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PEGI Supermarket Cashier Simulator APK can be downloaded and installed on Android devices with API 23 or higher. This is a cozy and relaxing cash register and game simulator.


Name Supermarket Cashier Simulator
Version 2.3.2
Size 94.19 Mb
Category Educational
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+

Super Credit Card Simulator

Supermarket Cashier Simulator APK allows you to practice cashier skills in a virtual supermarket environment. Serve customers, scan documents and calculate all expenses with your voice on computer virtual cash register.

You need a good understanding of how your business works to ensure a smooth transition. The game tests your speed and efficiency as customers wait patiently for a long time.

Overall, this game is perfect for money managers and people who want to improve their math skills. Try Supermarket Cashier Simulator APK for Android now!

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The game features a real market environment with various items and counters for customers to buy. Planning in a warehouse is like a real market.

Meet all kinds of customers crazy for friendship, increase the realism of the game. I want you to have a pleasant shopping experience.

Complete skills to collect stars, coins and experience points. Use this money to buy new things to your credit, such as scanners and card readers. Earn enough stars to grow and open a big store.

Test your math skills

Just like in a real market, the supermarket checkout simulator has to calculate the purchase cost of each customer. You must calculate the price quickly and accurately and use the discount to make the appropriate adjustment.

This game offers a fun and engaging way to improve your counting skills. It improves your speed and efficiency.

Fortunately, the game calculator will help you with the calculations. Make your purchase correct by entering the correct price into the calculator. Otherwise, you'll see an error message that makes the customer unhappy.

Suitable for all ages

The supermarket collection simulator is suitable for players of all ages. This is an educational game and game for kids who want to be a cashier and want to learn more about restaurant business.

In your spare time you can play games to improve your math skills or relax and serve real customers on the cash register. So you'll always be ready for a real programming experience.


The game has a time mode where you have to serve many customers in a short time. This mode adds challenge and excitement to the game. Test your speed, accuracy and efficiency by forcing yourself.

Make sure your store scans and closes bags correctly, calculates every expense accurately, and gives out the correct change to delight real customers. This will help you earn more points and get a higher rank.

But if you want to play the game more comfortably, you can choose no time limit. This allows me to organize each step and focus on providing the right service for each client.

Available in different sizes

The game offers multiple currencies such as USD, GBP, EUR and AUD. Add realism to the game by learning how to manage different currencies in Supervisor.

You can choose your favorite currency and exchange it in the game. It helps to learn and understand different currencies and improve trade management skills.

Train him to be the best employee of the store. Become a consumer by planning and matching your skills in the food industry. Practice your math and computer skills quickly with time mode Kids as well as adults will find this coin collecting game fun and challenging. A simple and free pig simulation game.

Outstanding Features

  • Cash register with scanner, card reader and printer
  • How many different products can you get for the same price?
  • Learn how to change to clear your mind
  • Computer knowledge is required when entering PLU codes and passwords.
  • New food upgrades and chests can be added to the shop.

You can use this game to do your first mission or just focus and have fun at the same time. See if you can make it through any supermarket shopping situation. This game is fun for both kids and adults.

Challenge yourself with the time or relax with the time. Choose from US dollars ($), British pounds (£) or Canadian dollars (C$). See if you can make it through any supermarket shopping situation.

Wide selection: You can try popular products in the supermarket, from fruits and vegetables to skin care products.
Receipt Printer: In the game there is a physical receipt printer that can print receipts for actual customers.
Realistic supermarket setting: The game takes place in a virtual supermarket, offering various products, cash and even customer service.
Real Credit Card Scanner: Have a real credit card scanner and reader to scan and scan your card.
Realistic Barcode: Each item in the game has a unique barcode that can identify you and search more accurately.
Beautiful graphics: Vivid colors and visually appealing, make your gaming experience more enjoyable.
Realistic sound processing: Realistic sounds such as the sound of documents printing, the sound of a scanner stealing paper documents, the sound of a printer.
Structure: As the game progresses, the levels become more difficult with more customers and shorter donation times.


With Supermarket Cashier Simulator Game, you can easily complete all your tasks and needs. You can usually get rewards easily by spending a lot of time or money, but with Supermarket Cashier Simulator APK you can reach your destination in no time. Supermarket Cashier Simulator APK is a great way to beat the competition. The fee to use the system is free, so you can use it with peace of mind.

If you want to download Supermarket Cashier Simulator APK, you can download it from here. This game will update the Super Cashier Simulator APK version as soon as possible. Users can update the Cashier Simulator Supermarket APK file without downloading Google Play.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Supermarket Cashier Simulator APK

Can I play Supermarket Cashier Simulator on different devices? +

This depends on the developer's policy. Some games let you sync progress between multiple devices, while others don't.

How to save status in Supermarket Cashier Simulator? +

To save states in the game, you need to log in to your game account or use the automatic save state feature if the game supports it.

Can I play Supermarket Cashier Simulator on my computer? +

Yes, you can play Supermarket Cashier Simulator on your computer using an Android emulator like BlueStacks or Nox Player. You just need to download the emulator and then download and install the Supermarket Cashier Simulator APK application on it.

Do I need an internet connection to play this game? +

Usually not, Supermarket Cashier Simulator APK is an offline game, meaning you don't need an internet connection to play. However, there may be some internet-related features or advertisements.

Can I play Supermarket Cashier Simulator on iOS? +

Currently, Supermarket Cashier Simulator APK only supports devices running the Android operating system. To play on iOS, you need to search for the corresponding version on the App Store.

How to level up in Supermarket Cashier Simulator? +

To increase your level, you need to continue playing and complete quests or perform special missions in the game. But no need to worry, tutorials will appear in the game to guide you.

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