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Survivor Island-Idle Game APK is a fun and engaging mobile game that offers a unique survival experience on a wild island, you only have an ax and must find a way to survive and build a new life.


Name Survivor Island-Idle Game
Pagekage name com.myisland.jlyt
Version 1.2.1
Size 134.9 MB
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer Longames

About of Survivor Island-Idle Game APK

Survivor Island-Idle Game APK is a mobile game with Idle Game genre gameplay, where players are placed in a situation like surviving on a wild island after the destruction of the earth. In this game you only have one ax and have to find a way to survive and build a new life.

The game Survivor Island apk allows the player to create and develop a new life on the wild island after the world is destroyed. You'll start with an ax and must find ways to gather resources, craft tools, build a base, and attract other survivors to the island to create a new community.

The main objective of the game is to survive and build a sustainable life on the wild island. Players must face challenges from the wild, compete with other survivors, expand the island's territory and population, and build fortifications to fend off invaders.

Overview of Survivor Island-Idle Game APK Mobile

The story of the Survivor Island Idle Game revolves around the world has been destroyed and everyone on earth has been petrified by an unknown light. A thousand years later, new species formed primitive societies and among them the intelligent "Pig Man". Players will enter this new era and find a way to survive in harsh environments.

In the game Survivor Island android, the most important thing is to survive and develop your community in the harsh wild environment. Show your intelligence and creativity to create a new life and grow in Survival Island-Idle Game APK.

Features of Survival Island-Idle Game For Android

  • Wild Survival Gameplay: Players will survive on a wild island after the world is destroyed. You must find ways to gather resources, craft tools, and build bases to ensure survival and development.
  • Combination of SIM and light RPG genre: The game offers a unique combination of simulation game and light RPG, providing variety and fun in gameplay.
  • Build fortifications against invasion: To protect your community from the dangers of other survivors and mutants, you need to build strong structures and fortifications.
  • Map Exploration and Challenges: The game has a large map for you to explore. Face challenges from the wild and take on other mutants and survivors.
  • Territory and population expansion: You can upgrade and expand your island to attract more survivors and increase population and community strength.
  • New Life After Disaster: The game's story revolves around a disaster when all the humans in the world turned to stone. Ten thousand years later, new species form the most primitive society, and you are one of the survivors island, the intelligent human known as "Pig Man".
  • Many amazing islands of different races: The game offers many unique islands, each representing a different race with its own characteristics and challenges.

Players will face many challenges and must show intelligence and creativity to survive and thrive in the harsh wild environment.

Game mode, graphics of the Survivor Island-Idle APK

Designed in a simple and comfortable style, using 3D graphics to create a lively and attractive environment for players. The Survivor Island Idle Game APK combines elements of SIM and light RPG, allowing the player to embark on a survival adventure on a wild island after an irradiation disaster.

Players will begin their journey on an island with only an ax, and they must utilize natural resources to craft the tools and equipment needed to survive. From cutting trees, mining, to hunting and hunting game, players will have to find ways to gather supplies and build their island to enhance survivability.

More specifically, with such friendly graphics, the game Survivor Island Idle Android is suitable for all ages to participate in entertainment and follow the great upgrade process.

How to play Survival Island-Idle Game APK

  • Collect resources: To survive and thrive, you need to collect resources such as wood, stone, food, and water. Use the ax to chop down trees and rocks, then gather these resources from your surroundings.
  • Crafting tools: By using the resources you collect, craft useful tools such as cutting axes, knives, torches, or other tools that help you increase efficiency in resource gathering.
  • Build a base: You need to build a base to protect yourself and your community from threats. Build fortifications such as houses, fences, and flames to fend off invasions from mutants and other survivors.
  • Territory Expansion: To increase your population and community strength, expand your territory and attract more survivors to live with you. With each expansion, you will have the opportunity to discover new islands.
  • Challenges and discoveries: On the wild island, you will encounter many challenges and interesting things to explore. Face off against other mutants and survivors, complete quests, and explore new areas of the map.
  • Tool and Base Upgrades: Enhance your power by upgrading tools and facilities. This helps you gather resources faster and deal with tougher challenges.
  • Resource Management: Smart resource management is the key element in this game. Use them efficiently and economically to ensure survival and sustainable development.
  • Improve your territory: Build special fortifications and upgrade your territory to strengthen and protect your wild island from all threats.

