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Download Teeny Titans APK is a game around collecting and fighting Teeny Titans - miniature versions of famous superheroes and super villains in the Teen Titans world.


Name Teeny Titans
Pagekage name com.turner.ttgfigures
Version 1.2.7
Size 236.4 MB
Category Strategy
Price $3.99
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Cartoon Network

About of Teeny Titans APK

Teeny Titans APK is a mobile game based on the animated series "Teen Titans Go!" from Cartoon Network. This game has been developed by the game studio Grumpyface Studios and was released in 2016 for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.

In Teeny Titans, you will be joining the adventure with young heroes Robin, Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy and Cyborg. The game revolves around collecting and fighting assorted Teeny Titans - tiny versions of famous superheroes and super villains in the Teen Titans world.

Overview of Teeny Titans APK Mobile Game

You'll take part in simple turn-based matches where you'll control a squad of Teeny Titans to battle other opponents. As you progress through the game, you can upgrade and open new characters, collect equipment, search every corner of the game world to find hidden treasures, and participate in exciting side quests.

Teeny Titans is appreciated for its lovely graphics, exciting gameplay and tactical combat system. If you are a fan of Teen Titans Go! or want to experience a light action game on mobile phones, Teeny Titans can be an interesting choice.

Features of Teeny Titans APK for Android

Fight Teeny Titans:

  • Experience turn-based combat with over 70 different types of Teeny Titans.
  • Use special skills and tactics to defeat your opponents in exciting and challenging matches.

Collect and upgrade Teeny Titans:

  • Collect over 70 types of Teeny Titans, including superheroes and super villains, in Teen Titans Go!
  • Upgrade your Teeny Titans to increase their strength and fighting ability.
  • Combine different Teeny Titans to create a powerful and diverse lineup.

Open world and exploration:

  • Explore the huge world of Teen Titans Go!, including set locations, cities, and other locations.
  • Interact with the side characters in the game world, participate in side quests and receive attractive rewards.

Events and mini-games:

  • Participate in special in-game events to earn unique rewards.
  • Experience exciting mini-games, test your skills and win.

Flying helicopters and shops:

  • Use flying helicopters to move between different areas of the game world.
  • Visit the shop to buy equipment, items and other useful items.

Lovely graphics and catchy sounds:

  • Teeny Titans game has beautiful graphics and lovely design, showing the signature cartoon style of Teen Titans Go!
  • Vivid sound and catchy background music create an exciting and dynamic gaming experience.

Game mode, graphics of Teeny Titans APK

Lovely animation: Teeny Titans features characters designed with cute and funny animations. The Teeny Titans and game characters are all tiny, adorable, and colorful.

Diverse lineup: The Teeny Titans in the game are designed with a variety of shapes and appearances. Each Teeny Titans is unique and represents the character of the superhero or super villain it represents.

Detailed Environments: The Teeny Titans game world is built with detailed and interactive environments. The locations in the game, such as the movie set, the city and other areas, have details such as building materials, trees, streets, and other accessories.

Special Effects: During battles and special skills, Teeny Titans will use special effects to increase the appeal and fun. This includes lighting, explosions, expressions and other special effects to enhance the gaming experience.

User-friendly interface: The user interface of the game is designed to be simple, clear and easy to use. The icons, buttons, and other interface elements all have a player-friendly design, making it easy to control and interact in the game.

How to play the game Teeny Titans Latest version

Collect Teeny Titans:

Explore the game world and find the Teeny Titans. They can appear in different locations or through special quests and events.

When you find a new Teeny Titan, try to catch them by participating in matches or quests.

Team building:

Organize your Teeny Titans squad. You can choose from the Teeny Titans you've collected and organize them into your squad.

Each Teeny Titan has special skills and abilities. Consider the Teeny Titans' fit in your squad to create powerful tactics.

Fight Teeny Titans:

Participate in Teeny Titans APK update matches. In each match, you will face other opponents, be it the Teeny Titans of NPC characters or other players in PvP mode (play with other players).

During the match, you will control your Teeny Titans and choose skills and moves to attack opponents.

Use the right tactics and skills to defeat your opponents. Note factors like the type of Teeny Titans, their special abilities, and strengths.

Upgrade and develop:

Collect experience points and coins as you play to upgrade and evolve your Teeny Titans.

Open new skills and improve your Teeny Titans' power and combat to enhance your squad.

Explore the world and join the event:

Explore different locations in the world of Teen Titans Go! Interact with side characters, complete side quests and participate in special events to get rewards.

Customize and shop:

Customize your squad by buying equipment and items in the shop. This enhances the strength and combat ability of the Teeny Titans.

Join the mini-game:

The game also offers various mini-games to challenge your skills and win.

Playing Teeny Titans APK game will give you the fun and satisfaction of collecting, upgrading and fighting Teeny Titans in the world of Teen Titans Go!

Pros and cons of Teeny Titans APK iOS


  • Variety of Teeny Titans: There are more than 70 types of Teeny Titans to collect and use in your squad, creating variety and fun in team building.
  • Open World and Exploration: The game allows players to explore the vast world of Teen Titans Go!, interact with side characters, and participate in side quests and special events.
  • Mini-games and events: The game offers fun mini-games and special events that add variety and challenge to the gaming experience.


  • Internet connection required: The game requires an internet connection to download data and participate in multiplayer (PvP) mode. This can be a barrier for players who want to experience the game without a network connection.
  • Repeatability: After a while of playing, there may be a sense of repetition in collecting Teeny Titans and entering the match. This can reduce the attractiveness and freshness of the game.


Teeny Titans APK game is a fun game based on the Teen Titans Go! cartoon series. With lovely graphics, tactical gameplay and a diverse number of Teeny Titans, the game gives players an engaging and entertaining experience.

Mini-games and special events also add variety and challenge to the game. Appealing to all ages and highly entertaining.\


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