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Become the best supermarket manager with Supermercado Gerente Simulator Mod Menu! Build your store from scratch, turn a small store into an optimal Supermarket.


Name Supermercado Gerente Simulator
Version 1.0.23
Size 122.4 MB
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Mod Feature Free Purchase

The Game Supermercado Simulator Mod APK

Manage inventory, enhance customer service, expand product range, and more in this exciting simulation game. Supermercado Gerente Simulator APK is the most engaging supermarket management simulation game for mobile devices! Open your store and build it from scratch, turning a small shop into a fantastic Supermarket. Manage inventory, place product orders, negotiate prices, and track trends to attract customers.

In this 3D simulation game, you can freely customize your supermarket: change the store's appearance, choose themes, colors, and decorations that best reflect your style. Expand your product range, unlock new products, activities, and services to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Manage staff: Recruit, train, and motivate employees to ensure the best customer service and operational efficiency.

Customer satisfaction: Monitor customer needs and feedback. Ensure high-quality service to build a solid base of satisfied customers.

Supermercado Gerente Simulator Mod APK is more than just a game—it's a challenge that will test your management and strategy skills. Try it today and demonstrate how a real supermarket is run!

Key Features of Supermercado Gerente Simulator Game

  1. Inventory management: Track inventory levels, place orders from suppliers, and negotiate prices to maximize profits.
  2. Customize your store: Freely change the appearance of your store, choose themes, colors, and decorations to reflect your style.
  3. Expand product range: Unlock new products, activities, and services to attract and satisfy even the most demanding customers.
  4. Manage staff: Recruit, train, and motivate employees to ensure the best customer service and operational efficiency.
  5. Customer satisfaction: Respond to customer feedback and monitor their needs to build a loyal customer base.
  6. Great 3D graphics: Experience a vibrant supermarket environment with realistic 3D graphics, providing the most immersive experience possible.
  7. Create promotions: Set up promotions and competitive pricing to sell products quickly.
  8. Handle payments: Process both cash and card payments and be vigilant against theft to protect your store.
  9. Develop your supermarket: Over time, perform tasks like redecorating, painting walls, installing new lights, and decorations to upgrade your store.
  10. Management and strategy challenge: Supermercado Gerente Simulator offers entertainment alongside a challenge, testing your management and strategic skills.

Gameplay Supermercado Supermarket Mod Android

In Supermercado Gerente Simulator Mod Free Purchase, players take on the role of a supermarket manager and must perform various tasks to build and operate a successful supermarket. Here's a description of the gameplay:

  • Building a supermarket: Players start with a small store and gradually develop it into a larger supermarket by expanding space, shopping for decorations, and adding new amenities.
  • Inventory management: Players must monitor inventory levels, place orders from suppliers, and ensure that shelves are always stocked to meet customer demand.
  • Customizing the supermarket: Players can customize the store's appearance by choosing themes, colors, and decorations to create a unique and attractive shopping space.
  • Staff management: Players can recruit, train, and manage staff to ensure efficient operations and provide the best customer service.
  • Creating promotions: Players can create promotions and discounts to attract customers and increase sales.
  • Handling payments and preventing theft: Players must handle both cash and card payments and take precautions against theft by installing security systems.
  • Developing the supermarket: Players need to perform maintenance and upgrades to improve and expand their store over time.

With its diverse and engaging gameplay, Supermercado Gerente Simulator promises a realistic and challenging supermarket management experience for players.

Pros and Cons Supermercado Gerente Simulator iOS


  • Diverse features: The game offers a range of management features such as inventory management, store customization, staff management, and promotion creation, providing a varied and engaging playing experience.
  • Realistic graphics: With stunning 3D graphics, the game delivers a realistic and vibrant shopping environment, allowing players to immerse themselves in the world of a supermarket.
  • Customization and expansion: Players have the ability to customize and expand their store through decorating, expanding product offerings, and upgrading facilities.
  • Challenge and strategy: The game presents management and strategic challenges, from resource management to optimizing customer service, helping players develop management skills.


  • Repetitive: The game may become repetitive over time, especially if players lack creativity in developing their store.
  • Simplicity: While providing an enjoyable experience, the game may lack complexity and depth compared to some other games in the same genre.
  • Time-consuming: Managing a supermarket may require a significant amount of time and dedication from players, which may not be suitable for players with limited time.

In conclusion

Supermercado Gerente Simulator APK is an engaging supermarket management game with vibrant graphics and diverse features, although it also has certain drawbacks to consider before playing. Supermercado Gerente Simulator Mod is an attractive supermarket management game with many diverse features and vivid graphics. Players will experience managing a supermarket from construction, expansion to customization and development. While the game offers interesting experiences and challenges in management, it also has certain disadvantages such as repetition and simplicity. However, for players who are passionate about this genre, Supermercado Gerente Simulator will definitely bring many hours of entertainment and exciting experiences.


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