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Smart Launcher 6 Pro APK premium is a smart, sophisticated and feature-filled Android launcher that provides a personalized and convenient user experience on your mobile device.


Name Smart Launcher 6 Pro
Version 6.4 build 006
Size 21.9 MB
Category Personalization
Price Free
Compatible with Android 7.0+

About to Smart Launcher 6 Pro APK

Smart Launcher 6 Pro APK free download is a diverse and powerful Android launcher app, designed to improve performance and customize your usage experience on mobile devices. The app offers many powerful features and customization options, highlighting your primary workspace on your phone.

One of the outstanding advantages of Smart Launcher 6 Pro APK mediafıre is the ability to automatically arrange applications into categories, helping to save users time. This creates a smart user interface, no need to worry about icon arrangement.

The app's ambient theme feature automatically changes the theme color to match the wallpaper, creating an aesthetically pleasing and harmonious experience. This makes the interface lively and user-friendly.

More Overview of Smart Launcher 6 Pro For Android

With full customization capabilities, users can adjust everything from colors to fonts and icons to their liking. This provides great flexibility, while creating a unique look that reflects personal style.

Smart Launcher 6 themes APK provides a built-in responsive widget that optimizes the usage experience and makes the home screen smart and efficient. Smart search and adaptive icons are other pluses, enhancing compatibility with many Android devices.

If you want to experience all the premium features and enjoy all the benefits, upgrading to the Pro version via descargar Smart Launcher 6 Pro APK is a choice worth considering. This will open up a series of premium features, optimize the usage experience and bring convenience to your Android phone.

All features in Smart Launcher 6 Pro Latest Version

  • Automatically Arrange Apps: The app automatically sorts icons into categories, helping users save time and create a smart user interface.
  • Ambient Theme: Automatically changes theme color to match the wallpaper, creating a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing interface.
  • Full Customization: The ability to customize every aspect, from colors and fonts to icons. Users have complete control over how their interface will appear.
  • Responsive Integrated Utilities: A set of built-in utilities helps optimize the user experience and brings convenience to users.
  • Smart Search: Powerful search bar helps users quickly find apps, contacts, and take other actions.
  • Adaptive Icons: Full support for icon formats, ensuring a beautiful look and compatibility with many Android devices.
  • Gestures and Hot Keys: Supports both gestures and hot keys, allowing users to customize and quickly access important functions.
  • Desktop Notifications: Display app notifications without requiring external plugin downloads, increasing stability and reliability.
  • Super Immersive Mode: Allows you to hide the navigation bar to maximize screen space, while keeping the interface clean.

Instructions, how to use Smart Launcher 6 Pro Mobile App

Install Smart Launcher 6 Pro APK: First of all, download and install Smart Launcher 6 Pro APK última versión on your mobile device. After installation, open the application.

Explore the Main Interface: After opening the app, you will see the main interface of Smart Launcher. Browse your home screen to understand how icons and widgets have been automatically arranged.

Customize Appearance: To customize the interface, press and hold on any empty area of the screen. You'll see an options menu, from which you can change the wallpaper, add widgets, and edit the screen structure.

Ambient Theme: Experience the ambient theme feature by changing the wallpaper. Smart Launcher will automatically change the theme color to match the new wallpaper.

Smart Search: Use the search bar at the top of the screen to quickly find apps, contacts, or take other actions.

Wallpaper Options: To change the wallpaper, press and hold on the screen, select "Wallpaper." You can choose from multiple image sources or backup your current wallpaper.

Customize Icon: To customize the icon, go to the application's settings. You can change the icon's size, shape, and many other features.

Gestures and Hotkeys: Enable gestures and hotkeys in settings. Perform gestures like double-tapping to turn off the screen or set up hotkeys to quickly access functions.

App Protection: To protect apps, long press on the app icon, select "Protect apps" and set a PIN to hide and protect important apps.

Tips and advice when using Smart Launcher 6 Pro iOS

Take Advantage of Customization Features: Use Smart Launcher 6 Pro's customization features to adjust colors, icon shapes, and other settings to reflect your personal style.

Organize Apps Efficiently: Use auto-organize apps to keep the interface clean and usable. You can also create custom categories to freely organize apps your way.

Regular Updates: Always check for Smart Launcher 6 Pro APK reddit updates to ensure you are using the latest version with improved features and bug fixes.

Explore Built-ins: Browse built-ins to learn about and use useful tools like weather, clock, and calendar date.

Backup and Restore Settings: Use the backup feature to keep your settings and personal preferences safe. This is useful when you want to move to a new device.

Control Battery Consumption: Monitor battery consumption and optimize settings to reduce battery consumption when using Smart Launcher.

Widget Compatibility: Use and enjoy popular widgets available to extend functionality and information directly from your home screen.

Advantages and disadvantages of Smart Launcher 6 Pro APK


  • Advanced Smart and Customizable Interface: Smart Launcher 6 Pro offers a smart, sophisticated and highly customizable user interface, helping users create a personalized experience.
  • Auto Arrange Apps: The auto-arrange app feature helps keep the home screen clean and tidy without requiring much organizing work from the user.
  • Responsive Built-in Utilities: Provides a full set of built-in utilities, helping to optimize the usage experience without needing to install many external applications.
  • Super Immersive Mode: This mode allows the navigation bar to be hidden to maximize screen space, creating a clean interface.


  • Initial Learning: It may take some time to get used to Smart Launcher's features and usage, especially for new users.
  • Requires Extensive Customization: For some users, advanced customization can be a plus, but can also make the app complicated for those who are not used to adjusting many settings .
  • Device Compatibility: There may be difficulty with some older Android devices or devices with low configuration when using some advanced features of the application.


Smart Launcher 6 Pro APK is a fully featured and refined Android launcher app that offers a smart and flexible user experience. With automatic app arrangement, ambient themes, and many other customization features, it helps optimize screen space and create a personalized interface according to your preferences. Smart Launcher 6 Pro APK is an excellent choice for those who want a fresh look and smarter Android experience. For those who are passionate about customization and want to experience something different, this is an app worth considering.


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FAQs? Smart Launcher 6 Pro APK

How to customize wallpaper on Smart Launcher 6 Pro? +

To customize the wallpaper, hold down the home screen and select "Wallpaper". From here, you can choose from a variety of image sources or backup your current wallpaper before testing a new one.

How to rearrange apps automatically on Smart Launcher 6 Pro? +

Smart Launcher automatically sorts apps into categories. If you want automatic reordering, hold down the home screen and select "Settings". Here, you can change how apps are arranged.

How to change the ambient theme on Smart Launcher 6 Pro? +

Smart Launcher 6 Pro automatically changes theme color to match your wallpaper. To control this, hold down the home screen, select "Settings", and you will see options related to themes and surroundings.

How to hide apps and protect them with PIN on Smart Launcher 6 Pro? +

To hide an app, hold the app icon and select "Protect App".
Here, you can choose to hide apps and set up a PIN to protect them.

How to take advantage of the smart search feature on Smart Launcher 6 Pro? +

Use the search bar at the top of the screen to quickly find apps, contacts, or take other actions. This search bar also supports web searches and performing calculations.

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