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Super 16 Pro APK is a multi-featured professional filming and video editing application, bringing a unique and creative experience to users with classic and high-quality effects.


Name Super 16 Pro
Pagekage name com.dwsh.super16
Version 3.0.19
Size 70.4 MB
Category Photography
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Developer Dmitry Shatilov

About to Super 16 | 16mm Film Сamera APK

Perhaps you've heard of filmmaking or video recording with vintage effects, which bring a sense of nostalgia and professionalism from the past decade. If that is the case, then Super 16 Pro APK full is definitely an app you should try immediately!

Super 16 android is more than just a regular video camera app. Instead, it's a powerful tool for filmmaking enthusiasts, giving you a filming experience akin to classic 16mm and 8mm films. This means you can create shots with vintage effects, with a touch of the past, bringing originality and sophistication to your final product.

More Overview of Super 16 Pro Mobile App

With Super 16 app APK, you can not only create beautiful and realistic color footage like a dream, but you can also adjust the colors to your liking. With powerful filter profiles of classic Kodak Vision3 film and manual color adjustment options, you'll have the ability to create unique and diverse color effects like never before.

Not only that, Super 16 camera APK also allows you to simulate aspects of analog filming such as smudges, scratches, and frame shake. This creates a natural and realistic feel to your video, helping it stand out from the crowd.

Besides, with the professional shooting feature, you can change focus and exposure settings to create diverse and professional footage. And with a recording speed of 24 frames per second, you'll have the ability to create authentic movie effects.

All features in Super 16 Pro Latest Version

  • Professional Video Capture: Super 16 APK premium allows you to create high-quality footage, just like classic 16mm and 8mm film cameras. Explore the possibilities of creating professional, nostalgic effects without having to own complicated equipment.
  • Rich Color Editing: With over 70 filters and the ability to adjust color as you like, you can create unique and rich color effects. Customize temperature curves, tones, saturation and many other parameters to create the most unique videos.
  • Analog Film Simulation: Super 16 Pro not only allows you to create shots with classic effects, but also simulates the characteristics of analog filming. Enjoy the natural and realistic look of stains, scratches and other effects without having to use an actual video camera.
  • Shoot like a pro: Adjust focus and exposure settings to create unique, professional footage. Shoot at 24 frames per second to create authentic movie effects and captivate viewers.
  • Convenient Interface: With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, you can create scenes flexibly and quickly. Create your own presets and use them easily whenever needed.

Instructions, how to use Super 16 Pro For Android

Explore the Interface: Open Super 16 Pro APK and explore the interface. You'll see filming and color editing options displayed on the screen.

Record Movie: Click the camera icon to start recording. You can adjust settings like focus, exposure, and recording speed before you start recording.

Color Correction: After filming, you can switch to the editing tab to fine-tune the colors. Use available filters and adjust color parameters to your liking.

Apply Analog Effects: If you want to add vintage effects to your video, you can choose options that simulate analog film like smudges, scratches, and frame shake.

View and Save: When you're done editing, review your video to make sure you're satisfied with the result. You can then store the video or share it directly from the app.

Customize and Store Settings: To save time on future projects, you can customize and store your settings for future reuse.

Tips and advice when using for Super 16 Pro iOS

Test and Learn: Before starting your important filming project, test and learn how to use the features of Super 16 Pro APK. This helps you become familiar with the interface and understand how to adjust the settings to achieve the best results.

Creativity and Experimentation: Don't hesitate to experiment with different color effects and analog film simulations. Creativity and experimentation will help you create unique and outstanding footage.

Hard Work and Patience: Filming and color grading is a process that requires patience and hard work. Take the time to test and adjust each frame to ensure that you achieve the best possible results.

Learn from the Community: Don't hesitate to join online communities or forums to learn from other users on how to use Super 16 Pro APK and share your experiences.

Share and Get Feedback: After completing a project, share it with friends, colleagues or online communities to receive feedback and suggestions for improvements.

Create Presets: To save time, create and store presets for various filming projects. This helps you quickly apply the right settings without having to adjust them from scratch.

Explore and Challenge Yourself: Use Super 16 Pro APK to challenge yourself and explore new ideas. Don't hesitate to experiment with different styles and techniques to develop your skills and creativity.

Advantages and disadvantages Super 16 | 16mm Film Сamera APK


  • Professional Video Quality: Super 16 Pro APK provides professional video quality, helping to create footage with classic effects without using complicated equipment.
  • Diverse Editing Features: This app has a variety of color editing and analog effects features, allowing users to tweak videos flexibly and creatively.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Super 16 Pro APK's interface is designed to be simple and intuitive, helping users easily access and use the application effectively.
  • Versatility: Users can create and store presets for different projects, saving time and improving work efficiency.


  • High Configuration Requirements: Super 16 Pro APK requires a device with powerful configuration to run smoothly and efficiently. This can cause difficulties for users using devices that do not have high configuration.
  • Can Be Complicated for Beginners: Although the app's interface is easy to use, tweaking colors and effects may require some basic knowledge of video editing and filmmaking.
  • Large Storage Requirements: Shooting and editing video can create large files, requiring users to have adequate storage space on their devices.


Super 16 Pro APK is a powerful and feature-rich filming and video editing application, giving users a professional and creative filmmaking experience. With high video quality, editing flexibility, and an easy-to-use interface, this app is a great tool for those who want to create unique and impressive works of art.

Overall, Super 16 Pro APK is a powerful and flexible tool that gives users the opportunity to express their creativity and create unique and classy video works.


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FAQs? Super 16 Pro APK

Does the application require specific configuration? +

That's right, Super 16 Pro APK requires an Android device with an operating system version of Android 6.0 or higher and a relatively high hardware configuration for the best experience.

How do I create presets for my projects? +

To create presets, you can adjust focus, exposure, and color settings to your liking, then store them for future reuse.

How many filters are available in the app? +

Super 16 Pro APK offers more than 70 filters containing profiles of classic Kodak Vision3 film, black and white filters, and many other color adjustment options.

Can I share my videos from this app? +

Sure! You can share your videos directly from Super 16 Pro APK to social media platforms or store them on your device to share later.

Is there a usage fee for Super 16 Pro APK? +

This application has a free version with basic features. However, to access advanced features, you may need to purchase the Pro version for a small fee.

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