Playing the game Survivor Island-Idle Game APK requires creativity, resource management and survival tactics. Show your ability to build strong communities and survive in harsh wilderness environments.

Pros and Cons of the game Survivor Island-Idle APK iOS


  • Simple gameplay: The game Survivor Island Idle Game Mobile has an accessible and simple gameplay that is suitable for both beginner and experienced players.
  • Fun and challenging: The game offers fun and challenge as you must find a way to survive on the wild island and face threats from the environment and other survivors.
  • Simple and funny graphics: Simple but funny graphics create a sense of fun and humor for the game.
  • There is an Idle Game element: The game allows you to continue gathering resources and building a base even when you are not directly involved in the game, which increases the attractiveness and addictiveness of the game.
  • Exploration and Expansion: The game offers multiple islands to explore and expand, creating variety and richness to the gaming experience.


  • Can become repetitive: Due to the nature of the Idle Game genre, after a while the game can become repetitive and not new, requiring players to have patience to continue developing.
  • Internet connection required: Sometimes, the game requires an internet connection to play or view ads to receive rewards, which can be troublesome for players who don't want to use mobile data.
  • Time Dependent: The game has an Idle Game element, which means you need to wait a while to complete activities and upgrades. This can slow down your progress and limit your progress in the game.
  • May require actual spending: The game may contain in-app purchases to purchase items and proceed quickly. This can create pressure on players, especially kids, to spend realistically to progress faster in the game.
  • The above ratings are general comments only and are subject to change based on each player's experience.


Survivor Island-Idle Game APK is a fun and exciting mobile game that offers a unique survival experience on a wild island. With simple yet challenging gameplay, you'll find ways to gather resources, build bases, and expand territories to survive and grow your community.

ilha Do Sobrevivente Idle Game APK is an engaging survival game that gives players the opportunity to experience survival and creativity on a wild island. Through experienced skills, show your ingenuity to survive and thrive in the harsh wild environment of Survivor Island Idle Game Android.


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FAQs? Survivor Island-Idle Game APK

What system configuration requirements does the game Survivor Island Idle Game require? +

To experience Survivor Island Idle Game smoothly, you need an Android phone with the following minimum system:

  • Android operating system 4.1 or higher.
  • Processor: Dual-core or higher.
  • RAM: Minimum 1GB RAM.
  • Free storage space: At least 100MB.
How to get support when having problems in the game? +

If you have problems in the game or need support, you can:

  • Check the Game Instructions: In the game menu, there is usually a Instructions or Help section where you can go over basic instructions.
  • Contact the Developer: Visit the game's website or developer profile on the app store to find contact information. There's usually a Contact or Customer Support section that you can use to send feedback or specifically request support.
Is there a way to upgrade my base faster? +

To upgrade your base faster, accumulate resources and coins in the game by doing quests and completing levels. At the same time, try to increase the productivity of resources such as crops, livestock, and mines.

I lost my game save data. How to restore it? +

To restore game save data, you can do the following:

  • Make sure you're signed in to your game account (if you have one).
  • Check in the game settings if there is a data recovery option. If it is, you can use it to restore previous game save data.
  • If there is no restore option in the game, you can contact the developer's customer support for further assistance.
Why can't I build some new structures? +

To build new structures, you need to make sure that you have achieved the necessary conditions. Usually, you need to have enough resources and a premise structure before building a new structure. Check that you have met all the necessary requirements before attempting to build a new structure.

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