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Re Lens Camera APK is an advanced photography app that provides a creative experience with excellent photo quality, diverse filters, and advanced features, helping you turn ordinary moments into impressive works of art.


Name ReLens Camera
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Version 3.3.3
Size 70.83 Mb
Category Photography
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
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About to ReLens Camera-Focus &DSLR Blur APK

ReLens Camera DSLR Portrait APK is an advanced and unique photography application, designed to bring a new and creative photography experience to users. With many unique features and a friendly user interface, this application promises to bring unique photography experiences that you have never experienced before.

One of the highlights of Re Lens Pro APK is the ability to optimize photo quality through advanced technologies, helping to enhance the sharpness, resolution and contrast of photos. Users can easily tweak settings to create unique and impressive works of photo art.

More Overview of ReLens Camera Mobile App

ReLens Premium APK offers many filters and effects that you can add to your photos, creating photos with a unique style. This feature helps users express their creativity and personalize their photography.

In addition, Focus & DSLR Blur-Re Lens Camera APK also integrates quickly and easily to share photos on popular social networking platforms. You can share your unique moments instantly and get feedback from the community.

All features in ReLens Camera For Android

  • Optimize Photo Quality: ReLens Camera APK uses advanced technologies to optimize photo quality, including enhancing sharpness, resolution and contrast.
  • Filters and Effects: The app offers a variety of filters and effects so you can customize and personalize your photos. This feature helps create photos with a unique style.
  • Advanced Shooting Modes: ReLens Camera APK supports advanced shooting modes such as slow shooting, fast shooting, night shooting and many other modes to meet a variety of photography needs.
  • Live Editing: Users can edit photos immediately after taking them, with features such as cropping, rotating, adjusting brightness, contrast and color.
  • Quick Sharing: Integrates quick sharing on popular social networking platforms, making it easy for users to share special moments with friends and family.
  • RAW Image Capture: Supports RAW format image capture, providing the ability to edit photos with high quality and great flexibility in the editing process.
  • Cloud Sharing and Storage: ReLens Camera APK has built-in cloud storage and sharing, helping users easily access and backup their photos from any device.
  • Diverse Video Shooting Modes: Besides taking photos, the application also supports video shooting mode with many options and effects to create creative videos.
  • AI Integration: Uses artificial intelligence to identify and optimize photography elements, providing users with a smart and convenient photography experience.
  • Friendly User Interface: ReLens Camera APK has a simple and friendly user interface, helping users easily operate and explore features quickly.

Instructions, how to use ReLens Camera Latest Version

Step 1: Open the App and Log In

  • Open ReLens Camera APK after installation. Some apps may require you to sign in or create an account to use full features.

Step 2: Explore the User Interface

  • Explore the app's user interface. Learn about the icons and menus so you can easily access photography and editing features.

Step 3: Choose Photo or Video Mode

  • Choose photo or video mode depending on your needs. Some applications provide different shooting modes such as night photography, slow photography, or bokeh photography.

Step 4: Customize Shooting Settings

  • Before shooting, customize shooting settings such as resolution, photo quality, white balance, and other options based on your specific needs.

Step 5: Use Filters and Effects

  • If ReLens Camera APK supports filters and effects, experiment and apply them to create photos with unique and impressive styles.

Step 6: Edit and Optimize Photos

  • After shooting, use editing features to crop, rotate, and adjust brightness, contrast, and color to optimize your photo.

Step 7: Share Photos

  • Finally, use the sharing feature to put your photos on social networks or online storage.

Tips and advice when using for ReLens Camera-Focus &DSLR Blur APK

Learn About the Features: First of all, take some time to familiarize yourself with all the features that ReLens Camera APK has to offer. This helps you take full advantage of the application's potential.

Advanced Photography Options: Explore advanced photography options such as night shots, slow shots, and bokeh shots. This helps you adapt to any photography situation.

Fine-tune Settings Before Shooting: Before pressing the shutter button, make sure you have properly adjusted settings such as resolution, image quality, and white balance for the best photo results.

Use Filters and Effects Creatively: Experiment with filters and effects to create uniquely styled photos. However, remember to keep in mind to avoid overuse.

Share at the Right Time: When you're satisfied with the photo, share it immediately to capture the moment and get feedback from the community.

Advantages and disadvantages ReLens Camera iOS


  • Good Photo Quality: ReLens Camera APK delivers good photo quality with high resolution and sharpness, especially when using advanced shooting modes.
  • Friendly User Interface: The app's user interface makes learning and using features easy.
  • Quick Sharing: Quick sharing capabilities make it easy to share photos with friends and family.


  • System Resource Requirements: At times, ReLens Camera APK may require a lot of system resources, especially when using high-quality photography features.
  • Update Regularly: Updating can be important to resolve issues and improve application performance.


ReLens APK Premium is not just a regular photography application, but also a creative and diverse tool, bringing a new and unique photography experience to users. With good photo quality, friendly user interface, and many unique features, this application has proven its appeal in the world of mobile photography.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? ReLens Camera APK

How to optimize photo quality when using ReLens Camera APK? +

To optimize photo quality, you can experiment and adjust settings such as resolution, photo quality, and white balance before shooting. Use advanced shooting modes such as night shooting and slow shooting to meet a variety of photography needs.

How to apply filters and effects creatively? +

After shooting, select the photo to edit and learn about the filters and effects available in ReLens Camera APK. Apply them creatively and subtly to create unique and impressive photos.

Does the ReLens Camera APK app integrate AI? +

Yes, ReLens Camera APK integrates artificial intelligence to identify and optimize photography elements, providing a smart and convenient photography experience.

How to share photos quickly after taking them? +

After taking a photo, use the sharing feature of ReLens Camera APK to quickly upload photos to social networks or store online. You can share your unique moments instantly.

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