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Real Racing 3 APK is the ultimate 3D racing game that provides a realistic and beautiful racing experience on world-famous racetracks with more than 200 diverse cars from leading manufacturers.


Name Real Racing 3
Pagekage name
Version 12.4.1
Size 88.61 Mb
Category Racing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+

Introduce About to Real Racing 3 APK

Racing 3 APK + obb offline is a free 3D racing game for mobile devices, including the Android operating system. This game is developed and published by the leading game company Electronic Arts (EA). Real Racing 3 offers an amazing and realistic racing experience, with beautiful graphics and a diverse list of racing cars.

In the game, you will have the opportunity to participate in races on famous tracks in the world such as Silverstone, Le Mans, Hockenheimring and many more. Real Racing 3 APK all cars comes with over 200 cars from famous manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin and many more.

More Overview of Real Racing 3 Mobile Game

You can play in single player mode or participate in online multiplayer races where you can compete against other players from around the world. The game provides a classification and ranking system for you to compete and show off your racing skills.

A special feature of Real Racing 3 APK+data full assets is the "Time Shifted Multiplayer" (TSM) feature, which allows you to race against AI versions of other players. This creates a realistic feel and provides a smooth online racing experience without depending on the actual presence of other players.

Real Racing 3 also comes with a vehicle customization and upgrade system, allowing you to enhance your vehicle's performance and personalize its appearance. You can complete special events and challenges to earn in-game gold and coins, which in turn open new content and more vehicle upgrades.

All features in Real Racing 3 for Android

Real Racing 3 APK has many attractive and diverse features, allowing players to experience an authentic and best racing game on mobile phones.

  • Race on famous tracks: Real Racing 3 offers a list of real and famous race tracks in the world. You will have the opportunity to experience racing on locations such as Silverstone, Le Mans, Hockenheimring, Dubai Autodrome and many more.
  • Diverse racing car list: The game has more than 200 racing cars from famous car manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz and many others. Each vehicle has its own detailed design, specifications and handling, providing a diverse and stylish driving experience.
  • Real Racing Experience: Real Racing 3 focuses on recreating an authentic racing experience. You will have to manage fuel, brakes and tires throughout the race. The intelligent AI system ensures your opponents will race tactically and interact with you throughout the race.
  • Diverse game modes: Real Racing 3 offers many game modes for you to explore. You can participate in Career mode and run your own racing team. In addition, you can also participate in fast racing, special events, limited time challenges and participate in online multiplayer racing with the "Time Shifted Multiplayer" (TSM) system.
  • Upgrade and customize your car: You can upgrade your car's performance by improving the engine, transmission, suspension and braking system. Besides, Real Racing 3 also allows you to customize the appearance of the car by painting the car, adding decals and customizing parts.
  • Special Events and Challenges: The game often hosts special events and challenges, allowing you to participate in exciting races and earn special rewards. These events often have goals, time limits, and varying degrees of difficulty, making for interesting challenges.
  • Great graphics and sounds: Real Racing 3 has beautiful and detailed graphics that reproduce the racing environment and vehicle details clearly. The in-game audio is also optimized for an immersive and realistic audio experience.

Interface, graphics on Real Racing 3 iOS

Real Racing 3 APK has high quality graphics, providing a vivid and amazing racing experience on mobile phones.

Realistic 3D Graphics: Real Racing 3 uses 3D graphics technology to create a realistic and vivid racing environment. The tracks, racing cars and surroundings are designed with high detail, giving the feeling of participating in a real race.

Race car details: Each car in Real Racing 3 is recreated with special attention to detail. From the vehicle's form to the small details such as the headlights, grille and wheels, everything is meticulously and authentically designed. This creates a varied and enjoyable driving experience.

Visual and lighting effects: Real Racing 3 uses visual and lighting effects to enhance the racing feel. Sunlight shines through the car window, reflects on the road surface and creates beautiful dynamic lighting effects. Visual effects such as flying dust, tire splashes, and tire tracks on the road are also reproduced in detail.

Various cameras and viewing angles: The game allows you to choose from a variety of viewing angles while racing, including interior views, rear views, and exterior views. This helps you to have an overview of the race and enjoy special graphic effects from different perspectives.

