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Sketchware Pro MOD APK 6.4.1 Unlocked

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Sketchware Pro APK is an easy Android app creation tool with a drag-and-drop interface, database integration, and source code customization. Simple, flexible and suitable for every developer!


Name Sketchware Pro
Version 6.4.1
Size 84.4 MB
Category Tools
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Sketchware Pro
Mod Feature Unlocked

About to Sketchware Pro APK

Sketchware Pro APK github is a great tool for coding and mobile app development enthusiasts. Designed specifically for Android users, Sketchware Pro 6.3.0 APK provides an easy-to-use and powerful interface for creating applications without source code.

With Sketchware Mod APK download, you can create unique Android apps without having to code from scratch. This app offers a variety of drag and drop tools, allowing you to add elements like buttons, text boxes, images, and more to your project with ease.

More Overview of Sketchware Pro Mobile App

The strength of descargar Sketchware Pro APK is its highly customizable capabilities and power in the hands of users without the need for in-depth programming knowledge. With an integrated toolset, you can build complex features like database connectivity, event handling, and even create mobile games.

Not just for professional developers, Sketchware Pro 6.3.0 fix 1 is also ideal for beginners who want to explore the world of application development. With strong support features and a vibrant user community, creating your own Android app is no longer a luxury.

All features in Sketchware Pro Latest Version

  • Drag-and-Drop Interface: This is the key feature of Sketchware Pro APK for pc, allowing users to drag and drop various elements such as buttons, text boxes, images and more into your project with ease.
  • Event Handling: Users can add events and handle them flexibly. This allows for interactive behaviors in the application, such as reacting when the user taps a button or changes a value.
  • Database Integration: Sketchware Pro original APK supports SQLite database integration, allowing users to store and manage application data easily.
  • Customize source code (Custom Code): Although Sketchware Pro fix APK supports application development without writing source code, users can still customize their source code if desired.
  • Multi-Language Support: This is an important feature that helps the application meet the needs of global users by providing a multilingual user interface.
  • API Integration: Sketchware Pro allows integration of external APIs, helping to extend application capabilities through the use of services and resources from other providers.
  • Game Development: In addition to regular application development, Sketchware Pro latest version download also supports mobile game building, with appropriate tools and features.

Instructions, how to use Sketchware Pro For Android

Create new project:

  • Open Sketchware Pro and select New Project to start a new project.
  • Name the project and select necessary options such as application type, Android version, and language.

Use the drag and drop interface:

  • At the main project screen, you will see a clean interface with a toolbar at the bottom.
  • Use drag and drop tools to add elements like buttons, text boxes, images to your interface.

Event handling:

  • Click the component you want to add an event to, then select Events to add a handler for that event.
  • Select a specific event (for example, when a button is pressed) and add the corresponding source code.

Data management:

  • Use SQLite database integration to store and manage data for your application.
  • Add the table and necessary data fields, then use code blocks to perform CRUD (Create, Read, Edit, Delete) operations.

Source code customization:

  • If you need further customization, you can use the Custom section to write your desired Java or XML source code.

Test and deploy the application:

  • Use the Run feature to test the application on a mobile device or virtual machine.
  • Once you're satisfied with the results, you can export the app as an APK to distribute to users.

Tips and advice when using for Sketchware Pro iOS

Practice regularly: Don't hesitate to practice and test new features of Sketchware Pro. This will help you get acquainted quickly and gain a deeper understanding of how to use the application.

Learn from sample projects: If you're just starting out, start with the sample projects available in Sketchware Pro. This will help you understand how different features work and how they can be combined.

Join the user community: Join forums, social media groups, or Sketchware Pro-related websites to share experiences, learn from others, and get support when you encounter problems.

Read the documentation and tutorials: Take the time to carefully read the documentation and other resources that Sketchware Pro offers. This will help you better understand the features and how to use them effectively.

Use custom code blocks: If you feel limited by the drag and drop feature, learn how to use custom code blocks to customize your app as you like.

Be patient and keep learning: App development is not always easy. Be patient and keep learning from each project you undertake.

Perform cross-platform testing: Before deploying your app, make sure to test cross-platform across different devices and Android versions to ensure compatibility and best user experience.

Ask questions and seek solutions: If you have problems, don't hesitate to ask questions and seek solutions from the user community or documentation.

Advantages and disadvantages Sketchware Pro APK


  • Easy-to-use interface: Sketchware Pro's drag-and-drop interface makes application development simpler and more intuitive.
  • SQLite database integration: Database integration capabilities help users store and manage data effectively.
  • Ability to customize source code: Sketchware Pro provides a flexible environment for users to customize source code as needed, opening up many application development possibilities.
  • Vibrant user community: There is a large and supportive user community, making it easy for beginners to learn and solve problems.


  • Limitations in customization: Despite the ability to customize the source code, Sketchware Pro still has some limitations for complex and advanced customization.
  • Performance is not as high as traditional development: Compared to developing an application from scratch using source code, the performance of applications created with Sketchware Pro may not be as high.
  • Basic programming knowledge required: Even though it has a drag-and-drop interface, some basic programming knowledge is still required to effectively use Sketchware Pro.


Sketchware Pro APK is a powerful and convenient mobile application development tool, bringing many advantages and conveniences to users. With an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, database integration, code customization, and multi-language support, Sketchware Pro is ideal for both beginners and experienced developers. With flexibility, utility and a large user community, Sketchware Pro APK is a powerful tool for mobile application development on the Android platform.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Sketchware Pro APK

What applications can I use Sketchware Pro to develop? +

Sketchware Pro allows you to develop most types of mobile applications for the Android platform, including business, education, entertainment, and more.

Do I need programming knowledge before using Sketchware Pro? +

While you don't need to be a programming expert, basic knowledge of Android programming will help you use Sketchware Pro more effectively.

Does Sketchware Pro have database integration? +

Well, Sketchware Pro integrates an SQLite database, allowing you to store and manage data in your application.

How to add custom functions to my application? +

You can use custom code blocks to add custom functions in Java or XML to your application.

Does Sketchware Pro support game development? +

Yes, you can use Sketchware Pro to develop mobile apps and games on the Android platform as well.

How to test the application before deploying? +

You can use the Run feature in Sketchware Pro to test your app on a mobile device or virtual machine before deploying.

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