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Download Scars On APK is a sci-fi adventure game developed by Mad Head Games. You will play as Kate Ward fighting enemies and exploring the mysterious alien world.


Name Scars Above
Version 1.0
Size 621 MB
Category Adventure
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Mad Head Games

About of Scars Above APK

This is a sci-fi action adventure game developed by studio Mad Head Games and published by Tencent Games. In the game, players will take the role of pilot Diana, who was stranded on a distant planet after her spaceship crashed there.

Overview Scars Above APK

The game also has an RPG element with features like weapon upgrades, skill systems, and resource gathering to improve your gear. In addition, the plot of Scars Above is also considered a highlight of the game, with many surprises and risks waiting for players to discover.

Scars Above brings players a mysterious and dangerous alien world where they will have to solve puzzles and upgrade their equipment to deal with difficult challenges. The plot of the game is also very attractive with many surprises and risks waiting for players to discover.

Features of the game Scars Above

Alien Planet Adventure: Scars Above brings players to a mysterious and dangerous alien world where they will have to battle strange creatures and solve puzzles to find their way back to life go home.

Equipment Upgrades: Players can collect resources and upgrade their equipment, including weapons and costumes, to improve combat and survival.

Skill system: Scars Above has a skill system that allows players to customize their equipment with special skills to deal with different situations.

Exciting plot: The plot of Scars Above is considered a highlight of the game, with many surprises and risks waiting for players to discover.

Impressive graphics: Scars Above has impressive graphics with beautiful lighting, sound and visual effects, which enhances the player's experience.

Diverse experience: Scars Above offers players a variety of experiences, from fierce battles to quests and puzzles.

Cross-platform: Scars Above is released on multiple platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox and PC, allowing players to experience the game on many different devices.

Controller control: Scars Above supports controller control, allowing players to have a better gaming experience and enhance game interaction.

Open World: Scars Above features an open world that allows players to explore, search, and discover new areas and immerse themselves in the game's world.

Diverse supporting characters: Scars Above has many supporting characters with different skills and personalities, bringing new challenges and experiences to players.

Diverse opponents: In Scars Above, players will face many different types of opponents, from strange creatures to dangerous enemies, requiring players to have appropriate tactics and fighting skills. fit.

Multiplayer mode: Scars Above supports multiplayer mode, allowing players to participate in different fights and challenges with other players around the world.

Side Quests: In Scars Above, players will encounter many side quests and challenges to complete, bringing more novel experiences and enhancing the game's reusability.

Progression System: Scars Above features a progression system that allows players to track and improve their skills and gear as they complete quests and defeat enemies.

Scars Above is an exciting and varied sci-fi action-adventure game, with a variety of features and engaging experiences.

Graphics of the game Scars Above Mobile

The graphics of Scars Above are designed with high quality and detail, providing a vivid visual experience for players. The game uses Unreal Engine 4 technology, which allows to display beautiful 3D graphics, especially in-game landscapes and landscapes.

The characters and creatures in the game are designed with clear and sharp detail, allowing players to enjoy combat situations and adventure experiences in a beautiful sci-fi world.

The special effects in the game such as explosions, flames, lights and sounds are designed with high quality, creating a realistic and vivid combat experience.

This is one of the important factors that enhances the player's experience, bringing vividness and attraction to the game world.

How to play Scars Above Android

Create a character: Before you start playing, you need to create a character for yourself. You can customize your character's appearance and skills according to your preferences.

Explore the World: After creating your character, you will start at a starting point in the world of Scars Above. From there, you can explore and learn about the world in the game. Learn about in-game items, skills, weapons, and gear.

Complete Missions: Scars Above has many main quests to complete, which is the main story mission. Complete them to advance to new levels and discover more secrets of the game world.

Fighting: Scars Above is an action game, so you will often have to fight opponents in the game. Use your skills and weapons to defeat them.

Character upgrade: When you complete missions and defeat enemies, you will collect money and experience. Use them to upgrade your character's skills and equipment to become stronger and cope with more difficult challenges.

Interact with supporting characters: Scars Above has many lovely and interesting supporting characters. Interacting with them will help you find side quests and get helpful tips.

Use discovery mode: Scars Above has an exploration mode, which allows you to explore new areas and find the secrets of the game world.

Pros and cons of the game Scars Above


  • Beautiful graphics and vivid sound, create a very good atmosphere for the game.
  • The combat system is rich and varied, allowing players to use a variety of weapons and skills to deal with enemies.
  • The story in the game is built in an attractive and full of surprises, bringing an interesting experience to players.
  • There are many lovely and interesting side characters, along with side quests to increase the challenge and richness of the game.


  • The game can be quite difficult to play, especially for beginners.
  • There are some bugs and technical problems during the gameplay, which annoys the players.
  • The route finding system in the game is not well optimized, which can cause players to lose their way or have difficulty walking.

Scars Above is a game worth playing with many attractive advantages, but there are still some disadvantages that need to be improved to increase the attractiveness and richness of the game.


Overview of the game Scars Above shows that this is an action-adventure game that is worth playing, with beautiful graphics, vivid sound and a diverse combat system. The story is also very engaging and full of surprises, along with interesting side characters and side quests to add challenge and richness to the game.

However, the game also has some disadvantages, such as difficulty in traveling and some repetitive situations. Even so, the strengths of Scars Above are still enough to create a memorable gaming experience for players. If you are a fan of the action adventure genre, Scars Above will be a good choice to explore.

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FAQs? Scars Above APK

I get an error when installing or playing the game. How to fix? +

If you encounter errors while installing or playing Scars Above APK, you should try the following measures:

  • Make sure you have downloaded the latest APK version of the game.
  • Check if your phone has enough space and resources to run the game.
  • Delete the current installation and retry the installation from the beginning.
  • If you're still having problems, consult your game community or support site to find a specific solution.
Do I need to root my phone to play Scars Above APK? +

No, you do not need to root your phone to play Scars Above APK. This game can run on non-rooted devices without causing any problems.

Can I play Scars Above APK on any Android device? +

Not all Android devices are compatible with Scars Above APK. You'll need to check the specific system requirements on the game's official website or on the APK download source to make sure your device is powerful enough to run the game.

Why do I need to download Scars Above APK? +

There are a number of reasons you might want to download Scars Above APK, including avoiding regional restrictions or providing access to the game before it is officially released on the Google Play Store.

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