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Relay for Reddit APK is a mobile application for Android users, helping them experience Reddit conveniently and optimally through an easy-to-use interface and diverse features.


Name Relay Pro
Pagekage name
Version 11.0.19
Size 13.50 Mb
Category Social
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Developer DBrady

About Relay Pro for Reddit APK

Relay Pro APK is a mobile application for Android operating system, developed to provide a better Reddit browsing experience on mobile devices. Reddit is an online forum and content sharing website where users can create and join communities on different topics, share articles, comment, and rate content.

Relay for Reddit Pro APK provides an easy-to-use and friendly user interface, helping users easily browse Reddit posts and forums. Users can add multiple Reddit accounts and switch between them easily.

Overview of Relay Pro APK Latest Version

Relay allows you to read articles without leaving the app, saving time and optimizing your reading experience. Relay for Reddit APK Premium allows users to customize the interface by changing themes and user interface settings according to personal preferences.

This application supports viewing photos, videos, gifs, links and many other types of content directly from the Reddit website. Relay Pro APK provides a powerful search engine that helps you easily search content and forums by keywords.

Relay Reddit App APK is one of the popular Reddit browsing apps on Android and comes in different versions, including a free version with ads and a paid version to remove ads and open advanced features.

Features of Relay Pro APK Mobile App

Here are details about the main features of Relay Reddit APK:

  • Easy-to-Use User Interface: Relay Reddit Android APK provides an optimized user interface for browsing Reddit on mobile devices. This interface makes finding and interacting with content easy.
  • Multiple Viewing Modes: Relay supports multiple viewing modes, including card, list, grid, and simple article reading modes.
  • Preload Options: You can preload posts, images, and videos to make browsing Reddit smoother when you don't have a stable Internet connection.
  • Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) Extensive Support: Relay integrates well with Reddit Enhancement Suite, allowing you to customize and expand your Reddit experience.
  • Powerful Search Function: This app provides a powerful search engine so you can search for content, subreddits, and users on Reddit.
  • Supports Advanced Reddit Features: Relay allows you to use advanced Reddit features such as Reddit Live, Gilding, as well as participate in unique subreddits.
  • Community Integration: You can participate in Reddit communities, comment on posts and interact with other members.
  • Posting and Commenting Function: Relay for Reddit apple allows you to create new posts and comments directly from the application.
  • Flair Tag Support: This app displays category tags for articles and allows you to add or modify category tags on your articles.
  • Night Mode and Interface Customization: Relay offers night mode to reduce blue light and protect your eyes. You can also customize the user interface by changing themes and other settings.
  • Photo Library Support: Relay allows you to view, save and download photos and videos directly from the app.
  • System Integration: This app has Android notification integration, allowing you to receive notifications about new activity on your account and subreddits you follow.
  • Security and Privacy: Relay for Reddit Pro APK download provides security and privacy options, including the ability to browse Reddit anonymously.
  • Multi-Account Support: You can add multiple Reddit accounts and switch between them easily.

Instructions and how to use Relay for Reddit APK iOS

Download and Install the Application:

  • First, find Relay Pro APK on the Google Play Store.
  • Download the app and install it on your Android device.

Log in or create an account:

  • If you already have a Reddit account, you can log in by clicking the menu (hamburger) icon in the upper left corner and selecting "Log in."
  • If you don't have a Reddit account yet, you can create a new account from the app.

Explore Content:

  • After logging in, you will see the main interface of the application, displaying Reddit posts from the subreddits you are following.

Browse Content:

  • Use the bottom navigation buttons to cycle through different views (for example, card, list, grid mode).
  • Click on any article to open it and read the details.

Interaction with Articles:

  • To comment, click the comment icon (speech bubble comment).
  • To vote posts up or down, use the up arrow and down arrow icons.
  • To save the post, click the heart icon.

Create New Post:

  • To create a new post, click the plus button (+) icon at the bottom.
  • Select the subreddit you want to post to, write the title and content of the post then click "Post."

Content Search:

  • Use the magnifying glass icon at the top to search for content by keyword or subreddit name.

Personal Options:

  • Click the menu (hamburger) icon in the upper left corner to access individual options.
  • Here, you can switch between Reddit accounts (if you've added multiple accounts), customize settings, and manage subreddit lists.

Account Options and Security:

  • In settings, you can find options to manage your Reddit account and customize privacy settings, such as night mode and interface customization.

Tips and advice for using Relay Pro APK For Android

  • Learn About the Interface: Before you start using Relay, learn about the interface and icons so you can take advantage of all the features.
  • Customize Interface: Relay allows you to customize the interface according to personal preferences. You can change the color theme and interface configuration by going to settings.
  • Night Mode: Use night mode to reduce blue light and protect your eyes when browsing Reddit in the dark.
  • Optional Search: Use powerful search engine integration to find specific content or subreddits.
  • Preload: If you have an unstable Internet connection or want to save mobile data, use the preload feature to download content first.
  • Using the Card View: Card View is often a popular choice for browsing Reddit content because it displays images and post titles easily.
  • Save Important Posts: Use the save post feature to mark posts that are important or that you want to review later.
  • Preview Images and Videos: Relay allows you to view images and videos directly from the app, saving time compared to opening a browser.
  • Join the Community: Participate in the subreddits you care about by commenting, posting, and participating in discussions.
  • Check Account Options: If you have multiple Reddit accounts, make sure you know how to switch between them to take advantage of different accounts.
  • Learn About Advanced Features: Relay supports many advanced Reddit features such as Reddit Live and Gilding. Learn more about them for a diverse experience.

Advantages and disadvantages of Relay Pro APK


  • Preload Option: Preload feature allows you to download previous content to browse Reddit smoothly, especially when you don't have a stable Internet connection.
  • Interface Optimization Options: Relay allows you to customize the interface to your personal preferences by changing the color theme and interface configuration.
  • Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) Support: Relay integrates well with Reddit Enhancement Suite, expanding the Reddit browsing experience with many additional features.
  • Night Mode: The app provides a night mode to reduce blue light and protect users' eyes in low light conditions.
  • Community Integration: Relay allows you to conveniently participate in subreddits, comment, and interact with the Reddit community.
  • Supports Advanced Reddit Features: This app supports many advanced Reddit features, including Reddit Live, Gilding, and many other unique subreddits.


  • No iOS Version: Relay Pro APK is only available on the Android platform, which means iOS users cannot experience this app on their devices.
  • No Browser Version: Relay Pro APK is a mobile application and does not have a web browser version, so you cannot access Reddit directly from your computer browser.
  • Complex Interface Customization: Some complex interface customizations can be difficult for new users.


Relay Pro APK is a great mobile app for Android users who want to experience Reddit conveniently and easily. This application has many advantages, including an easy-to-use interface, integration with advanced Reddit features, the ability to customize the interface, and a preload feature. It provides a convenient way to browse subreddits, participate in communities, and search for content by topic.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Relay Pro APK

How do I upgrade from the free version of Relay to the Pro version? +

To upgrade from the free version, you need to purchase the Relay Pro version from the Google Play Store or the official app store. After purchase, the application will automatically upgrade and remove ads.

Can I use Relay Pro APK on different devices? +

Relay Pro APK is usually installed on a specific device and is limited by your Google Play account. To use it on other devices, you need to repurchase the Pro version for each device or use the purchased Google Play account on other devices.

How to contact the developer or report an issue with Relay Pro APK? +

You can find contact information for the developer in the app description on the Google Play Store or the official Relay for Reddit website. You can use email or other contact channels to send feedback or report an issue.

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