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Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps. APK is a unique survival game where players are brought into a living world and must fight to become the last survivor. Get ready to face the challenge and prove your ability to survive in this dramatic world!


Pagekage name com.dxx.firenow
Version 2.9.5
Size 1.17 Gb
Category Adventure
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Habby

Introduce to APK APK is a mobile game based on the Android platform, developed by the developer DXX. This game puts players in a dangerous situation when the city is attacked by hordes of scary zombies. Players will take on the role of a human warrior, a hero who must face the threat of physical and mental death from these evil creatures in order to save the city.

Awaken your inner hero and, with other survivors, face the crisis and fight to survive in the game APK. The outstanding features of the game include a variety of weapons and equipment, character and skill upgrades, beautiful graphics and diverse game modes (single and multiplayer). The challenge increases with each stage, and the roguelite and multiplayer modes promise hours of fun and competitive play.

More Overview of Mobile Game APK is a zombie-themed action role-playing game (RPG) where players will battle dangerous zombies to save the city. APK game offers a memorable zombie action experience with simple but extremely attractive gameplay. If you love action games, especially zombie themes, try this game experience on your Android device.

All features in for Android

  • Zombie action and combat: The game offers a thrilling action experience as you have to fight thousands of scary zombies to save the city. Use weapons and skills to destroy hordes of dangerous monsters.
  • Character Upgrade: During the game, you can upgrade your character, open new skills and increase strength to become a stronger hero in the battle with zombies.
  • Simple controls: The game supports one-handed control, making it easy to move, pick up weapons and attack monsters conveniently and flexibly.
  • Roguelite gameplay: APK uses the roguelite style, which means that each game will bring a different experience with new random elements, levels and events.
  • Beautiful graphics: The game is designed with stunning graphics and amazing animations, creating a world ravaged by lively and creepy zombies.
  • Diverse game modes: APK allows you to play alone (single-player) or connect with friends and play together (multiplayer) to fight against hordes of zombies and compete with each other.
  • Highly Challenging: The game offers intense skirmishes that require players to focus and use smart tactics to survive and complete missions.
  • APK beta experience: The APK version allows players to participate in the experience before the game is officially released, which gives players the opportunity to test and provide feedback to improve the game.

Thanks to these attractive features, APK promises to give players hours of exciting entertainment and challenges in the scary zombie world.

Interface, graphics on APK

2D Graphics: Most mobile games have 2D graphics for optimized performance and good use on mobile devices. 2D graphics are usually simple and recognizable.

Character design: The characters in the game can be cutely designed, or towards a cartoon style with rich movements and expressions.

Environment and Background: The environment in the game can be a ruined city, a forest or other scary locations. Wallpaper and landscapes are often dark in color and use light and shadow effects to create an atmosphere of gloom and tension.

Special effects: Special effects such as lightning, explosion effects, bullet textures... are often used to enhance the action experience.

Simple interface: The interface in the game is usually simple and easy to use so that players can focus on the gaming experience at their convenience.

Note that this description is just a guess based on the usual nature of mobile games of the same genre. To know the exact graphics of the game APK, you should download and experience the game directly from the Google Play store or the App Store.

How to play, gameplay for Latest version

Single player (Single-player):

  • In single player mode, you will go on a lone adventure, face hordes of zombies and challenge alone.
  • Your mission is to kill as many zombies as possible, collect weapons, equipment, and resources to upgrade your character and increase strength.
  • Try to survive as long as possible and conquer the difficult challenges in the game.

Multiplayer (Multiplayer):

  • In multiplayer mode, you can connect with friends or other players online to fight zombies together or even compete with each other.
  • Team up with your team to fight against zombie forces, share resources and support each other.
  • Or you can also challenge other players to see who is the last survivor in the fierce battle with the zombie forces.

Upgrade characters and skills:

  • During the game, you will earn experience points and resources to upgrade your character.
  • Open new skills and increase strength, endurance, movement speed and other factors to become a stronger hero.

Collect weapons and equipment:

  • In the game, you will find a variety of weapons and equipment to use in combat.
  • Choose wisely and effectively to use your weapons, and consider changing equipment to suit each situation.

Explore and find resources:

  • Explore the world in the game, search different areas, and collect vital resources such as ammunition, explosives, and drinking water to keep your character alive.

Face an increased challenge:

  • Each stage in the game brings different challenges and requires players to be agile and smart to overcome.
  • Try to face increasing difficulties and see if you can survive to the end.
  • Enjoy the stressful world of APK and challenge yourself with the varied gameplay in this game.

Pros and Cons of iOS


  • Exciting action experience: The game offers a diverse and dramatic action experience, with fighting against thousands of scary zombies, promising hours of exciting entertainment.
  • Beautiful graphics: APK is designed with beautiful graphics and amazing animation effects, creating a world ravaged by zombies alive and scary.
  • Character and skill upgrades: Players can upgrade their characters and open new skills, making progress and development during gameplay.
  • Diverse game modes: The game allows you to play single (single-player) or multiplayer (multiplayer), helping to satisfy individual entertainment needs or interacting and competing with friends.


  • Repeatable: Due to the roguelite and random nature of the game, some players may feel the adventures become repetitive after a while.
  • Touch controls: Touch controls on mobile screens can make fighting and moving difficult and inflexible compared to traditional controls.
  • Ads and In-Game Transactions: The game may contain ads and in-game transactions, disrupting the player's gaming experience.
  • Requires internet connection: Playing the game in multiplayer requires a stable internet connection, which can be difficult for those without a reliable internet connection.

Conclusion APK game is an attractive and diverse zombie action role-playing game (RPG). With beautiful graphics and dramatic action experience, players will enter the dangerous adventure of fighting against thousands of terrifying zombies to save the city.

Enjoy a thrilling combat experience and challenge yourself in a dramatic human vs zombie war!


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.


Can I customize my character in +

Currently, APK does not offer customization features. Your character will have the default look.

How to upgrade and use weapons in +

To upgrade and use weapons, you need to collect money and find upgrades in the game. You can then use the money to buy weapons and upgrades from the in-game store.

I have problems or errors while playing the game. How can I report this issue and receive support? +

To report bugs or resolve technical issues, you can contact developer support through the game's website or app. There is usually a "Contact Us" or "Support" section in the game to send feedback and get help.

How to interact and use items in the game? + APK uses a touch interface for interaction. To use items, you need to activate them in your inventory or pull them out to use. To shoot, run or jump, you need to use the buttons and gestures on the screen of your mobile phone.

Why can't I install APK? +

There are a number of reasons why APK installation may fail, including the APK file being corrupted, installing apps from unknown sources being disabled, or your Android device being incompatible. To resolve this issue, you should check the APK file, enable the "Install app from unknown sources" option, and make sure that your device meets the minimum requirements.

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