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Rise of the Kings APK is a real-time strategy game, players will build and manage empires, build bases, gather resources, create and train armies, fight enemies.


Name Rise of the Kings
Pagekage name com.and.riseofthekings
Version 1.9.53
Size 1.36 Gb
Category Strategy
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer ONEMT

About of Rise of the Kings APK

Rise of the Kings is a real-time strategy game developed by ONEMT, released for free on Android and iOS platforms. In this game, players will build and manage an empire, build bases, gather resources, create and train armies, fight enemies and engage in dramatic wars.

Overview of Rise of the Kings for Android

Players can also team up with other players to form alliances, fight together to win massive wars and defeat more powerful enemies. The game has impressive graphics, vivid sound and provides players with many different features and game modes to experience.

Rise of the Kings also allows players to forge alliances with other players, work together to defeat stronger enemies, and fight for fame and resources.

You can download Rise of the Kings APK on app stores like Google Play Store or App Store. However, make sure to download from a trusted source to avoid security and safety risks.

In addition, Rise of the Kings also has impressive graphics, vivid sound and provides players with many different features and game modes to experience. Like any other online game, Rise of the Kings can also be addictive and requires players to spend time and money to enhance their experience.

Features of Rise of the Kings APK iOS

  • Base Building: Players can build and upgrade their base with various types of buildings such as houses, palaces, fortresses, gold factories, research stations, etc.
  • Resource Gathering: Players must seek and collect resources such as wood, stone, gold, and food to grow their empire.
  • Army Training: Players can create and train different types of troops such as swordsmen, archers, soldiers, gunners, dragons, and more.
  • Combat: Players can engage in dramatic battles with the most powerful enemies to win and gain fame.
  • Alliances: Players can create and join alliances with other players to fight together and win.
  • Business and trade: Players can exchange resources and trade with other players to earn more resources.
  • Skill Upgrading: Players can upgrade their skills, such as increasing the speed of resource gathering, increasing the strength of troops, or increasing the durability of the base.
  • Special Events: There are special events in the game, such as dragon races, alliance wars, and regional wars.
  • Impressive graphics: The game has beautiful, detailed and vivid graphics, helping players have a more enjoyable experience.
  • Diverse game modes: In addition to the single player mode, the game also offers many multiplayer game modes such as resource race, battle arena, economic battlefield.

Game mode, graphics of Rise of the Kings APK Latest version

The graphics of the game Rise of the Kings APK are highly appreciated by players. The game uses 3D graphics with vibrant colors, special effects and delicate details. The buildings, troops and areas in the game are designed in detail and vividly, creating a large and attractive game world.

The buildings are designed with special details, such as houses with stone-covered windows and roofs, palaces with beautifully decorated columns and pillars. Troops are designed with each individual armor, weapon, and tool in mind, making them come to life and real.

In addition, the areas in the game are also designed with high detail, from forests full of trees to vast fields, or beautiful snowy areas. All create an epic and exciting game world, helping players have an impressive experience.

How to play the game Rise of the Kings Mobile APK

In the game Rise of the Kings APK, players will play the role of a king, build their own empire and fight with opposing forces. Here are the basic steps of the game:

Building a base: Players will start with an empty land and need to build their base from scratch, including houses, palaces, warehouses, factories and many other buildings. These buildings will provide resources and soldiers so the player can continue to develop the empire.

Resource Search: Players need to collect resources such as wood, stone, and diamonds to build and upgrade their base. This resource can be mined from sources in your estate or attacked other players' facilities to take their resources.

Gather an army: Players need to train and assemble an army to defend the empire and attack the opponent's facilities. Players can choose different types of soldiers to train and strengthen the army.

Combat: The player can attack the opponent's facilities or defend his own base from attacks from the opponent. In the battle, the player needs to use his army and skills to win the opponent.

Combine with Alliance: Players can combine with other players to form a powerful alliance, share resources and fight together. Alliances can help players access resources and at the same time increase the strength of the empire.

Empire development: Players need to constantly build and upgrade their base, train troops, find resources, and fight to grow their empire.

Pros and cons of the Rise of the Kings Game APK


  • Beautiful graphics and vivid sound: The game has high-quality graphics with sharp images, bright colors, vivid sound, helping players have a realistic and attractive experience.
  • Wide variety of features: The game offers a variety of features, from base building, resource searching, army training to combat and alliance matching, giving players a variety of options and challenges.
  • Massive Community: The game has a large community with millions of players worldwide, allowing players to connect and interact with other players.


  • Requires constant network connection: The game requires a constant network connection to play, so loss of connection or slowness may cause game interruptions.
  • Long waiting time: To build a base, train troops or upgrade resources, players need to wait a certain amount of time, sometimes it takes a long time to complete the job.
  • Requires spending real money: Although the game is free, to achieve great achievements and grow empire rapidly, players need to spend real money to purchase in-game resources and features.


Rise of the Kings APK game is a fascinating real-time strategy game with beautiful graphics, vivid sound and a variety of features. Players can build their own empire, train armies, join battles, and team up with alliances to defeat enemies.

However, the game also has disadvantages such as constant network connection requirements, long wait times, and requires spending real money for rapid development. But if you are a fan of the strategy game genre and love connecting with the community, Rise of the Kings APK is a great choice.


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FAQs? Rise of the Kings APK

I can't download Rise of the Kings APK. Is there any remedy? +
  • Make sure you are using a trustworthy APK download source.
  • Check your internet connection, it may be weak or interrupted during the download process.
How to protect my account in the game? +
  • Use a strong password and don't share it with anyone.
  • Connect your account to your social network or Google Play Games account to ensure easy recovery when needed.
I was attacked and lost my resources, how do I protect my resources? +
  • Build powerful defensive structures to prevent attacks from other players.
  • Use "resource guarding" techniques to minimize the risk of resource loss.
Why can't I find Rise of the Kings on the Google Play Store? +

There can be various reasons, like your version is not compatible or the game is not supported in your region. Try searching from another Google account or searching directly for the APK from the game's official website.

How to increase my army's strength? +

To increase your army's strength, you need to focus on upgrading your camps, researching military technology, and gathering resources to train and equip your army. Additionally, join alliances and perform war operations to gain experience and army rewards.

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