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AniMatch APK is an intellectual puzzle game that combines jigsaw mechanics and image recognition, providing an interesting and engaging experience for players.


Name AniMatch
Pagekage name com.lima.animatchnew
Version 1.0.0
Size 16.7 MB
Category Educational
Price $0.99
Compatible with Android 2.3+
Developer Lima Sky LLC

About of AniMatch APK

AniMatch APK is a mind and puzzle game suitable for mobile devices running the Android operating system. This game combines the jigsaw mechanism and the ability to recognize images, bringing an interesting and engaging experience for players.

In AniMatch APK, you will encounter a grid of many images of cartoon characters. Your task is to find and match pairs of similar shapes. When matching a pair of shapes, they will disappear, giving you a score. The goal of the game is to clear all the shapes in the shortest time.

Overview of AniMatch APK Mobile Game

AniMatch APK has many different levels to challenge your skills. You will face larger grids and shorter and shorter time limits. At the same time, the images in the game will also be beautifully designed and sharp, bringing excitement when exploring and searching for pairs of pictures.

In addition, AniMatch APK also offers single player mode and fighting game mode. You can challenge your friends and family in fighting mode to see who has the highest score.

For those who love mind games and animation, AniMatch game download APK is a great choice for entertainment and relaxation. Download and experience this game on your mobile phone today!

Features of AniMatch APK for Android

  • Single player mode: You can play the game in single player mode where you can find and match pairs of pictures in the time allotted. The goal is to clear all the shapes in the shortest time to get a high score.
  • Fighting mode: AniMatch APK provides a fighting mode, allowing you to challenge your friends or other players. You can see who can find and match the picture pairs fastest and get the highest score.
  • Incremental difficulty level: The game has many different levels to challenge your skills. When you successfully complete a level, you will open the next level with a larger grid of shapes and a shorter time limit.
  • Limited Time: Each level in AniMatch APK sets a time limit for you to find and match pairs of pictures. You need to complete the target within the given time to get a high score.
  • Various cartoon images: The game uses images of cartoon characters from many different types of cartoons. You will meet and get to know lovable characters along the way.
  • Simple User Interface: AniMatch APK has a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. You just need to touch and select the images to find matching pairs.
  • Scores and ratings: The game records your scores and displays player ratings. You can try to improve your personal record or compare scores with friends and other players.
  • Free and no internet connection required: AniMatch APK is a free game and does not require internet connection. You can play this game anytime and anywhere without worrying about losing connection.

With these features, AniMatch APK brings an interesting entertainment experience for players who love animation and jigsaw puzzles.

Game mode, graphics of the game AniMatch APK

The graphics in the AniMatch APK game are designed with sophistication and appeal. The cartoon images of the characters are carefully cared for and sharp. They have bright colors and move, giving an interesting look and excitement to the player.

The animations in AniMatch APK update are drawn and designed to match the themes and backgrounds of the characters. There may be characters from popular animated movies, anime series, or characters inspired by manga. Each image has its own character and creates a unique animated world.

In addition, the game's user interface is also designed to be simple and easy to use, allowing players to focus on finding and matching images conveniently.

How to play the game AniMatch APK Latest version

Open the AniMatch APK app on your mobile device.

On the main screen of the game, you will see a grid of animated images.

Your task is to find and match pairs of similar shapes. To do this, tap an image, then tap another image that you think resembles it.

If you choose right, two pictures will disappear and you will get score.

Keep finding and matching pairs of shapes until you have erased all the shapes on the grid.

Note that in each level you will have a limited time to complete the mission. Try to finish in the given time to get high score.

If you want to challenge your friends or other players, you can choose the fighting mode and see who can finish the fastest and get the highest score.

Track your score and your ranking to boost the competition and improve your personal record.

That's how to play AniMatch APK game. Quickly download and start finding and pairing cool cartoon images in this game!

Pros and cons of the game AniMatch APK iOS


  • Incremental difficulty level: AniMatch APK offers many different levels, from easy to difficult, to challenge players' skills. The increasing difficulty level makes the game more interesting and emotional as players try to overcome new challenges.
  • Fighting mode: The fighting mode allows players to challenge friends or other players, creating competition and fun. You can see who can complete the task fastest and get the highest score.
  • Easy to play and control: The game has a simple and easy to use interface. Players just need to touch the pictures to find and match. This makes it easy for anyone to join the game, without having to have complicated game skills.


  • Can get monotonous: Since the game focuses on finding and matching images, after a while it can become monotonous and lack variety. This can make some players feel bored after a while of playing.
  • May lack long-term challenge: Despite increasing difficulty, after a while the game can become too easy and lack of challenge. Players may feel that there is not enough stimulation and challenge to keep playing for long.
  • Lack of social interaction: Despite the fighting mode, the game does not have deeper social interaction features, like sharing scores on social networks or connecting with friends via social networks. This can reduce engagement and the ability to share the game with others.


AniMatch APK game is a simple but fun entertainment game that gives players interactive experiences with lovely cartoon images. Beautiful graphics, increasing difficulty level and fighting mode are the outstanding advantages of this game.

If you want to enjoy a simple and fun game with lovely cartoon images, AniMatch APK is a good choice.


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