How to play, gameplay for Real Racing 3 Latest version

Download and install Real Racing 3 APK: Search and download the APK installation file from a trusted source or the game's official website. Install the game on your mobile phone following the on-screen instructions.

Launch the game: Once the installation is done, open the Real Racing 3 app on your mobile device.

Sign in or create an account: You can either log in with your existing EA (Electronic Arts) account or create a new one to store your progress and connect with other players.

Join the Career: In Career mode, you'll start as a new player and level up through different levels. You will participate in races, complete objectives and earn coins and gold to open new content and vehicle upgrades.

Take part in the race: Choose the game mode you want, including Quick Race, Limited Time Challenge, special event or online multiplayer race. Customize options like track, vehicle, lap number and difficulty before starting the race.

Drive and complete the goal: During the race, try to complete the goal such as racing to win, finish within the allotted time or pass the opponents. Use sensors or controls to drive, brake and accelerate in the right way for best performance.

Earn money and gold: With each completed race you will get money and gold as reward. Money and gold can be used to upgrade vehicles, buy new cars, customize appearance and open further content.

Vehicle Upgrades and Customization: Use your earned coins and gold to upgrade your car's engine, transmission, suspension, brake system and other upgrades. You can also customize the look of your car by painting it, adding decals and customizing parts.

Keep playing and exploring: Real Racing 3 has plenty of content and events to explore. Keep playing, complete races and events to progress further in the game and experience more exciting features.

Those are some common steps when experiencing the Real Racing 3 APK game. Join the race and become an excellent racer in this realistic racing world!

Pros and Cons of Real Racing 3 APK


  • Diverse game modes: Real Racing 3 offers a variety of game modes, from Career mode, quick races, special events to online multiplayer races. You can customize your racing experience according to your preferences and available time.
  • Upgrade and Customization System: The game allows you to upgrade your car's performance by improving the engine, transmission, suspension and braking system. You can also customize the look of your vehicle with custom paint, decals and parts options.
  • Online racing mode and Time Shifted Multiplayer: Real Racing 3 allows you to participate in online multiplayer racing with players from all over the world. Furthermore, the Time Shifted Multiplayer feature allows you to race against AI versions of other players, creating a smooth online racing experience.


  • Timeout and Energy Consumption: Some events in Real Racing 3 require a timeout or energy consumption to participate. This can disrupt the gameplay and require the player to wait or use an item to continue playing.
  • Internet connection required: To participate in online multiplayer racing and events, Real Racing 3 requires a stable Internet connection. Playing this game in an unstable connection environment may cause interruptions and loss of lives during gameplay.
  • Download size and storage space: Real Racing 3 has a fairly large download size and requires a large amount of storage on mobile devices. This can be difficult for players with limited memory space.


Real Racing 3 APK is a beautiful and realistic racing game on Android mobile devices. With high-quality graphics, diverse vehicle list, varied game modes and vehicle upgrade feature, this game offers a great racing experience to the players.

If you are a racing lover and want to experience authentic races on your mobile device, Real Racing 3 APK is a good choice to try.


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FAQs? Real Racing 3 APK

Can I play Real Racing 3 APK online with friends? +

Unfortunately, the APK version of Real Racing 3 does not support online play with friends. For multiplayer play, you should download and install the official version from your app store.

I'm stuck on a certain level. How to overcome? +

In case you get stuck in a particular level, you can search for instructions online or watch tutorial videos on YouTube. Other players may have encountered a similar situation and shared how to overcome it.

Why can't I install Real Racing 3 APK? +

If you are having problems installing Real Racing 3 APK, there are several possible causes for this problem. Here are some possibilities and fixes:

  • Unknown unknown sources: Your phone may be prohibiting the installation of apps from unknown sources. Go to security settings and make sure you've allowed installation from unknown sources.
  • Version incompatibility: The APK you download may not be compatible with your device or operating system version. Determine the appropriate APK version for your device.
  • Not enough free space: Make sure you have enough free space on your phone to install the game.
  • Corrupt APK file: It's possible that the APK file you downloaded is corrupted. Try downloading from another source.
Is there a way to synchronize game progress across multiple devices? +

Real Racing 3 supports synchronization via EA accounts, helping you continue your game progress on many different devices. To use this feature, log in to your EA account in-game on both devices and select the sync option.

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