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Photify AI APK is an application that awakens your creativity with a diverse photo editing experience, exploring hairstyles, changing your appearance and immersing yourself in a unique virtual world.


Name Photify AI
Pagekage name
Version 1.2.1
Size 18.05 Mb
Category Photography
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Developer Ex-human, Inc

About to Photify AI APK

Photify AI APK is not just an ordinary photo editing tool, but a door without limits for creativity.

Photify AI alternative free APK is not simply a photo editor, it is also a companion in constantly exploring your creativity. With a simple photo, you can do many extraordinary things, from changing your hairstyle, changing your gender, experimenting with skin color and outfits - all done through the "lens" of artificial intelligence.

More Overview of Photify AI Latest Version

Photify AI free online APK's outstanding features are not limited to creating diverse looks with just one photo. You can easily explore hairstyles, genders, skin tones, and even try on outfits inspired by celebrities or fashion trends.

A special feature is that Photify AI APK allows you to immerse yourself in different contexts and locations, opening up interesting and different experiences that were previously only available in your imagination. Photify AI APK is not just a photo editing tool but also an exciting journey to express yourself and explore uncharted creative territories.

All features in Photify AI For Android

  • Create Diverse Looks: Don't limit your creativity to just one simple photo. Change hair style, gender, and skin tone flexibly and easily.
  • Explore Hairstyles and Gender: Experience a breakthrough in changing your hairstyle, gender, and many other appearance factors. Opens up new possibilities for personal self-image transformation.
  • Try Out Outfits and Get Inspired by Celebrities: Explore the world of fashion and outfits with the ability to try on online. Transform into famous characters and experience their style.
  • Dive Into Different Scenarios: Imagine yourself in unique settings and exotic locations. Immerse yourself in the diverse scenarios and unique locations that Photify AI APK has to offer.
  • Chic Outfits for Every Occasion: Experiment with outfits from street to party, without having to actually try them on in person. Experience the charm of luxury outfits that the app offers.
  • Easy Sharing: Share your creations and transformations directly from the app. Connect with a community of users exploring their creativity.

Instructions, how to use Photify AI Mobile App

Login or Register: Open the app and log in if you already have an account. If not, register to experience full features.

Upload Photos: Choose a photo from your gallery or take a new one right from the app.

Change Your Appearance: Explore the "Appearance" tab to experiment with factors like hairstyle, gender, and skin tone. Tap each option to see the change directly on your photo.

Fashion Experience: Integrate the "Fashion" tab to try on outfits from famous characters or new fashion trends. Drag and drop to see how the outfit or accessory will look on you.

Explore Scenarios and Locations: Create new spaces for your photos through the "Scenarios" tab. Use the "Locations" tab to explore unique settings and create unexpected images.

Share and Save Photos: When you finish editing, share your creations directly from the app. Save high-quality photos to share or print later.

Tips and advice when using for Photify AI iOS

Actively Explore Features: Don't hesitate to test out all the features Photify AI has to offer. You will be surprised at your creativity as you expand your horizons.

Maintain Naturalness: When editing photos, keep your appearance natural. While apps are hugely transformative, sometimes simplicity is key.

Learn How to Combine Elements Well: Experiment with how to combine hairstyles, outfits, and settings so they blend together. This creates a unique and impressive final image.

Always Save the Original: Before you start editing, always save the original of your photo. This makes it possible to roll back any changes if needed.

Share and Communicate in the Community: Connect with the Photify AI user community. Share your creations, get feedback and get inspired by others.

Enjoy Entering Another World: Use the "Scenarios" and "Locations" features to experience the feeling of being in a new world. This increases the creativity and style of the photo.

Focus on Details: When experimenting with outfits and hairstyles, pay attention to the small details. This helps create an image of care and meticulousness.

Find Inspiration Offsite: Explore fashion, art, and culture trends to find new inspiration using Photify AI.

Advantages and disadvantages Photify AI APK


  • Diverse Editing Features: Photify AI APK really stands out with its diversity of editing features, from changing personal appearance to creating new scenarios and locations.
  • There are no limits to creativity: The ability to transform images and experiment with various elements opens up a world of unrestricted creativity, taking users on imaginative journeys.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The application's interface is very easy to use and user-friendly, helping new users quickly get used to it.
  • Dynamic Community: The ability to share and interact within the user community is a strength, creating connection and creative support.


  • Performance in Some Scenarios: In some cases, application performance may decrease when processing large images or when using complex features.
  • Internet Connection Required: Some features, especially downloading new scenarios and locations, require an internet connection, which may reduce the experience when used offline.
  • Limitation on Fine Detail Editing: In some cases, the application may be limited in fine detail editing, losing the naturalness of the photo.


With a variety of features, friendly interface, and community interaction, Photify AI APK promises to bring unique moments to users. For those who want to explore and transform personal images in a unique way, Photify AI APK is a powerful tool and worth testing. Take advantage of this app's unique features to create limitless works of digital art and share your creative passion within the user community.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Photify AI APK

Do I need an account to use Photify AI? +

Yes, to enjoy full features, you need to log in or register for an account.

Does Photify AI require an internet connection? +

Some features such as loading scenarios and new locations may require an internet connection, but you can still use many features offline.

How do I share my photos from Photify AI? +

After editing, you can share photos directly from the app through built-in sharing options.

What advanced features are available in the paid version of Photify AI? +

The paid version offers many expansions and additional features, like access to new scenarios and locations, as well as advanced editing tools.

Can I restore the original photo after editing it? +

Sure, you can always keep the original of the photo and restore it at any time.

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