebreaker APK is a unique and fun puzzle game that takes players on a thrilling and challenging adventure. With the goal of destroying and breaking bricks to enter the house, this game creates an interactive and creative environment that requires the player to use logic and calculation skills. The Housebreaker Game APK gives players a fun and challenging experience in destroying bricks and discovering how to enter the house.


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