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Specimen Zero APK is an online horror game that places players in a scary and stressful environment where they must face a dangerous creature and find a way to survive.


Name Specimen Zero
Version 1.1.1
Size 154.2 MB
Category Arcade
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Developer Café Studio

About of Specimen Zero APK

Specimen Zero APK is an online horror game developed and published by independent developers. This game puts players in a terrifying and tense environment where they must face a dangerous creature and find a way to survive.

In Specimen Zero APK, players will take on the role of a character trapped in a secret laboratory. Their mission is to find out the secret behind the creature Specimen Zero and find a way out of this place. This creature is not only dangerous but also very intelligent, always chasing and attacking players. Players need to search for tracks, solve puzzles and collect targets to progress further in the game.

Overview of Specimen Zero Mobile APK

Specimen Zero APK premium creates an atmosphere of horror and tension thanks to its excellent sound and visuals. Limited flashlights and narrow spaces create a feeling of being trapped and add to the thrill. The game also features an online multiplayer element, allowing you to play alongside friends or other players from around the world, creating a more horror experience of facing the Specimen Zero creature together.

Specimen Zero APK requires players to have courage and patience to face scary situations and solve difficult puzzles. This is a game suitable for those who love the horror genre and want to experience moments of tension and suspense in an interactive online environment.

Features of Specimen Zero for Android

  • Scary Creature: Specimen Zero APK is a dangerous and intelligent creature. It will hunt and attack the player throughout the game, creating constant tension and pressure.
  • Horrible Environment: The game builds a haunting and gloomy environment. The ruined laboratory, mysterious corridors and dark areas create a sense of horror and difficulty for players.
  • Puzzles and quests: Players need to solve puzzles and search for targets to advance in the game. This requires observation, analytical ability and logic.
  • Light and Flashlight System: The game limits the light by using a limited flashlight. Players need to manage the flashlight resource and find a way to recharge it so as not to be sealed in the dark.
  • Online Multiplayer: Specimen Zero supports online multiplayer mode, allowing you to play with friends or other players from around the world. You can cooperate or compete with each other to find a way to survive.
  • Horror sounds and visuals: The game uses 3D sound effects and high-quality graphics to create an atmosphere of horror and haunting. It enhances the player's experience and ensures real fear.
  • Interface and control system: Specimen Zero has an intuitive and easy-to-use player interface. Players can control the character and interact with the environment through buttons and shortcuts.

Game mode, graphics of Specimen Zero APK

Detailed environments: The labs, corridors and surroundings are designed with realistic detail. Walls, materials and objects are created with care to create a mysterious and gloomy space.

Light and shadow: The graphics in Specimen Zero make subtle use of light and shadow effects. Dim lighting, limited flashlights and dark areas create an atmosphere of horror and enhance feelings of tension and fear.

Visual Effects: The game uses special visual effects to add realism and horror. This includes realistic lighting, shadows, blur effects, and reflections.

Creature Design: The Specimen Zero APK creature is designed with fear and originality in mind. It has a horror appearance, characterized by a difference from ordinary creatures. The detailed graphics of the creature help create a sense of fear and obsession for the player.

Player Interface: The player interface in the game is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. It displays essential information such as goals, flashlights, tools and character controls clearly and conveniently.

How to play the game Specimen Zero APK Latest version

Explore the environment: Start by exploring your surroundings. Learn about the lab, the corridor, and the adjoining area. Examine drawers, cabinets, or other objects for hints, goals, or useful tools.

Puzzle solving: In the game, you will encounter puzzles and problems that need to be solved to progress further. Explore traces, mysteries and objects in the environment to find solutions. Use observation, logical thinking and analytical ability to succeed.

Avoid Creatures: The Specimen Zero APK creature is a major danger in the game. Be careful and avoid it by moving smartly, using shadows and cover to hide. If attacked, find a way to escape or use means of self-defense.

Flashlight management: In the game, you will use a flashlight to light up. However, flashlights have limitations and can run out of power. Smartly manage flashlight resources, use light only when needed, and find ways to recharge it through in-game energy sources.

Use sound and information: Listen to the sounds around you. It can help you detect the presence of organisms or important traces. Use this information to plan and make decisions.

Use multiplayer mode: If you wish, you can participate in Specimen Zero's online multiplayer mode. Team up with friends or other players to help each other find goals and overcome terrifying challenges.

Pros and cons of Specimen Zero APK iOS


  • Atmosphere of Horror: Specimen Zero succeeds in creating a space of horror, haunting and tension. This brings a scary and suspenseful experience to the players.
  • Graphics and Sound: The game uses high-quality graphics and good sound effects to recreate a scary environment and at the same time enhance the sense of horror.
  • Skill Elements: Specimen Zero APK requires the player to use logical thinking, observation, and analytical abilities to solve puzzles and avoid creatures.
  • Multiplayer Mode: There is an online multiplayer mode that allows players to cooperate or compete with each other, creating a unique experience and social interaction.


  • Maybe too horror: For some players, Specimen Zero APK can be too scary and terrifying, especially if they don't like the horror genre. This can take away the fun and comfort of playing.
  • Repeatability: Once you've completed the game and learned the tips and tricks, Specimen Zero can become repetitive and lack the element of surprise.
  • High configuration requirements: The game may require a high computer configuration to run smoothly with good graphics and sound effects.
  • Playtime Limits: Specimen Zero APK can have a short playtime, especially if the player solves the puzzles and key points of the game quickly.


Specimen Zero APK is an engaging online horror game that gives players scary and tense experiences. With high quality graphics, delicate sounds and scary environment, the game brings an atmosphere of horror and haunting to the players.

Experience as a horror lover through moments of tension and suspense in an interactive online environment.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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