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Refresh Rate MOD APK 3.3.0

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Download chrome 144hz Refresh Rate APK latest version for android, the best scan frequency support tool for today's leading smartphone apps and devices.


Name Refresh Rate
Version 3.3.0
Size 2 MB
Category Tools
Price Free
Compatible with Android 9+

About Refresh Rate APK

Application is an Android application that provides a set of excellent services to its users. These devices are specifically designed to enhance the device's performance for the user, providing endless laughs.

Refresh Rate Update - Today's phones get better with each release Smartphones today have more features than previous generations

On the other hand, changing the refresh rate might make you wonder if your phone is a bit old. Use it to improve the speed and smooth operation of your phone.

Android devices have many features that make them run faster. Screen refresh rate is an important feature for every gamer who wants more games in this digital age.

But if your phone is old, turning on the refresh rate changer will do the magic! You can also change the stop number to suit your phone.

Refresh Rate Changer is an Android online and offline mode tool that allows users to change notification settings as well as scrolling and controlling the screen for a better gaming experience...

Most of the mobile devices and electronics are sold when people don't know the picture, people don't understand the importance of knowing something.

Over time, the genre has changed a lot into smaller sources. It also resized the download. Only changes to the current license and rendering but can be taken to the next level by changing the editing process.

Refresh rate depends on phone activity After installing the application on your Android device, you can easily access the application This application is free to access and enjoy.

Feature of Refresh Rate Apk

Speed in the game

The most obvious reason is that people want higher refresh rates for games. Most modern mobile games support screen refresh rates up to 144 Hz.

The smoother the game, the shorter the interval. Especially when playing a multiplayer game, it can mean life or death.

Good observation

It just improves your phone navigation. See how easy it is to navigate between apps on the home screen. The screen seemed to suddenly fill the void. It can also be used to browse social networks.

Updated versions

Refresh Rate Changer offers several refresh rate options. First we have the standard 60 Hz. 90 Hz is also balanced, which can slightly improve your experience. Smooth also runs at 120 Hz, while Extreme runs at 144 Hz. As soon as you start, the end awaits you.

Interface suitable for all ages

Anyone can download the easy-to-use Change Refresh Rate app. The program does not require many settings because you only need to choose the refresh rate. So you don't need to reset settings every time you close the app.

The user interface of this program is very user-friendly. Everything is laid out clearly and there are no complicated settings to confuse you. The application is very simple and does not take up much space on the phone.

Experience on the mobile itself

You will find yourself just moving your phone. You can put the app on your home screen and see how easy it is. Suddenly a blank page fills up. It is also useful when browsing social networks.

Android is very easy to use. The design of the app is very simple and all the features are easily accessible. You can change the refresh rate with a few clicks.

Simple video creation

Thanks to changing the refresh rate, watching videos has become easier. This is more common in smartphones with large screens.

Battery condition has decreased but not significantly

One of the biggest downsides of higher refresh rates is reduced battery life. As apps use more resources and images become smoother, the battery drains faster. In addition, the application works in the background to maintain update speed.

Update on all devices

Flash Update is designed for older Android devices and may not work for everyone. If your phone already has a feature to change the update rate, it will never work.

This application is compatible with most Android devices. If your phone is running Android 5.0 or higher, you can use this app without any problems.

Advantages and disadvantages of Refresh Rate APK

  • Advantages:
  • Easier to view and scroll: A monitor or panel that displays at least 90 Hz or 120 Hz provides a better user experience than a monitor or panel that operates at 60 Hz.
  • A high refresh rate means the device runs faster and smoother.
  • Optimized Graphics and Gaming Support: Another benefit of a better refresh rate is that it provides a better gaming experience for screens and devices.


  • Use more power and shorten battery life: a significant downside of high refresh rates.
  • In terms of frame rates, these cards are limited or incompatible with gpus that can't deliver high graphics performance.
  • Heat problems and low efficiency


We hope you now have good information about Refresh Rate Changer. The above information is sufficient to describe the application for your intended use. If you are very interested in the information provided by the application, please review this information and share it with all your friends.

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Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Refresh Rate APK

How to avoid problems related to screen refresh rate? +

To avoid problems such as flickering, black screens, or rapid battery drain, you should choose a screen refresh rate that suits your daily usage needs and only adjust it when necessary.

How do I know what refresh rate my device supports? +

Information about your device's screen refresh rate is usually displayed in the device settings, in the "Screen" or "Display" section. You can also look up online or use testing apps to determine the current refresh rate.

Do I need a new high-end Android device to use the Refresh Rate APK app? +

No, the Refresh Rate APK app can work on most Android devices, however, the functionality to change the Refresh Rate may be limited on older devices.

How to optimize Refresh Rate to save battery? +

Some devices allow you to tweak the Refresh Rate to save battery life. You can do this in the settings, choosing a lower refresh rate to reduce power consumption.

How to check my device's current Refresh Rate? +

To check the current Refresh Rate, you can use the Refresh Rate APK application. Open the app and it will display the refresh rate of your display.

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