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Taxi Online Simulator ID APK is the perfect combination of the real experience of driving a taxi online and exciting adventure in a colorful and diverse virtual world.


Name Taxi Online Simulator ID
Pagekage name codexplore.ojolcar
Version 1.0.2
Size 76.9 MB
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer CodeXplore

Introduce to Taxi Online Simulator ID APK

Written based on the real experience of driving a taxi online, Taxi Online Simulator ID APK is an attractive and interesting game that you should not miss. This game gives players the opportunity to experience the daily life of an online taxi driver, from finding and fulfilling orders to upgrading their vehicles and equipment.

With realistic graphics and extremely vivid simulation gameplay, Taxi Online Simulator ID APK gives players the feeling of participating in a real adventure on the streets. You will have the opportunity to roam around the map, exploring diverse and multi-dimensional areas of the city while waiting for a new call.

More Overview of Taxi Online Simulator ID Game Mobile

The goal of the game is to become the best online taxi driver by finding as many orders as possible and completing them as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can upgrade your car to make it more powerful and agile, and you can also upgrade your mobile phone for convenience in communication and order management.

However, don't forget that in the life of an online taxi driver, time is money and every order is important. So, try to complete each order quickly and without getting hit to ensure high ratings from customers.

If you are passionate about simulation games and want to experience the life of an online taxi driver, don't hesitate to download Taxi Online Simulator ID APK today and start your adventure on the streets!

All features in Taxi Online Simulator ID Latest Version

  • Rich Environments: Players can explore a diverse city with many different areas, from commercial centers to residential areas and suburban areas. Each region has its own unique characteristics and challenges.
  • Fulfilling orders: As a taxi driver, the player's main task is to search and complete orders. Depending on the level of difficulty and distance, players will receive appropriate bonuses.
  • Vehicle Upgrades: Players can upgrade and customize their cars to increase speed, performance, and power. Upgrading vehicles helps players complete orders faster and earn more bonuses.
  • Upgrade your mobile phone: Mobile phones are not only a tool for receiving and sending calls, but also a way to manage and track orders. Players can upgrade their phones to access more convenient features and manage their work effectively.
  • Challenges and achievements: Taxi Online Simulator ID APK offers a series of challenges and goals for players to achieve, from completing a certain number of orders in a certain time to earning a certain amount of money largest from food deliveries.
  • Vivid graphics: The game uses high-quality 3D graphics and vivid sound effects, giving players an engaging and realistic experience.
  • Continuous updates and developments: The game's developers are committed to providing regular updates, adding new features and improving the player experience.

Interface, graphics on Taxi Online Simulator ID For Android

Sophisticated 3D graphics: Use advanced 3D graphics technology to recreate cities and vehicles realistically and vividly. Every detail, from tall buildings to trees and streets, needs to be designed delicately and meticulously.

Diverse light and shadow effects: Use light and shadow effects to create a realistic sense of time in the game. From dawn to dusk and even night, every moment of the day requires a change in light and color.

Variety in color and detail: Ensure that the colors used are varied and vibrant, creating a vibrant and engaging environment. At the same time, every detail such as street signs and surrounding scenery also needs to be designed meticulously and carefully.

Optimized for a variety of devices: Ensure that the game's graphics are optimized to work smoothly on a variety of devices, from mobile phones to tablets and even PCs. This makes it easy for anyone to experience the game without experiencing performance or graphics issues.

How to play, gameplay for Taxi Online Simulator ID iOS

Realistic and flexible simulation: The most important thing is that the gameplay of the game should be as realistic and flexible as possible. Players need to feel like they are actually an online taxi driver, able to move freely in the city, searching and receiving orders naturally.

Challenging and diverse: The gameplay of Taxi Online Simulator ID APK should offer a variety of different challenges and situations. From dealing with heavy traffic to having to handle urgent food orders, players need to face a series of challenging situations to complete the mission.

Customization and Development: The game's gameplay should allow players to customize and develop their characters in their own way. From upgrading vehicles to shopping and improving driving skills, players need to feel like they are controlling their character's progression in the game.

Interaction and community: An important element of gameplay is the ability to interact with other players and build a community within the game. From participating in races with other players to sharing experiences and driving tips, the in-game community needs to be encouraged and grown.

Pros and Cons of Taxi Online Simulator ID APK


  • Realistic simulation experience: Taxi Online Simulator ID APK brings a realistic and vivid online taxi driving experience, helping players feel like they are living in their virtual world.
  • Variety and fun: With a variety of missions and activities ranging from finding orders to upgrading vehicles, the game brings variety and fun to players.
  • Dynamic graphics and sound: High-quality graphics and dynamic sound effects help to realistically and vividly recreate the online driving environment.
  • Community Interaction: The ability to interact with a community of other players, from participating in races to sharing experiences, is an important factor in creating a vibrant community in the game.


  • Need to improve the control system: Some players complained about the control system being inflexible and difficult to control, especially when having to handle emergency situations on the road.
  • High hardware requirements: Due to high-quality graphics and sound effects, the game may require powerful hardware, which may create a barrier for some players with older devices.
  • Needs improvement in realism and consideration: Although the game simulates in a relatively realistic way, there is still room for improvement to create a more realistic experience, especially in handling traffic and interacting with client.


Taxi Online Simulator ID APK gives players an interesting and diverse simulation experience of driving a taxi online. Although there are strengths such as realistic experiences, vivid graphics and sound along with community interaction, there are also weaknesses such as control systems that need improvement and high hardware requirements.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Taxi Online Simulator ID APK

How to find orders in the game? +

To find an order, you can move around the city on the map and wait for the order to appear on your mobile phone. When an order comes in, you can click the receive button to accept the task.

How to upgrade vehicles? +

To upgrade your vehicle, you can visit the store and choose upgrade options for your car. Options include engine and suspension upgrades and even exterior upgrades.

Is there a way to earn more money in the game? +

You can earn extra money by completing orders quickly and efficiently. Additionally, you can also participate in activities like races with other players to earn additional bonuses.

Is there any way to improve my driving skills in the game? +

To improve your driving skills, you can practice driving regularly in the game, participate in races to challenge your skills, and upgrade factors such as speed and control of your car.

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