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Snoot Game Trish APK is a unique and interesting game about a million-year prehistoric romance between the main character Anon and qt ptero Fang at Volcano High school.


Name Snoot Game Trish
Version 8.0.0
Size 223 MB
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Snoot Game

About of Snoot Game Trish APK

Snoot Game Trish APK is a unique video game, inspired by a prehistoric romance that spans a million years. This game has been developed as an Android version, and is also available on other platforms such as Mac, Windows, and Linux.

In Snoot Game download APK, the player plays a character named Anon. Anon is a lonely and anonymous individual who always feels rejected and that no one cares about him. The story begins when Anon goes on a special acid trip, themed around the world of dinosaurs, at a school called Volcano High.

At Volcano High, Anon meets another important character on his journey, a qt ptero known as Fang. Fang plays an important role in Anon's journey and becomes an indispensable part of Anon's life.

Overview of Snoot Game Trish APK Mobile

This game explores the complex relationships between Anon, Fang, and their group of friends, and challenges players with elements such as rejection, fear, and discovering one's own nature. Snoot Game endings APK offers a colorful and engaging experience, with unique gameplay and engaging story, combined with the use of simple yet creative graphics of MS Paint.

In short, Snoot Game trailer is a unique game about an emotional romantic adventure in a creative and unique prehistoric world.

Features of Snoot Game Trish APK Latest Version

Below are detailed features of Snoot Game Trish APK:

  • Prehistoric Romance: The game revolves around a romance spanning millions of years, creating an interactive map with the development of the relationship between the main characters.
  • The player plays as Anon: The player takes on the role of the character Anon, a lonely and anonymous individual, going through a journey full of challenges and spiritual growth.
  • Explore the world of Volcano High: The game allows players to explore the school Volcano High with unique areas and locations, designed in the simple visual style of MS Paint.
  • Qt ptero character Fang: Players will meet and interact with the qt ptero character named Fang, who has an important role in the story and relationship with Anon.
  • Unique Group of Friends: During Anon's journey, players can meet and interact with different groups of friends, each with their own unique characteristics and personalities.
  • Psychological challenges: The game may pose psychological challenges to the player, such as rejection, fear, and Anon's personal growth during gameplay.
  • MS Paint: Snoot Game Trish uses a simple and creative graphic style, designed using an MS Paint-like interface to create a unique and fun experience.
  • Cross-platform version: The game is available on multiple platforms, including Android, Mac, Windows and Linux, to ensure convenience for players on multiple devices.

Graphics of Snoot Game Trish APK For Android

Snoot Game Trish's graphics use simple images and colors, mainly lines and basic colors. This creates a raw and interesting look, consistent with the MS Paint style. Due to the limitations in rendering and colors, you can expect that the game's graphics will have lower visual quality than modern games that use 3D and high quality graphics.

Using an MS Paint-like graphic style can create a creative and unique experience, with a focus on storytelling and interaction rather than complex graphics.

Sometimes, the game uses simple graphics to focus on the story content and the character's mood, helping players focus on their relationships and souls.

How to play and gameplay of Snoot Game Trish APK iOS

Story and interaction: The game focuses on building a romantic and psychological story between the main character Anon and the qt ptero character Fang. Players will participate in interactions and decisions in the story to shape the development of this relationship.

World Exploration: The game allows the player to explore the world of Volcano High and interact with other characters and objects in the school. This opens up interaction options and story progression.

Decisions and Choices: Players must make important decisions in the game, which can affect the outcome of the story and the relationships between characters.

Psychological challenges: The game poses psychological challenges for the main character Anon, and players will need to handle them to develop the character.

Advantages and disadvantages of Snoot Game Trish APK


  • Unique Story: The story spans a million years and the prehistoric romantic relationship could be an attraction, especially for those who love complex and emotional stories.
  • Interaction and choice: The game allows players to participate in decision-making and interact in the story, which creates fun and variation over multiple playthroughs.
  • Personal Growth: The story includes psychological challenges for the protagonist, which creates notable growth and evolution for the character throughout the journey.


  • Low quality graphics: Using an MS Paint-like graphic style results in lower image quality than many modern games, losing visual appeal and appeal.
  • Not an option for everyone: The game's distinctive style may make it unsuitable for everyone, especially those who love beautiful and modern graphics.
  • Gameplay ambiguity: The game does not provide clear instructions on how to play and interact, players may have difficulty understanding and participating in the game.


Snoot Game Trish APK has the potential to interest those who love romantic stories and simple graphics. This creates a unique and creative experience, especially if the story and interactions in the game are done excellently.


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FAQs? Snoot Game Trish APK

What special features are there in Snoot Game Trish? +

The game has a complex story and explores romantic relationships, interactive decisions, and psychological formulas for the main character.

Is Snoot Game Trish highly difficult? +

Game difficulty can vary and depends on how the player manages their decisions and interactions within the story.

How long does it take to play Snoot Game Trish? +

Time to complete the game may vary depending on the player's interaction speed and their story decisions.

Is there a mobile version? +

Yes, Snoot Game Trish has an Android version so you can experience it on your mobile phone.

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